Hiddleswift: Too soon? Staged? or Just Plain Ick?

Tom Hiddleston (Image Credit: John Phillips) / Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Jason Merrit/Getty)

Tom Hiddleston (Image Credit: John Phillips) / Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Jason Merrit/Getty)

The internet was an exciting place yesterday. No matter your stance on the topic that inspired it, the event of a filibuster, seeing our government at work, is definitely cause for some serious action on Twitter. But something else came to light later in the day that threatened to take away the public’s attention from the happenings on the Senate floor- Hiddleswift.

Pictures of Taylor Swift kissing Tom Hiddleston have emerged that indicate she has found a new beau since she and Calvin Harris announced their breakup earlier this month.

The filibuster wrapped up in the middle of the night, freeing us up to focus back on the pop queen and analyzing her every move, specifically her moves on the beach with Tom Hiddleston.

Some are saying that this is too soon after ending a 15-month relationship with Harris, many of those pointing out her public dating history and criticizing the apparent rapid pace with which Swift goes through suitors. I am not one to shame anyone for decisions they make in their romantic life, nor am I going to hold someone’s history against them when it hasn’t hurt anyone.

There is something however, about Hiddleswift that doesn’t sit quite right with me. I promise it’s not the fact that my bff is the one who actually belongs with Tom, though I can’t honestly say that’s not a small factor.

As a woman who is much closer to Hiddleston’s age than Swift’s, a definite part of the ick factor for me is the age difference. Sure, age is just a number and celebrity ages aren’t exactly the same because of the pressure of the spotlight and all that, I just cannot imagine being romantically attracted to someone nine years my junior while I am entering my mid-thirties and they would be in their mid-twenties.

This morning I saw a comment from that same bff who is unofficially betrothed to Hiddles that finally put words to my feelings about the pictures that have surfaced.

They don’t feel all that genuine. I don’t know that I can put it into more specific words than that, but there’s a simple feeling I got while looking at the pictures that these were staged.

If that’s the case, I’m not sure if I’m more or less comfortable with it. Is it for publicity? Do either of them really need more from the other’s audience? I’m sure there are forces at work that I don’t have all the details about, but something just seems to be missing.

We may never have the answer to many of these questions, or we may be treated to some insight in the Swift’s next album. Either way, I suppose I’ll settle for the fact that for the period of this romance, it looks like we may be treated to more pictures of Hiddles than usual.

And that’s never a bad thing.

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