5 Reasons You Should Check Out ‘Mystery Show’

(Image Credit: Gimlet Media)

(Image Credit: Gimlet Media)

I’d like to know the statistic for how many new podcasts are started daily. I’m willing to bet it’s at least double digits. Anyone with a voice and a microphone can create a podcast these days, which is lovely in the sense that you can literally find anything you’re looking for…but it makes it hard to sift through to find the things really worth listening to.

Allow me to save you some time. Instead of browsing through hundreds of podcasts hoping to find one that strikes your fancy, give Mystery Show a try!

Here are 5 reasons you should immediately hit “subscribe” on the Mystery Show podcast:


#1 – Solving mysteries is fun!

The premise of this show involves host Starlee Kine (of This American Life) researching mysteries brought to her by friends, acquaintances, or the magic of the internet. Starlee readily admits she’s no Columbo, and the types of mysteries she takes on are light and low stakes. You still get the fun of solving a mystery along with Starlee, but with a humorous touch.


#2 – Starlee Kine is the human-whisperer.

As a host, Starlee does a fantastic job of keeping the story surrounding each episode’s mystery engaging, but what I find even more impressive are her fascinating asides with the people she encounters in her investigations. Starlee has an amazing way of connecting with other people quickly, and one of my favorite parts of listening to the podcast is hearing her make deep connections with other people over conversations about things like Britney Spears tickets.


#3 – You can enjoy Mystery Show without dedicating years of your life to it.

Let’s be real, finding a podcast that’s less than an hour but still feels substantial can be a pretty big ask. Mystery Show episodes generally run about 45 minutes, give or take, which makes them perfect-sized nuggets for a single listen. You get the full story, start to finish, but you also still have time to eat, sleep and breathe.


#4 – The mystery topics are amazing.

I mentioned Kine’s mysteries tend to be light and low stakes, which is true…but they are also deceptively fascinating. Stories about unreturned videos, vanity license plates, and Jake Gyellnhaal’s height…you might not think these would take 45 minutes, or that they’d be particularly interesting, but you would be so wrong. Kine embraces each of her mysteries with enthusiasm and earnestness, so despite being low stakes, no stone is left unturned in solving these mysteries.


#5 – It will leave you wanting more.

As of now, there are only six episodes of Mystery Show available. I know, right?! Enough to give you a taste of how great the podcast can be, but certainly not enough to satiate your fun mystery-solving needs. According to the website, season 2 of Mystery Show is “in the works,” so hopefully more episodes will be coming soon, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy the delicious appetizer that is season one.
Now do yourself a favor and check out an episode of Mystery Show…just make sure you have a KIND bar handy, because the ads are most certainly going to make you crave one. 😉

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