The 5 Stages of a Netflix Binge

The 5 Stages of a Netflix Binge

We’ve all found ourselves lost in the downwards spiral of a Netflix binge. It’s an inescapable cycle that, regardless of how strongly you feel you need to get out, you continue to get sucked in by the characters you’ve suddenly grown to know so well. But, where does this addiction begin?

  1. You spend approximately three hours scrolling all Netflix categories to find the perfect show. You narrow it down to a list of five or so that looks like the *might* be worthy, but you remain skeptical none the less. Finally, you make your selection and hope for the best.
  2. Okay, it’s time to start. You put on the first episode and think about whether or not this is a show that you can really see yourself getting into. You watch a couple more and decide that yes, you can probably get hooked.
  3. You suddenly find that your days are filled with thoughts of your new Netflix family. What will happen to my favorite characters next episode? Will they make it to next season? Your friends get annoyed that you won’t shut up about a show that you know they’re totally unfamiliar with, but you can’t control yourself.
  4. The obsession has fully sunken in. Every free minute of your days must be spent watching your show. No other activities seem appealing anymore. You lie to your friends about being sick so that you can stay in bed with your laptop all weekend. You even start watching at times that are totally inappropriate, like at work or the wee hours of the morning when you really should be sleeping.
  5. You’ve finished the last episode, and the deep depression hits. You’ve forgotten what you did with your life before your show, and you panic realizing that another season won’t be out for a whole six months. How will you go on not knowing the fate of your favorite characters? You slowly face the facts and accept that it is once again time to join the real world.

I promise you will be alright. Keep in mind that what you’re watching is totally fictional (unless it’s a reality series… then I don’t know what to tell you), and that you should probably have a life outside of Netflix, anyway. Put down your laptops and take a breath of fresh air.

One thought on “The 5 Stages of a Netflix Binge

  1. jahnisec says:

    Great post, this is extremely relatable! But, I can never get around to number 5, lol.

    You should checkout my latest post and my blog overall, we have the same interest 🙂

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