What We’re Loving Right Now: Constellation Glassware by The UncommonGreen

(Image Credit: The UncommonGreen)

(Image Credit: The UncommonGreen)

I wouldn’t really call myself an avid lover of astrology, but there is just something about space and astrology themed home goods that really gets me excited. Perhaps it’s because I think it’ll make me seem fancier than I am, or just a degree smarter than the average person. Whatever the reason behind it, when I came across The UncommonGreen’s new Constellation Glassware, I instantly fell in love.

I tend to always find myself trying to connect the dots between stars, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found four different little dippers, and several Orion’s Belts. What made me really excited about these glasses is that they engrave the constellations for both the summer and winter skies right in glass, making it easier to identify your favorite star groupings. They come in three types of glasses – pint, rocks and stemless wine – and they range from an extremely affordable $14 USD to $16 USD.

These glasses make a wonderful gift for friends, family and perhaps someone like me who is looking to feel just a little fancier this summer. The The UncommonGreen’s collection allows you to not just enjoy the summer evenings, but to truly discover the beauty that lies within the night sky.

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