DIY Leopard Print Gold Leaf Tray by A Creative Day

DIY leopard print gold leaf tray
(Image Credit: A Creative Day)

Beautiful do-it-yourself projects that are so simple I wonder why I never thought of them always catch my eye. This DIY Leopard Print Gold Leaf Tray by A Creative Day is one such DIY. All you need to make this project at home is a gold leaf pen, a little creative flair and a tray that is in desperate need of some leopard spots!

Keep in mind this project is for a “decorative” tray, one to hold your keys, make up or some pretty knick-knacks and not for eating since it is not food safe (I’m sure there’s some crafty person out there who could come up with a way to make a food safe version, but that person isn’t me). I’m currently picturing it adding a little pizzazz to a coffee table with some pillar candles, but you could use it just about anywhere you need a little extra decor oomph. You can find out more about how to make your own DIY Leopard Print Gold Leaf Tray by visiting A Creative Day!

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