Finding the Right Bra for Your Summer Tops


It’s officially summer, and I’m officially hot. I’m not complaining – I’ll take 100 degrees over 40 any day. But summer weather comes with a summer wardrobe, and a summer wardrobe comes with unique challenges. Specifically: how in the world are you supposed to wear a bra with that see-through, giant arm-holed, weird-backed tank that happens to be the only thing that keeps you cool at high noon in the summer sun?

It is increasingly impossible to wear a good ol’ fashioned normal bra with trendy summer tops without it peeking out in a variety of unflattering or unattractive ways. In most cases, though, this problem can be solved with the right bralette or sports bra – something that’s both meant to be seen and doesn’t cut your body in weird places. As an added bonus, they’re usually more comfortable than a regular bra.

But you still have to be careful – the wrong bralette might not give enough support, and sports bras have a tendency to smush breasts into the dreaded uniboob. But fear not! There are bras out there that will actually look nice peeking out from under summer tops and give you some support and shape. Here are some of our favorites:

Victoria’s Secret Keyhole Mesh Sports Bra

(Image Credit: Victoria's Secret)

(Image Credit: Victoria’s Secret)


While technically a low support sports bra, this baby comes with removable padding for shape and the functional but cute design makes it perfect under racerback tanks or for yoga class. And for only $20, it’s a multitasking deal!

Aerie Lace Pushup Racerback Bralette

(Image Credit: Aerie)

(Image Credit: Aerie)

Lace bralettes are certainly pretty, but often they lack support. This lace bralette has a leg up on its friends due to soft foam padding, which makes it a viable option for even larger-chested ladies.

H&M Soft-Cup Microfiber Bra

(Image Credit: H&M)

(Image Credit: H&M)

This bra takes the form and function of a normal bra and meshes it with a soft, smoothing fabric. The result? A bra that gives you shape but doesn’t poke or squish in awkward places – and it  doesn’t look awkward peeking out of a shirt! (There’s a similar lace version if you’re looking for something prettier. )

Victoria’s Secret PINK Ultimate Racerback Push-Up Bra

(Image Credit: Victoria's Secret)

(Image Credit: Victoria’s Secret)

This unique bra looks like a sports bra but is built to be a comfy push-up. It has the lines of a sports bra, but is a more supportive option if you’re not entirely comfortable with a minimal support bralette.


Fabletics Lyra Bra



If you have a lot of low back or backless tops, this bra offers a funky, strappy design in the back that would jazz up any outfit. It has removable cups and is available in handful of unique colors and patterns.


TopShop Microfiber Crop Top

(Image Credit: Topshop)

(Image Credit: Topshop)

Smooth on the front and sides but with fun lace flourishes in the back, this bralette is the perfect marriage of form and function. It would look great under a top with open sides or an open back; the only shame is that it’s not available in more colors.

Now you’re all set for a summer bra shopping spree – and don’t forget to pick out bold colors and patterns to make the most of it!

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