Easy DIY Vertical Herb Garden


I’ve never really considered myself Pinterest savvy. In fact, more times than not, my Pinterest projects turn into laughable Pinterest fails. I just accept it as part of my life now, and there is no shame in that. However, not every one of my projects I find through Pinterest fails, and I’m sure you’re wondering […]

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DIY Leopard Print Gold Leaf Tray by A Creative Day

DIY leopard print gold leaf tray

Beautiful do-it-yourself projects that are so simple I wonder why I never thought of them always catch my eye. This DIY Leopard Print Gold Leaf Tray by A Creative Day is one such DIY. All you need to make this project at home is a gold leaf pen, a little creative flair and a tray that is […]

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DIY Confetti Tumblers by Radical Possibility

(Image Credit: Radical Possibility)

Stores like Anthropologie make me wish I had an unlimited home decor budget (as opposed to the reality that buying even one item there could break my budget). Lots of DIY’s claim to replicate items from the store, but leave me wondering who do you really think you’re fooling? Either the look of the final […]

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7 Pinterest Hacks That Aren’t Worth It


There are some truly great Pinterest hacks out there. Where else would I go to figure out how to maximize my storage space or fix a broken bronzer? Along with the life-saving hacks out there, though, are the not-so-useful ones that seriously make me question the logic of people sharing their advice. To avoid trying […]

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3 Summer Mocktails (or cocktails) for Each Time of Day

3 Summer Mocktails (or cocktails) for Each Time of Day

There is a lot to love about summer. The sun is finally out, you can enjoy an array of outdoor activities, and it’s the season for vacations. However, one of my favorite things about summer is that it’s also the season to get fancy with your drinks. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a […]

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DIY Crepe Paper Flowers by Let’s Do Something Crafty

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers by Let's Do Something Crafty

Spring is in full bloom, but for those of us with allergies it can be hard to enjoy the beauty of flowers when it means sneezing, wheezing and itchy eyes are an added bonus. But rejoice, my flora deprived friends, we found a DIY that will let you add a touch of color to your […]

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Featured DIY: Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish by DIY Candy

(Image Credit: DIY Candy)

Alright ladies and gents. Marbled-anything is a popular trend right now; who’s with me? I’ve seen marbled shoe prints, marbled phone cases and marbled laptop cases! Now what if you could bring the marbled look to an item that holds one of our favorite things…COFFEE! Best thing about it? It’ll cost you less than $5.

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Your First Time: Carving a Pumpkin

The first jack-o’-lanterns were supposedly carved in Ireland, except instead of using pumpkins, the carvers used turnips (weird, I know). The spooky lanterns were meant to represent the strange phenomenon of flickering lights over peat bogs, known as will-o’-the wisp. The pumpkin lanterns were meant to represent the faces of spirits and goblins. Nowadays, the […]

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Featured: DIY Colorblock Scratching Post by A Beautiful Mess

I love cats. I have two of my own and I want more. I want all the cats, but my husband won’t let me. That being said, I do get to spend a lot of time doting on my cats. I like to buy them all the things they want – or rather, what I […]

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Featured DIY: Confetti Bowl from VJuliet

(Image Credit: VJuliet)

In need of a little color pop in your home? VJuliet has come up with the perfect solution! This DIY Confetti Bowl will make the perfect addition to any home. It’s cute, functional and best of all, easy to make! This is a project that the whole family can be a part of and will […]

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5 Crazy Products You Can Have Made With Instagram Photos

(Image Credit: Printstagram)

Can you believe Instagram only a few years ago? The iPhone app (now also available for Android) has become the most popular place to post selfies, #ootd and party pictures. But what do we do with our photos after the likes and comments have stopped coming in? Do we let them fade into the past, never […]

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Featured DIY: Temporary Tattoos by The Homesteady

(Image Credit: Sara Fenerty)

Have you found yourself constantly going back and forth between whether or not you should get a tattoo? If you’re a commitmentphobe like I am, you probably often find yourself wondering whether or not you would get sick of something permanently inked into your skin and wish that there was a way to test out […]

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DIY: Circle Shelf from The Merry Thought

(Image Credit: The Merrythought)

There comes a time in a person’s life where they head to the internet (e.g. Tumblr or Pinterest) for decoration inspiration. My latest inspiration comes from The Merry Thought. I was introduced to the idea of a DIY Circle Shelf which looks extremely complicated at first glance but it’s really not!

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5 Crazy Pinterest Ideas

As a female 20-something, I adore Pinterest. I like healthful recipes, inspirational quotes, fashion, desserts and some of the other clever ideas people share on their online pinboards. But sometimes the crafts, recipes, workouts, etc. on Pinterest are just ridiculous. Here are five examples of crazy Pinterest ideas I will never try voluntarily, either because […]

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