We All Have A Different Path

(Image Credit: Narstudio)

(Image Credit: Narstudio)

Imagine you’ve spent all this time pouring over a map; its hundreds of routes crossing and intersecting in a tangled web of possibilities. After much deliberation, endless nights of tossing and turning, and having finally learned how to distinguish a passing cramp from your gut’s instinct, you’ve actually managed to pick one path to brave. You feel relieved! Excited! And maybe a little bit nervous. But that’s okay. Feeling all there is to feel, you set out on your chosen route with an awesome playlist queued up and the sun shining through your car windows, going at the pace which makes you happiest. All of a sudden there’s someone running out into the middle of the road. You slam your breaks and realize it’s…your fifth grade science teacher holding a “wrong way” sign? Continue reading

The Importance of Building a Relationship with Your College Professors

(Image Credit: Tyler Olson)

(Image Credit: Tyler Olson)

In high school, getting better acquainted with your teachers happened without you really having to try. You saw them every day for an hour, sometimes two. They had you in class for a full year and maybe even in a study hall. In college, your professors are a bit different. If you’re in a seminar, chances are you’re just a number on a list of 200 kids. In your smaller classes, your professor will most likely get to know your name, but it’s up to you to get them to remember you once the semester is over. It can definitely be intimidating to try to establish the type of professional relationship with a professor that may have developed easily with your high school teachers, but know that the vast majority of professors out there are eager to get to know their students. To develop a professional relationship with your professor be an active participant in class, actually go to the office hours they constantly talk about and don’t be nervous to have a one-on-one conversation. Here are five reasons you’ll be glad you did! Continue reading

Featured DIY: Temporary Tattoos by The Homesteady

(Image Credit: Sara Fenerty)

(Image Credit: Sara Fenerty)

Have you found yourself constantly going back and forth between whether or not you should get a tattoo? If you’re a commitmentphobe like I am, you probably often find yourself wondering whether or not you would get sick of something permanently inked into your skin and wish that there was a way to test out your new look before going under the needle. Well, great news! The folks over at The Homesteady have come up with a great DIY method to do just that. My sister and I have both been contemplating getting tattoos and were eager to test out this do-it-at-home version. Continue reading

50 Fun Things to Do This Summer!

(Image Credit: Monkey Business)

(Image Credit: Monkey Business)

With summer in full swing, it’s not too late to start planning all the ways we’ll spend those precious and fleeting moments of warm sunshine and good vibes. We all have our favorite summertime activities, but sometimes we blank when it comes to thinking up what fun thing to do next. Well, here’s a list of 50 awesome activities covering tons of interests and cost-levels the next time you’re stumped about what to do! Continue reading

Why Your Mom Will Always Be Your Best Friend

(Image Credit: Eva_Eva79)

(Image Credit: Eva_Eva79)

For most girls, there comes a point somewhere on the timeline consisting of loose teeth, training bras, first crushes, high school drama, going away to college, finding our first jobs and everything else in between, where we realize our moms aren’t just our moms, but our friends as well. For me, that came one particular fall afternoon when I was 11 and my mom was driving me to piano practice. We were laughing and singing along to the radio and it struck me how insanely cool it was this lady who I got to call “Mom.” It was like a switch went off knowing that while she was my mom first, she was also my friend. Moms are pretty selfless people with a lot of give and very little take. We should all be appreciative of all the big and little things they do for us (let’s face it, a lot of us would be malfunctioning hot messes if it weren’t for our moms), but we also shouldn’t forget to recognize our moms not just for that title alone, but for the incredible people they are – the types of people we would be lucky to call our friends. In honor of moms everywhere, here are ten reasons why you’ll always be able to call your mom one of your best friends. Continue reading

The Stigma of High School Friendships

(Image Credit: Eugenio Marongiu)

(Image Credit: Eugenio Marongiu)

About a month ago, I was scrolling through my university’s Facebook confessions page when I came across a post raving and ranting about how “pathetic” people who remain close with their high school friends are. While the post garnered several hundred likes, there was a hot debate going on in the comment sections about whether or not people agreed with the author’s thoughts. Half seemed to think it was a ridiculous statement while the other half argued that if you could call your high school friends close friends still, you were doing college wrong. This post didn’t make me angry just because I am someone who has managed to maintain many of my close friendships from high school, but because I do not understand the need to pass judgment on people who may be living their life a bit differently than yours. The stigma that appears to be in place when it comes to high school friendships is ridiculous, and as someone who still calls her high friends close friends, I’m calling its bluff. Continue reading

Seriously Though, Who is Fancy?

(Image Credit: Who is Fancy?/Youtube)

(Image Credit: Who is Fancy?/Youtube)

UPDATE 4/08/15: Fancy revealed himself to be our best guess, singer Jake “Fancy” Hagood, during a performance on the Tonight Show and via a post on Instagram. Read on to find out more about his single “Goodbye” and how we cracked the mystery before the reveal.

A friend of mine recently moved out to L.A. to pursue a career in the music industry, so I’ve gotten quite used to his 3 A.M. texts imploring me to listen to the latest track he’s hooked on. Most recently he sent me a track by Who is Fancy? Called “Goodbye,” telling me it would be my new favorite song. And I must admit, I really liked it. So I jumped on the Internet (like thousands of other people have by this point) to learn more about the intriguingly titled musician, only to find out that there is pretty much no information available. Continue reading

10 Unexpectedly Awesome Song Covers

COLDPLAY (Image Credit: Jon Super/Redferns)

COLDPLAY (Image Credit: Jon Super/Redferns)

One of the neatest aspects of the music industry is to watch what happens when musicians inspire their peers. When you have such a unique and diverse array of people who each have their own style, the possibilities for the way one song can be performed are seemingly endless. Sometimes musicians covering other musicians results in disaster, and other times, like when Imagine Dragons recently covered Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” something truly magical happens. Here are 10 unexpectedly awesome covers! Continue reading

5 Celebrities with Embarrassing Commercials

(Image Credit: Lincoln Motor Company)

(Image Credit: Lincoln Motor Company)

We’ve all had a moment where we initially think something is a great idea, and then realize at some point (either immediately after or several years later) what a truly bad idea it actually was. For instance, when I thought I wanted to be a redhead three days before my college graduation, I immediately realized what a bad choice that had been the moment my hairdresser spun me around to face the mirror. Yet my weird clog phase that I went through in high school didn’t dawn on me as an embarrassing blip in time until very recently. Knowing we all do such things, we can’t pass too much judgment on celebrities when they too make a decision they might find highly embarrassing in the years to come, but we can still laugh. And hey, when you’re making a big paycheck from something a little embarrassing, you’re probably not going to mind a little laughter aimed in your direction anyway. Here are five celebs who may find themselves blushing over those endorsement deals. Continue reading

Ranking the Top 5 Mr. Darcy Adaptations



Before there was Augustus Waters, Noah Calhoun and Christian Grey, there was Mr. Darcy. A perfectly brooding yet enticing literary character who has been loved by multiple women spanning centuries, Darcy perfectly embodies the type of man many of us seem to lust after. You know the one, he’s a mystery to figure out, comes off as aloof (a giant jerk), yet there’s something about him that makes us swoon despite our instinct to write him off entirely. The thing we love most about Mr. Darcy? He’s really not a jerk, but a beautiful, caring and generous creature who learns from his prior mistakes and whose initial distance and cold shoulder was really his way of fighting the enormous love that was growing for Elizabeth Bennet. We love Darcy for Darcy, but we also love him because it gives us hope that those hot snots we can’t help but be drawn to are really so jerky because they’re simply infatuated with us. Perfect logic? I think so. While we continue to ponder over our real life Darcy like men, we can reread Pride and Prejudice over and over again, or we can watch one of the many adaptations of the tale that have hit both the small and big screen. For your pleasure, here’s our definitive ranking of the Darciest of the screen Darcys. Continue reading

Why it’s okay to mourn the loss of a celebrity

Leonard Nimoy (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

Leonard Nimoy (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

When the news about Joan Rivers passing away broke only a month after the world lost Robin Williams, I found myself fixed in front of my television simultaneously crying and laughing as clip after clip of the legendary comedian flashed across the screen, much in the same way I had over Mr. Williams. Now Hollywood has lost another legend, Leonard Nimoy. My very to the point grandmother (who has a tongue that could give Joan a run for her money- perhaps this is why I felt the attachment to the late comedian that I do) has always used an expression that goes something along the lines of “you can’t be sad for everyone because you yourself will have enough sadness in your own life.” While a rather cold sentiment, I couldn’t help but dwell on it during the days that followed the news of each star’s death. I didn’t even know these people, but I was overcome with too real a sense of loss. Was I being overly dramatic? After reading through dozens upon dozens of comments on articles celebrating the their lives, I found I wasn’t alone or being silly. Hordes of people were in the same, sad boat and were constantly reiterating “I know I didn’t actually know them…” Yes, we don’t know celebrities on a personal level, but feeling a sense of loss or sadness in their passing is nothing to feel silly about. Continue reading

One Week Without Social Media: A Diary

(Image Credit: WavebreakMediaMicro)

(Image Credit: WavebreakMediaMicro)

Day 1. February 4, 2015.

First urge to check Facebook: 11:35 a.m.

Total number of times desperately wanted to check Facebook: 4 (v.good).

Actually cheated and checked Facebook: 1 (v.bad).

Asked my sister to look at something on Facebook: 3. Eye twitches because I could not check Facebook: too many to count.

Total number of ignored notifications: 8


11:35 A.M.

Dear Diary,

Well, it’s happening. I’m starting my one week purge of all things social media just for the sake of writing what will hopefully be an entertaining article. I’ve taken Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat and placed them all in a DO NOT TOUCH folder in the very depths of my iPhone (deleting them altogether just seemed far too harsh and unnecessary; I’m way too lazy to go through and reinstall and reverify all that info in seven days’ time). I have NOT turned off my notifications because in some way I am sick and twisted and want to further tempt myself. It’s like working out with a big bowl of candy only a few feet away from you. Finishing the workout always makes you feel great, but it feels even better when you finish without immediately sticking your hand in the bowl. But…I am known to go for a mini Snickers when I finish an especially vigorous workout. They have protein you know; not a total wash. Have bad feeling about this…

Today has been far easier than I anticipated. Yes, it’s not even noon, but I’m holding out hope that I will remain strong, feign disinterest in the latest going ons in my social circle and find other forms of entertainment when I have the strong desire to scroll through Newsfeed. Bring your worst, spawn of Mark Zuckerberg!

12:55 P.M.

I’m off work now and the temptation is growing. Just received a notification that I’ve been invited to a pub crawl to celebrate a friend’s 30th. If I don’t RSVP immediately, will that be rude? Texting a mutual friend for the invite info as we speak.

10:25 P.M.

Damnit. I caved. All day I’ve been dutifully avoiding it. Okay, that’s a lie; I asked my sister Abby to check something fishy out for me. I had to go on just now though or I would have seriously ticked off a co-worker who went out of her way to write a status dedicated to me. Abby told me about it. Was I really not supposed to acknowledge it and risk a bad case of stink eye the next time I see said co-worker? Not chancing it. I did NOT look at my notifications and I did NOT go through Newsfeed. So one comment on one status is no big deal. REALLY. Tomorrow I will prevail and be social media free all day.

10:59 P.M.

Not being able to tweet during Broad City should be a crime, just sayin’.


Day 2. February 5, 2015.

First urge to check Facebook: right when I woke up. (BAD).

Number of notifications gained while I was sleeping: 4.

Actually went on Facebook: Once. (punishing myself).

Productive activities done: 5 (v.good).

Total notifications ignored: 21 (damn you, red alert number).


7:49 P.M.

Dear Diary,

I’m weak, so very weak. BUT it was extremely appropriate that I went on Facebook today due to the fact that it was my favorite Spanish teacher’s birthday and it would have been horribly inconsiderate if I didn’t shoot her a ¡feliz cumpleaños! That was all. It’s not like I have her cell phone number.

Birthday incident aside, today was a major success if I do say so myself. During lunch with Mom I was completely focused because I wasn’t constantly checking Instagram every five minutes to see what interesting things people were doing. Did she seem to notice my newfound attentive ear? No. Not at all. But was I able to think clearly in Marshall’s about which picture frames would best match my bedspread? Yes, yes I was. I was focused on myself and not on whatever Jimmy Fallon did on his show last night that all my friends were talking about. (P.S. Jimmy, I love you.)

But really, I’m starting to wonder what’s up with those 21 Facebook notifications, 3 Snapchats and 1 tagged photo on Instagram. Thankfully, Twitter notifications are shut off because I just can’t deal. Phone just lit up. Facebook again. Leaving phone upstairs for remainder of night. Temptation is growing.


Day 4. February 7, 2015.

Number of ignored notifications: 38.

Times tricked into opening a Snap: 1.

Times opened a Snap on my own accord 2 (v.bad).

Urges to check Facebook: blah.

Urges to check Twitter: none (v.good).

Noticed differences in mood: actually less agitated than normal.


8:45 P.M.

Dear Diary,

I must admit that this social media free thing is getting slightly easier by the day. Initially, as I watched my number of notifications growing, my anxiety levels continuously shot up a bit more each time. But today, the increasing number really isn’t bothering me so much. It’s taken four days, but I have realized that whether or not I’m active on social media sites does not play any huge role in the way my day to day life unfolds. I haven’t missed any catastrophic events, my friends have not started to ignore me and it actually feels good to not constantly be aware of what is happening in every single acquaintance’s life. I even feel slightly less agitated than normal.

It wasn’t until I was technically off Facebook and Instagram that I really started to notice the effect that notifications had on my mood. Getting notifications must be the equivalent of a drug, or caffeine at least. If I put my phone down and return to find I have new notifications, my mood increases by the tiniest amount. If I go a whole day without looking at my phone only to find I have no notifications, my mood goes down quite a bit. It’s actually sort of sick. I may only be happy being off social media right now because I currently know I do have a lot of notifications waiting for me. I actually really may only be feeling loads happier because I’m finally done PMSing for the month and social media may not be playing a role in my mood at all. Writing this, I feel like a completely crazy person. Really hope other people out there know what I’m talking about. Hmm.

I did cheat yesterday. But when a cute guy sends you a Snapchat, you’re going to open it even if the President himself has given you orders not to. Sorry, not sorry.


Day 5. February 8, 2015.

Times looked at Facebook indirectly via my sister: twice (weird circumstances, neither bad nor good).

New notifications: 7. However, total number of notifications has gone down…does Facebook start deleting your notifications if you don’t check them??? Must google search this. Also found out that multiple Snaps from one person continue to show up as 1 Snap total.

Things I’m focusing on instead of Social Media: 5 (organizing sheet music, feng shuing my room, catching up on Gilmore Girls, drinking coffee and the fifth I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you).


5:21 P.M.

Dear Diary,

For some reason, I feel like I now remember fully what it’s like to live in the 90s. Yes, there weren’t texts, or really even awesome cellular phones, and yes, I was only 9 when the 90s came to a close, and yes, I still have 24/7 access to the internet and am plugged in socially constantly through text, but I do have less distractions and life just feels a little simpler.

Now that I’m halfway through day 5 of my social media free week, I’m shaking my head at how ridiculous I was on day 1, literally tweaking out that I wasn’t going to be able to make it a week. YES I KNOW, I’ve cheated a few times, but I’ve been completely social media free the past two days so I consider that winning. Maybe I’ll even extend this experiment (J/K you totally know the minute Wednesday morning rolls around I will be right back on my social media grind). My mood has remained fairly good; my focus has been on point. My closet has never looked more organized. I say the good in this situation far outweighs the bad.

5:26 P.M.

Oh dear god. I just looked at my Timehop (full disclosure – no idea if Timehop counts as social media or not). Definitely extending my social media free week to social media free forever to save myself from further social media embarrassment. Or at least deleting Twitter forever.

11:28 P.M.

Wow, Beck, wow. And get over yourself Kanye. Seriously wish I could Tweet right now.


Day 7. February 10, 2015.

First urge to check Facebook: hasn’t come. Who am I?

Number of ignored alerts: Too many to count, definitely over 50.

Productivity level: very high (v. good).

Times I’ve felt inadequate because of stuff I was seeing on Facebook or Instagram this week: Zero.

Number of pictures on camera roll ready to be Instagrammed: 3 (not too shabby).

Time left in experiment: about 20 hours.

Feelings about being able to go back on tomorrow guilt free: undecided.


3:58 P.M.

Dear Diary,

How is it even possible that it’s already been a week? I swear I’m not trying to be overly obnoxious and act like this challenge was super easy just because the time has gone by fast. I’m just genuinely surprised about how fast it went. I can’t really even whine today about my cravings to log on or admit to having cheated because I pretty much haven’t at all in the tail end of my social media free week. Oh, well, wait. Yesterday I did send out one mass snap, but only because it was a snow day and I walked in on my sister doing this:



How could I not share that moment?

AH, I just had that light bulb go off in my head. Maybe, just maybe, this experiment has led me to realize that less is more when it comes to what I post on Facebook and Instagram or Snap and Tweet to my friends (Snap, Tweet, are those verbs in the dictionary yet?). There were very few moments this week where I was like “Oh wow, really feel the need to share this on every social media platform I’m on because it’s just way too awesome.” So I came to the conclusion that I post things that really don’t need to be posted because I might be bored and not thinking about what other stuff I could be doing.

In addition to this realization, I retract my statement that I needed to be tweeting during the Grammys because Timehop once again reminded me that I’m just not good at Twitter. For example, during the Grammys two years ago I felt the need to Tweet “Johnny Depp could be in drag and id still be gaga for him.” Sarah of two years ago, keep certain things to yourself, always use proper punctuation, and don’t say gaga, you sound like someone from a bad black and white noir movie. Thank you, Timehop, for unexpectedly becoming my voice of reason.


February 11, 2015.

Eagerness to check all social media outlets this morning: Ehhh.

Total number of missed Facebook alerts: 52.

Unopened Snaps: 23.

Instagram notifications: 5 (for all you “like” obsessed people, I didn’t post any pictures a few days before this challenge so stop laughing!)

Twitter alerts: Yeah right, Twitter is deleted thanks to TimeHop. J/K, not really, but not willing to go on it for another few weeks.

Lessons learned through a week without social media: more than 5 (v. good).


11:09 A.M.

So, I am officially done with my purge and could log onto Facebook or Instagram guilt free right this second if I wanted to. But before I do, I just wanted to do a quick recap on a few surprising lessons I learned while attempting to stay away.

  • Staying off of social media actually caused my stress levels to go down in some weird way. That might be saying a lot about me as a person, but I feel like when you’re constantly flooded by what everyone else is doing or has going on, you can tend to compare yourself to them. For example, every time I see someone is engaged at my age I wonder should I be engaged? Not really, but the thought has crossed my mind once or twice.
  • Not being able to log on if I was bored made me do more productive things. It’s not like when I’m on social media I’m this lazy blob incapable of doing things that need to be done, it just helps me to procrastinate more.
  • As a society, we are obsessed with all things Facebook and Twitter. By not actively being on either, I started to notice more and more how often other people were on it. Waitressing this weekend, I could not get over the number of people who had their phones out and were scrolling through newsfeeds the entire time they were out to eat. I’m guilty of having done it, but I’m going to try really hard not to (we’ll see how I hold out).

These were the big three lessons, and if you’ve stuck with me and read all of my ramblings, you know there were quite a few others. I think for now, I’ll keep everything in that Do Not Touch folder, only so it’s not so easily accessible. Just for now. I’d love to stay and chat some more, but…I have a few notifications to check out!

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‘Jane the Virgin’ is a must watch show of 2014!

JANE THE VIRGIN (Image Credit: Gregg Gayne/The CW)

JANE THE VIRGIN (Image Credit: Gregg Gayne/The CW)

In a season where romantic comedies are dropping like flies from all the major networks (rest in peace A to Z, Manhattan Love Story and Selfie, amongst others), the CW’s Jane the Virgin has proved to be a gem whose shine will not be dulled. Haven’t heard of it? You’re missing out. The show, loosely based on a Venezuelan telenovela, revolves around the incredible story of Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), a 23-year-old virgin who goes in for a pap smear and instead is accidentally inseminated with the only sample her boss (and former crush) has left after battling cancer. Intrigued yet? Read on for more reasons why you should be watching Jane the Virgin! Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of an Early Holiday Season

(Image Credit: Mario Beauregard)

(Image Credit: Mario Beauregard)

Remember being little and impatiently sitting through dozens of Thanksgiving themed crafts in anticipation of when the red and green colored construction paper would finally be taken out in your classroom? Or how you would beg your mom to start the Christmas countdown early because you just could NOT wait for Santa to come?  Apparently, it seems like many people do based on the fact that the Christmas season seems to arrive earlier and earlier every year. It’s as if the entire country has reverted to an eager child that just cannot wait for the big day to get here. Yes, much of this has to do with consumerism, but for the sake of keeping things festive, we’ll turn a blind eye and pretend it’s really all just about the joy and love that is the true meaning of Christmas. Continue reading