Making the Case for Pawternity Leave


A little while back I did two separate articles about furbabies becoming part of the family. However, the one I want to direct you to is the What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Puppy Edition. Puppies are hard work, and while they grow up faster than human babies, they do have a fairly strict first […]

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Celebrity Instagram Accounts: Pet Edition 2

(Image Credit: Instagram @caradelevingne)

Whether people like to admit it or not, everyone is a little obsessed with a celebrity or two. But what could be better than famous people’s famous pets? Whether it’s the Obama’s dogs or Justin Bieber’s monkey, pets usually make the news. So here’s a peek at the pets you may not have seen yet. […]

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10 Ways Having a Dog is Like Having a Toddler

(Image Credit: jstaley4011)

Well guys, I’m treading on delicate territory. I’m entering a knife fight with a plastic fork and hoping that somehow I come out on the other side with minimal damage to my well-being. So let’s call it like it is: I’m comparing a dog, specifically my dog, to a child, and I know that’s a […]

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Featured: DIY Colorblock Scratching Post by A Beautiful Mess

I love cats. I have two of my own and I want more. I want all the cats, but my husband won’t let me. That being said, I do get to spend a lot of time doting on my cats. I like to buy them all the things they want – or rather, what I […]

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Keep Your Pup’s Mouth Healthy with Petsmile

Keep Your Pup's Mouth Healthy with Petsmile

  Animals are very important to me. Especially dogs, and especially my sweet (probably) maltipoo, Howie. Nothing beats seeing his happy smile. So imagine my surprise when, after years of taking Howie to the vet for his annual visits and hearing, “he should probably get his teeth cleaned at some point,” our new vet informed […]

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Quirky Item of the Week: Cosmic Catnip Bubbles

(Image Credit: Healthy Pets)

My fiancé has two cats, and I love them more than anything. People always think that cats are low-maintenance pets that don’t need much for toys or entertainment, but I love spoiling our kitties rotten. I buy basically any pet product that is funny or creative, which might be why I love the idea of […]

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The Best of Instagram: The Happiest Dogs on Insta Edition

(Image Credit: Goldenwoofs/Instagram)

When I’m having a bad day, or maybe just could use a little pick-me-up, there is one thing that never fails to make me smile: cute animals. Which is why the day I realized I could follow cute puppies on Instagram was an extremely happy day for me.

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Puppy Edition

(Image Credit: Phase4Photography)

It’s here and you’re excited. That’s right, you’ve taken the plunge into furparenthood (yes, it’s a word). You’ve done your research, you’ve found the perfect addition to your family, and you’ve nested the crap out of your living room. There’s a dog bed here, a big box of toys there, and you already know what […]

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The Hippest Hollywood Cat Ladies

(Image Credit: Keshaofficial / Instagram)

We all know (or are) those ladies who spend their days talking about their best friend and all the things they’ve done together. In the case of these women, their best friend just happens to be their cat. To prove that the most famous faces in Hollywood are more like us than we may think, […]

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The Coolest Quirky Pet Products

The Coolest Quirky Pet Products

One day, I’m going to become a crazy cat lady. I only have one cat, but I have names for the next six picked out in my head. It’s a problem. But, this problem allows me to understand those who want nothing but the finest for their little fur balls. Below are just a few […]

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The Best of Instagram: Cutest Dogs Edition

(Image Credit: @montethemaltese)

Oh, Instagram. I thank you for making my photos look better, but I don’t thank you for the never-ending stream of the same type of photos on my feed. Yes, the quality of those already beautiful flowers is really boosted with Valencia, and sure that millionth picture of a cup of coffee looks so good […]

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The Best of Instagram: Celebrity Pet Edition

Miley Cyrus (Image Credit: Miley Cyrus/Instagram)

When it comes to Instagram, the only thing better than pictures of the hottest stars are snapshots of their adorable pets! From Miley Cyrus to Ed Sheeran, we’ve got the scoop on some of your favorite celebs’ furriest friends.

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Our Top 5 Favorite Weird Pet Products

Dog Clothes (Image Credit: Flick User Stéfan)

For many people, pets aren’t just furry little friends. They are children with paws. And while almost every pet owner is guilty of spoiling their companion, there is no limit to the extent some people will go to to ensure their pet leads a life of luxury. With that in mind, it comes as no […]

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