Apple and Cucumber Cooler Recipe by Girl Cooks World

(Image Credit: Girl Cooks World)

Nothing is better on a warm summer day than a light and refreshing beverage. The Apple and Cucumber Cooler by Cate of Girl Cooks World is a healthy and incredibly easy way to quench your thirst. Cate’s been kind enough to share the recipe for this delicious two ingredient wonder with us and I can already hear your taste-buds thanking her!

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Your First Time: Ordering Sushi

Your First Time: Ordering Sushi

One of the most intimidating things I have ever done was order sushi for the first time. I remember sitting at the table at my favorite Chinese restaurant and internally debating if I really wanted to attempt it or not. What if I didn’t order it correctly? What if I didn’t like it? What if I accidentally ordered some with raw fish (I know a lot of sushi is raw, but not all of it and I prefer my fish cooked)??! Continue reading

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Sweet and Spicy Walnuts Recipe by Cookie + Kate

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Sweet and Spicy Walnuts (Image Credit: Cookie + Kate)

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Sweet and Spicy Walnuts (Image Credit: Cookie + Kate)

I dare you to look at that salad and tell me it doesn’t look delicious. On a hot summer day, a light refreshing salad is my go-to lunch (for some reason the thought of eating anything heavy with the heat bearing down on me makes my tummy very unhappy) and this Strawberry Spinach Salad with Sweet and Spicy Walnuts from Cookie + Kate tastes even better than it looks. Continue reading

Infused Water Recipes to Get You Enthused About H2O!

Infused Water Recipes to Get You Enthused About H2O!

As the summer heats up it’s easy to reach for a carbonated or sugary beverage to chill the parch, but there’s a much healthier option that’s just as tasty. Infused water. So what exactly is infused water? It’s water that’s had fruits, vegetables, extracts and/or spices soaked in it for a long period of time to infuse it with the flavors they provide. The resulting drink is a beverage that will make your tastebuds do cartwheels without all the sugar and chemicals of store bought beverages. And before you ask, no you don’t need a Magic-Ninja-Keurig 5.0 to make it. All you need is fresh ingredients, a pitcher (or some other water holder device type thing), and the patience to let the infusing happen. Continue reading

What We’re Loving Right Now: Constellation Glassware by The UncommonGreen

(Image Credit: The UncommonGreen)

(Image Credit: The UncommonGreen)

I wouldn’t really call myself an avid lover of astrology, but there is just something about space and astrology themed home goods that really gets me excited. Perhaps it’s because I think it’ll make me seem fancier than I am, or just a degree smarter than the average person. Whatever the reason behind it, when I came across The UncommonGreen’s new Constellation Glassware, I instantly fell in love. Continue reading

Celebrate National Cheese Day with a Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese by FoodieCrush!

Jalapeno-Popper-Grilled-Cheese-foodiecrushIt seems like there’s a day for just about anything nowadays, but this is one I can get behind. National Cheese Day is June 4, and I’m pretty excited to finally find one that speaks to me on a spiritual level. With so many delicious recipes that include cheese, you might be wondering where to start on your tasty journey, but look no further. FoodieCrush has you covered with their Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich, the only dish you’ll need this National Cheese Day. Check out the full recipe below! Continue reading

3 Summer Mocktails (or cocktails) for Each Time of Day

Lemon Berry Dreamsicle (Image Credit: Brailey Lisath)

Lemon Berry Dreamsicle (Image Credit: Brailey Lisath)

There is a lot to love about summer. The sun is finally out, you can enjoy an array of outdoor activities, and it’s the season for vacations. However, one of my favorite things about summer is that it’s also the season to get fancy with your drinks. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a nice morning, afternoon AND evening pick-me-up? Here are three mocktails (or cocktails if you’re a bit more adventurous like me) to try this summer, and the time of day they are best received.
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Italian Drunken Noodles (Image Credit: The Cozy Apron)

Italian Drunken Noodles Recipe by The Cozy Apron

Italian Drunken Noodles (Image Credit: The Cozy Apron)

Italian Drunken Noodles (Image Credit: The Cozy Apron)

If you have never tried Thai Pad Kee Mao, better known in the United States as “Drunken Noodles,” you have no idea what you have been missing. I’ve taken trains and subways, walked in the rain, and as a poor college student, scoured for loose change in my room to be able to pay just to get my hands on this dish. To say I like this spicy Thai chili and basil noodle dish, is a very large understatement and sitting here writing this article is making my contemplate scrapping what I’m doing to drive two towns over to get some Drunken Noodles right now. So when I saw Cozy Apron had an Italian Drunken Noodle Recipe, I had to check it out.


I admit, the idea of an Italian version of this very Thai dish had me a little skeptical at first, but even more curious. I love Italian food, but I wasn’t sure how it would translate to the Drunken Noodle experience. But after checking out the recipe, it really makes sense. The biggest switch up to the dish is the use of tomato based sauce in place of soy and fish sauce, but otherwise it’s a very similar Drunken Noodle experience. The Spicy Italian Sausage replaces the kick of Thai Chilis, and although it’s a different type of basil used here, it along with the use of the very same Thai noodles adds familiarity to the dish.
If you would like to mambo italiano your way into some Drunken Noodle, check out the Full Recipe over at Cozy Apron!

‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Star Tituss Burgess Releases Pinot Noir

(Image Credit: Netflix)

(Image Credit: Netflix)

Anyone who has watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt knows that pinot noir is not only a wine, but also a song, a music video, and a lifestyle. Kimmy Schmidt star Tituss Burgess took a cue from his character and released his own line of pinot noir! Pinot by Tituss is available now to buy in stores or have shipped straight to your home!

Keep calm and num num num. #PinotMakesThingsFun @pinotbytitussburgess #unbreakablekimmyschmidt

A photo posted by Tituss Burgess (@titusssawthis) on Mar 20, 2016 at 8:21am PDT


Burgess announced the wine on his Instagram page and has since posted enough about it to make any wino think about trying it. I look forward to strutting around my house with a glass (or just the bottle) in hand singing “pinot noir, caviar, Myanmar, mid-sized car” as fiercely as Titus Andromedon himself.

The chic wine can only be purchased in a few stores, but can be bought online here. Shipping is not yet available to all 50 states, so make sure you check before ordering! Before entering the website it will ask you to confirm that you’re over 21 by clicking either “yassss” or “no.” The prices of the bottles vary based on how many bottles you plan on buying, but the more you buy the cheaper they are per bottle! Bottles go for $24.99 each, $23.49 each for three or more, and $19.99 each for six or more. There is a cost to ship as well so don’t be surprised if your order for one bottle comes close to 40 or 50 dollars.

My bottle is still in the mail, but if you’ve already gotten yours feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

Follow Tituss on Instagram: @titusssawthis

Follow Pinot by Tituss on Instagram: @pinotbytitussburgess

Top 5 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors

(Image Credit: Stephanie Frey)

(Image Credit: Stephanie Frey)

As evidenced by my QIOTW post on the ice cream pint lock, I take my ice cream pretty seriously. No one knows ice cream better than Ben & Jerry, and you’d be hard pressed to find a greater variety of unique flavors than Ben & Jerry’s classic pints. I put together a list of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors of past and present; I hope you appreciate how hungry I’m about to make myself.


Milk & Cookies

This is a classic, and it’s one I can pretty much always count on being in the freezer at any grocery store I visit. Rather than the usual cookies & cream, this mixture maintains a vanilla ice cream base and mixes chocolate sandwich cookie chunks with chocolate chip cookie chunks, giving Milk & Cookies a unique flavor and tons of texture. Ben & Jerry aren’t ones to skimp on the mix-ins, and this flavor is no exception.



This flavor was a Target exclusive that was available for several years but, sadly, was retired in favor of new Target exclusives. Voluntiramisu featured a smooth espresso-flavored ice cream base with a cocoa ribbon and generous chunks of ladyfingers. It had just the right amount of espresso flavor without being overpowering, and felt indulgent without being one of Ben & Jerry’s over-the-top mixtures of rich mix-ins.


Pumpkin Cheesecake

Thanks to the seasonal pumpkin-flavored everything trend, this flavor is a bit easier to come by every fall. Pumpkin can be a tricky flavor to capture in ice cream, but Ben & Jerry totally nailed it, and the graham cracker ribbon puts it over the top. I dare you to try to take just one bite of this one.


Spectacular Speculoos

I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to Ben & Jerry’s, so I’m not a huge fan of the new core flavors. However, Spectacular Speculoos is the one that managed to win me over. Rather than mixing the goodies in with the ice cream, this flavor has a Speculoos cookie “core” surrounded by caramel vanilla ice cream. It’s amazingly decadent and I don’t recommend picking up a pint of this flavor unless you’re prepared to eat it in one sitting.


Cake My Day

This flavor is a new limited batch for 2016, and I was itching to get my hands on it so much I swiped the last two pints from the freezer at Target last weekend. Cake batter ice cream mixed with vanilla cake pieces and buttercream & raspberry swirl…it’s the perfect mix of rich but refreshing. Ben & Jerry haven’t done too much exploring in the realm of cake batter and cake pieces, but this flavor makes me wish for a cake-based flavor in their regular offerings!


Obviously best ice cream flavors can be a hotly-debated topic since everyone’s tastes are different, so I’m curious: what are your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors? Let us know in the comments!

What’s the Big Deal About…Chipotle?

(Image Credit: Chipotle)

(Image Credit: Chipotle)

Chipotle has been getting a lot of heat recently due to E. Coli outbreaks stemming from a few of their locations, but the company has been trying hard to earn the trust of its loyal customers back. For a lucky few, this even meant free burritos if they texted the word “raincheck” on the same day that the brand temporarily shut down to hold national meetings regarding food safety. Despite the recent blips, Chipotle still has the hearts of many. So, what is the big deal about Chipotle, anyway?

Fast but fresh

Fast food restaurants have a bad rap. Most ingredients are frozen, meals are rarely made to order, and have been sitting under heat lamps for sometimes hours by the time your meal is in front of you. Chipotle does it a little differently; you watch them assemble your meal right in front of you and add in the ingredients as you list them off. This way, there’s no mystery as to how long your food has been sitting around and what really went into it.

Fair prices

One of the redeeming qualities of fast food chains is that they’re typically inexpensive, and Chipotle definitely fits that bill. Although it’s true that you’re not going to find an extensive dollar menu or two-for-$2 deals, the prices are more than fair for what you get. I can say with certainty that I’ve never left dissatisfied.

You have control over your meal

There’s a basic menu to guide you, but beyond that, what goes into your meal is up to you. This means you control how mild or spicy your salsa is, what kind of veggies are mixed in, and how healthy (or unhealthy) it all turns out to be. Plus, there are tons of options, so you can switch up your order and try something new every time you go.

Fresh ingredients

Chipotle’s website boasts that their ingredients are farm sourced, non-GMO, and all around fresh. This isn’t something you’re going to find at many self-proclaimed fast food joints. Having the peace of mind that the vegetables you’re eating are farm fresh and the chicken isn’t total mystery meat is pretty comforting.

Their guacamole recipe is online

Yes, we all know the guac costs a little extra, but did you know Chipotle posts their recipe online? Now you’ll never have to serve up some mediocre dip at your parties again. I’d say that’s reason enough to love a restaurant.

So, what do you think the big deal is about Chipotle? Leave a comment below and let us know why you love it!

5 Pizza Inspired Accessories for The Pie-Lover in Your Life

(Image Credit: Dolls Kill)

(Image Credit: Dolls Kill)

How awesome is pizza? So awesome, right? Well, as much as you may love it, there’s always someone in your life that loves it even more. Like, two to three times a day kind of love. So why not get them awesome for their birthday or even Valentine’s Day! It’s coming up soon! Here are a few ideas to get you started on the right pizza-centered track.

Pizza Necklace

What’s a better way to express their love for pizza than wearing it around their neck and keeping it close to their heart?


Pizza Sleeping Bag

It’s pretty pricey, but how awesome would it be to bring this awesome sleeping bag on camping trips or sleepovers? Pretty dang awesome is the answer.


Pastel Pizza Earrings

Is there a pizza lover in your life that’s pretty girly and likes cutesy things? Then these earrings are perfect for them! From far away, they barely even look like pizza!


Pizza Scarf
With winter fully upon us, what better way to keep warm than this adorable scarf? It even comes in a cute pizza box!


Pizza shirt

Do you have a pizza loving not-so-friendly friend that needs a gift this year? This shirt is sure to make them smile at least a little!


Well, there you have it. Just a few ideas to get you started as you search the internet for seemingly never ending pizza accessories. Good luck in your shopping and may the Pizza Gods smile down upon you!

Featured Recipe: Mini Cherry Pies by Adventuress

(Image Credit: adventuressheart)

(Image Credit: adventuressheart)

After seeing Adventuress’ recipe for Mini Cherry Pies, I wanted to declare them the official dessert for Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. And here’s why:

If orange is the new black, then pie is the new cake.

These little pies are made in a cupcake pan, but defy the conventional cupcake and create a hybrid – the cup-pie.

Just as their name suggests, they are absolutely adorable and look delicious! And, let’s be real, guys… Everyone has looked at a freshly baked pie and wanted to dig their fork right into the center of it, not stopping until all that’s left is the tin it was made in. Of course, few of us have actually done this (stop looking at me), but we have all wanted to at some point or another.

Well, with Adventuress’ recipe, you finally can – and with zero regret! (And with far less bloat, too.)

So next time you’re watching Piper Chapman (although you’re really watching because you love Taystee), get into the Orange is the New Black mindset with these Mini Cherry Pies! Let’s make this a thing.

Please check out the full recipe to learn how to make these awesome little treats or just to gawk at the pictures.

An Open Letter to HelloFresh

(Image Credit: HelloFresh)

(Image Credit: HelloFresh)

Dear HelloFresh,

I’ve always been a little skeptical of food subscription services. Perhaps it’s my fear that food that’s been shipped, no matter how well the box of ice is insulated, is going to be bad by the time I get it. Or worse, that it will be bad and I won’t be able to tell until I’m doubled over, regretting my decision to order and ship food from the internet.

But let me tell you that you’ve surprised me in the best way possible. I first caught wind of your service when my mom sent me a free box and I failed to use it in time. Ever since that moment though, you had been on my mind and I finally decided to try your service.

I signed up for 3 meals for 2 people per week – the carnivore one. I missed the deadline to pick my recipes, but figured no better way to immerse myself into the world of HelloFresh than with a random set of recipes. I waited around all day for the delivery, and when you came I was hesitant but excited.

When I opened my package I was surprised to see all the meals pre-portioned and separated into their own box. I was still hesitant though; concerned that those ice packs weren’t enough to keep my food (read: meat) at the appropriate temperature and free of bacteria. But my husband reassured me you wouldn’t be a business if you couldn’t ship your food.

Touché, smart husband.

So, irrational thoughts behind me, I was ready to make my first meal. We got California style cheeseburgers, a recipe for salmon, and garlic pan grilled chicken; we opted for the burgers on night one.

Holy delicious, Batman.

It was amazing. All these meals were amazing. I was so impressed, and my husband was literally licking his plate to savor all the deliciousness that you packed into this meal. And that sauce you put with your potatoes with the jalapeno and lime? I literally could have eaten just that for dinner.

So. Freaking. Good.

After three meals that blew our socks off, we are now talking about continuing our subscription at 5 meals per week for 2 people, every other week.

I’m all about healthy, delicious meals, and in a world where both my husband and I work, making dinner can be a chore and super expensive. Between gathering the ingredients, portioning them out correctly and having to buy way more than we need just to make a recipe for two, making our own meals is a serious sore spot.

But I’ve discovered that with you, HelloFresh, cooking is easy because 90% of the prep work is done, everything is already gathered together and there is no waste in ingredients because you give us exactly what we need. You’ve taken the hassle out of cooking, and for that I’m thankful.

So the moral of this story is I think I can trust you – that is, until you give me a reason not to. And thank you for reminding me why food is my favorite hobby.



A new HelloFresh fan