How to stop thinking about work on the weekends!

Weekends (Image Credit: Mark Sebastian)

Weekends (Image Credit: Mark Sebastian)

Is it possible to stop thinking about work on the weekends? Perhaps not entirely, as you probably know. However, if you’re thinking about work on the weekends, odds are you care about your work, meaning you probably have a pretty decent work ethic. So, take a step back, and realize that the weekend is a time for you to breathe. While you may be nervous to shift some of that work stress off your shoulders next weekend, you can check out some of the tips below for help. Go ahead, it’s ok.

Meet with (old) friends:

Sure work will inevitably be part of the discussion, but help them help you take your mind off of the work week. Maybe you guys could sign up for a trivia session at your local bar or enjoy some good, ole’ board games; get your brain rolling in a direction other than work.Try a new restaurant: Maybe this could go hand-in-hand with meeting up with an old friend. Take a chance on a new cuisine, and appreciate the best of what your town has to offer!

Have some fun in the sun:

Speaking of what your town has to offer, if you live in an area (or close to an area) known as a certain tourist hot-spot, take advantage of that (hiking, zip lining, etc.). The intensity of an exciting play date will definitely help clear your mind!

Practice yoga:

One of the best forms of exercise for your body, this quiet sport can also help you reflect on the positive and avoid the negative. Although, any form of exercise is great!

Get some sleep:

The weekend can be a great time to head to bed early, and catch up on some much-needed rest. Recuperation is key to helping you hit the ground running on Monday.

Remember that work isn’t everything:

Sure, this is easier said than done, but rewarding yourself helps a person stay sane. Seriously. Nowadays, it’s so hard to feel accomplished, so when you finish a successful week of work, pat yourself on the back and take the weekend to think about the other things in life.

Do what you love doing:

Go to a movie! Hunt for seashells! Partake in mini golf! Did I just describe a date? Maybe. You just do you, and enjoy yourself. If that activity happens to be a date, so be it. I mean, you’re trying to take your mind off of work!Be alone (for a bit): Find a quiet room to yourself and just mediate; meditation,  which definitely takes some effort, is a great form of reflection that helps you stay positive and can also help reinforce another point on this list – work isn’t everything.

The more you tell yourself to stop thinking about something (work on the weekends), the more prominent that thought becomes, so recognize that these thoughts are natural, and move forward. And remember, the above-mentioned are just a few general suggestions, so do whatever helps you to relax and forget about work on the weekends.


Originally published on August 16, 2013.

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