5 Things to love about ‘Grace and Frankie’ Season 2

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

If you haven’t watched the latest season of Grace and Frankie yet, stop reading this and go do that now. If you have, continue reading for some of my favorite things from season two! Just like the first season, this one did not disappoint and delivered some hilarious and heartbreaking moments for anyone watching! I’m starting to think that these two women might just be my new girl-crushes!

Disclaimer: this article contains some Grace and Frankie Season 2 spoilers!

1. Frankie


If you watched season one you already know how great Frankie can be, and season two is no exception. Frankie has some of the best moments of the season! She is HILARIOUS through some seriously awkward moments, and she is always that shining beacon of sarcasm that steadies Grace so well. In my opinion, Frankie was the best part of season two.

2. The one-liners


Every character in season two has at least one punch line that will catch you off guard and have you laughing so hard you’re crying! Without spoiling much, some of my favorites come in times of deep sadness and heartache when you think things are getting and staying serious. The writers of this show have a gift for comic relief and I never want it to end.

3. Brianna Hanson

brianna_1 brianna_2

Arguably my favorite character is Grace and Frankie’s first season, Brianna brings the sass to season two more than any other character. Her crude comments as well as unapologetic honesty makes for some hilarious quotes and more than one moment that makes you feel awkward just watching her.

4. New romances

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

Romance is blooming in season two, and it’s not just between Sol and Robert! Both Grace and Frankie experiment with new (and old) loves, and some work out better than others. After the heartache that the women went through in season one it was nice to see them getting some love in season two.

5. The emotions


Few television shows have the ability to make me laugh while I’m still crying. Grace and Frankie brings out every emotion I have, all in a 30-minute episode. Season two is filled with some seriously gut-wrenching moments that I didn’t quite expect, but even as the tears are streaming from my eyes I was forced to chuckle once or twice!

If you had told me three years ago that I would be not-so-patiently waiting for the return of a show starring four lead actors over 70, I would have laughed in your face. The cast of Grace and Frankie as well as the writers have made this show a must-see for everyone! Grace and Frankie is a show unlike any other, and I cannot wait for season three.

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