Spice Up Your Summer Wardrobe With Our Summer Boot Guide


When you think summer footwear, you probably envision some nice toe-freeing sandals, maybe some wedges if you’re feeling fancy – but boots probably aren’t at the top of your list. Though boots are traditionally associated with the cooler fall and winter season, with the recent trend toward ankle boots and booties, it’s easier than ever to incorporate boots into a trendy summer look.

We partnered with JustFab to bring you some ideas how to match your boots with your warm weather wardrobe. Check out our favorite creative ideas, and if you like what you see, click through any image to purchase from JustFab.

Chill Out and Get Boho

Channel Coachella mainstays like Vanessa Hudgens by pairing booties with boho maxi dresses or skirts. You’ll be cool and comfy in your breezy dress, but booties also work with a patterned romper if you also want to show some leg. If ever there was an appropriate way to wear fringe on your boots, this is it!

(Image Credit: JustFab)
(Image Credit: JustFab)
PRINTED SIDE SLIT MAXI (Image Credit: JustFab)
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Estefana Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Martia Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Cidley Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Madalena Boot






Spice Up Your Favorite Summer Dress

A neutral boot is a perfect match to balance out a bright summer dress and add some length to your legs. This is also a great option for jazzing up your summer work gear.

(Image Credit: JustFab)
RIBBED MOCK NECK DRESS (Image Credit: JustFab)
(Image Credit: JustFab)
EASY SHIFT SHIRT DRESS (Image Credit: JustFab)
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Meggie Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Vasha Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Araceli Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Mosha Boot






Look Classic in Denim

Pair boots with denim – whether it’s a dress, cutoffs, or overalls – for a simple, classic look. You can jazz up an all-denim dress with patterned boots, or commit fully to the country chic theme with cowboy-inspired booties.

(Image Credit: JustFab)
(Image Credit: JustFab)
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Jordean Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Berlina Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Hatty Boot
(Image Credit: JustFab)
Julina Boot






See, summer doesn’t have to mean sandals. Now that you have some inspiration, start digging your boots out of the back of your closet ASAP – or use this as an excuse to get shopping! Let us know your favorite summer boot looks in the comments.


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