5 Things People Do in Movies, But NEVER in Real Life

Ryan Gosling as Noah and Rachel McAdams as Allie in THE NOTEBOOK (Image Credit: New Line Cinema)

Ryan Gosling as Noah and Rachel McAdams as Allie in THE NOTEBOOK (Image Credit: New Line Cinema)

Movies are often meant to suspend our disbelief. As moviegoers, we cry over impossible love stories, cheer for men fighting crime in spandex, and find ourselves emotionally attached to robots and aliens. This is the magic of film, and it is greatly welcomed when in need of an escape. But movies also have a habit of making the mundane a bit, well, ridiculous. There are certain things that characters who are supposed to be “everyday people” do in films that simply never occur in the real world.

A character gets out of a taxi while stuck in traffic because they are late.

This is a particularly bothersome act that seems to often occur in movies. It usually happens during a romantic film in which the lead character is racing to express their feelings to their love interest, usually after just having an epiphany that said love interest is the love of their life. Really though, who does this? In real life, all this would accomplish is getting to one’s destination sweaty and exhausted after sprinting for ten blocks. And doesn’t the taxi driver mind when a person just jumps out of the vehicle without paying the cab fare?

A character wakes up wearing lip-gloss.

People in movies generally do not go sans makeup. It is a part of the glamour of movies, and it is something to which all moviegoers are accustomed. Sleeping in lip-gloss, though? In reality it would be a complete nightmare. Wearing lip-gloss to sleep would only result in sticky hair and messy pillowcases. It would be anything but a beautiful sight upon waking up in the morning.

The character turns trying clothes on in the fitting room into an adorable, funny fashion show with their friends.

This occurs in montage form during a chick flick and is typically backed by an upbeat pop song. Sure, in real life one may goof around a little in a store with friends. Generally speaking, though, women and fitting rooms do not have the greatest relationship. In fact, most women want to get the fitting room experience over with as quickly as possible, so it is not typical to see a cutesy fashion show taking place.

A one day makeover transforms a seemingly nerdy/plain/unattractive character into perfection personified.

Over time, a person can of course alter the looks for the better. Film characters, on the other hand, can do a complete 180 with their looks in no time at all. Who knew that plucking eyebrows and wearing contacts turned a person into a bombshell?

Characters have serious, life altering conversations in the pouring rain.

I know this is supposed to be romantic and dramatic, but standing outside during a torrential downpour is not exactly enjoyable. If women actually did this, they would have to stop mid-conversation due to the pain of mascara seeping into their eyes. Just go indoors!


Originally posted May 22, 2013

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