The Daily Quirk is now So Fetch Daily!

Introducing SFD

You went to bed and this site was The Daily Quirk. Now you woke up today to So Fetch Daily. Don’t worry, you didn’t slip into an alternate universe à la Fringe. We’ve re-branded and re-focused our site and content in an attempt to bring you an even more awesome reading and viewing experience.

So Fetch Daily will continue to bring you the exciting event and entertainment coverage TDQ was known for, but we’re upping our game by including a stronger focus on women’s lifestyle features and the issues that matter most to our readers.

What you can expect from the change? We’ve given our writers and contributors more freedom than ever to express their individual voices and unique opinions, so you can look forward to more diverse content, a lot more personality and a good dose of humor.

For more info on So Fetch Daily, check out our nifty new About page.


P.S. Sorry if you got excited for a minute there thinking Joshua Jackson was about to show up and help you save the world.

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