Favorite Show Canceled? Try These New Fall Shows!



We all know that soul-crushing feeling when a show you love gets canceled. But perhaps 30 Rock’s Dr. Spaceman can steer you in the right direction. So, your TV show ended… now what?

Thankfully, in the world of TV, nothing is ever really over, and it’s not hard to catch all your favorite stars or TV shows that are similar to the ones you loved when summer TV is over and new shows start up in the fall.

Need something to get you through the show cancellation despair? Hoping your favorite actors are returning to TV again? Check out the list of upcoming fall shows below. Hopefully, you’ll find something to ease the pain.

If you miss Community, watch…

Community did its best to hold it together after one cancellation, but ultimately, it succumbed to a second cancellation, dashing the hopes and dreams of many fans. We got our six seasons, but a movie seems a long way away, especially since the cast is super busy.

This fall, Joel McHale stars in the new CBS comedy The Great Indoors, which sees McHale’s adventure reporter become the boss to a bunch of millennials. If you’re missing Jeff Winger’s cutting sense of humor, The Great Indoors is the show for you. But if you’re more of a Troy and Abed fan, hope is not lost.

Both Troy and Abed will be back on TV this year. Donald Glover’s FX comedy Atlanta about two cousins in the city’s rap scene premieres in September while Danny Pudi returns at midseason in DC Comics’s sitcom Powerless as an insurance agent who has to deal with the damage that superheroes cause.

For one more Community cast member, make sure to add The Odd Couple, now in season three, to your DVR for Yvette Nicole Brown. And fear not! Once everyone is done being busy, we’re sure to get our Community movie. Right?

If you miss Graceland, watch…

The USA show about undercover government agents was unceremoniously canceled after season three, but Graceland fans, you’re in luck. Daniel Sunjata, who played Paul Briggs, has a new show out this fall called Notorious. On this legal drama, Sunjata will co-star as a defense attorney who manipulates media to win cases and needs to be on top at any cost, which sounds awfully similar to some of the things Briggs did on Graceland. Fans of the equally-canceled shows Covert Affairs and Star-Crossed should also put this one on their radar for stars Piper Perabo and Aimee Teegarden.

If one show isn’t enough to make you forget about Graceland, ABC has another legal drama that might help. This fall’s Conviction explores cases where the wrong person may have been convicted of a crime, and Graceland’s Manny Montana, who played Johnny Tuturro, will help out as a forensic consultant. Conviction is also a veritable who’s who of actors who’ve been on other shows, so if you’re missing Agent Carter, The Following or Witches of East End, you should add this show to your fall schedule.

If you miss the CSI franchise, watch…

After 16 years, the CSI franchise is going to be hard to replace, but at least you can catch some of the stars on your TV this fall. George Eads appeared as investigator Nick Stokes in all 15 seasons of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and he’ll soon be back on CBS in the reimagined version of MacGyver. Eads plays a government employee who helps the new MacGyver, even as he harbors many conspiracy theories.

Fellow CSI star Ted Danson, who appeared on the original CSI as well as its spin-offs CSI: NY and CSI: Cyber, will take a break from investigating in the new comedy from Mike Schur (The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine). The Good Place is a fantasy sitcom that takes place in the afterlife. This one is also good for those mourning Veronica Mars or House of Lies because Kristen Bell is co-starring.

If you miss Heroes, watch…

Come on, we all know you still miss Heroes, even if Heroes Reborn got canceled after 13 episodes. And since, everyone agrees that the characters (and their actors) were the best part of Heroes, check out these new shows that bring some of those actors back to their screens.

The NBC dramedy This Is Us follows a group of people who were all born on the same day, and one of those people is Heroes’s Milo Ventimiglia, who played Peter Petrelli. On This Is Us, Ventimiglia is an almost-new dad waiting for the birth of his triplets. Smallville fans should also watch this one for Justin Hartley as a TV actor bored with his bachelor lifestyle.

If you were more interested in Heroes for Niki Sanders or Tracy Strauss, Ali Larter also has a new show this fall. Larter co-stars in Fox’s baseball drama Pitch as a sports agent to the first female player in the major leagues. Anyone mourning Franklin & Bash can catch Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Pitch as well.

If you miss 24, watch…

We all know that 24 managed to spawn the spin-off 24: Legacy, which will premiere at midseason on Fox. Anyone who loved 24 will probably love that show as well, but what are you going to watch in the meantime? Well, I’ve got a two-word answer for you: Designated Survivor.
Designated Survivor brings 24’s Jack Bauer back to our screens. Sort of. Kiefer Sutherland stars in this ABC political drama as a man who becomes President after an explosion in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, this attack is only the beginning, and Sutherland’s Tom Kirkman must try and hold both his country and his family together. Just another day for Jack Bauer. Fans of Nikita or Stalker should also make sure to check out Designated Survivor for Maggie Q as an FBI agent.

Even though TV cancellations can hit us hard, there’s always a chance for a comeback. After all, Prison Break is airing season five at midseason, and Twin Peaks is hopefully coming back soon. If your show doesn’t get a new season, though, there’s always new fall shows with the same actors you love. You never know, by giving something else a chance, you might just find your new favorite show!

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