How to understand your pet’s body language

Pug (Image Credit: Erin & Camera)

At some point or another, there’s a good chance you’ve wondered what your cat or dog is feeling or thinking. You aren’t an animal whisperer like Ceasar Millan or Jackson Galaxy on Animal Planet, so the best you can do is guess. You aren’t alone, because all parents of furry children sometimes feel frustrated that […]

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Quirky Item of the Week: Pet’s Eye View Camera

National Geographic Pet's Eye View Camera (Image Credit: National Geographic)

Have you ever wondered what your animals are up to while you’re out? Who knows, maybe Disney got it right all along. Who’s to say your cats aren’t jamming with a band of alley cats downtown, and your dog’s not sneaking out on late-night dinner dates with strays behind the bistro, sharing meatballs and spaghetti […]

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DIY Pet Pillow by Yellow Brick Home

Like most pet owners, I spend way too much time and money on my cats. Technically, they aren’t even my cats. They’re my boyfriend’s. But that doesn’t stop me from spoiling them with toys, constantly taking pictures of them and inserting their names into popular songs.

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Your First Time… Adopting a Pet

Adopting a Pet (Image Credit: Scarleth White)

As a pet-owner (verging on animal hoarder), caring for my animals has been enormously rewarding. It comforts me to know they have a home because of me. But then again, it is a serious commitment. Pets, by definition, are entirely dependent on their owners—physically, financially and for the rest of their lives. A pet should […]

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Etiquette for Taking Your Dog to Pet-Friendly Places

When taking your dog out in public, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and especially mindful of others. A good rule of thumb for practicing good etiquette is to remember that not everyone likes dogs. Often times, it’s fairly easy to tell when someone is a dog lover, like if […]

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How to Help Your Overweight Pet Shed the Extra Pounds

Whether you believe it or not, our pets are just as prone to obesity and weight gain as us humans. According to the RSCPA, between 22 and 24 percent of pets are overweight or obese. More serious though is what those excess pounds can mean for your pet.

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Would you… Try

Whether you’re going on a trip to Las Vegas or you’re just spending a few days with your sister who’s allergic to dogs, sometimes, you just can’t take Fido with you when you travel. Finding safe and affordable care for your pet can be difficult, so we want to know, would you try a service […]

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DOS and DON’TS of meeting and greeting unfamiliar animals

Meeting a Dog

The primary rule when interacting with an animal that isn’t yours is to ask the owner first, assuming the animal has an owner. When you’re meeting – or just greeting – a domesticated animal that isn’t yours, however, there are several other rules you might want to follow.

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A few reasons my cat is crazy, and what he’s taught me…

Pet Quirk: A few reasons my cat is crazy, and what he’s taught me…

My cat may be completely bipolar. Sweet, loving and a cuddle bug one minute, cross him and if he were human he’d spit in your face the next minute. Peter (aka Petey Pie, Peter the horrible, Pete-Pete and $%&?!!) has been in our home since he was 5 weeks old. One reason I think he’s […]

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Quirky Item of the Week: Japanese Nanotechnology Shark Pet Bed

If buying my dog a bed that makes it look he is being eaten by a shark is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I am not sure why I find the idea of this so amusing, but I must not be the only one if someone developed it, at least that’s what I […]

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It’s National Pit Bull Awareness Month!

In today’s piece, we are focusing on something very important – National Pit Bull Awareness Day! This began in 2007, started by Jodi Preis. On that day several years ago, over 150 events were held to educate others, and celebrate what a wonderful breed the American Pit Bull Terrier (and other bully breeds, Staffys, etc) […]

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Pet Quirk: Is your dog a breed ambassador?

I met one of the sweetest terrier mix dogs over the weekend. His owner said maybe Bull Terrier Lab cross, or Staffordshire Mix. Who knows, either way, too freakin’ adorable. What he did know was that his boy just loved to greet people; lives for affection. We were walking in our local park and this […]

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The breeds some people still won’t accept and why that needs to change!

Pit bull terriers, the breed some people love to hate. They can’t even articulate why they do, but it’s usually because of horror stories the news (which always tells the truth) or someone else told them. Their jaws lock, they are untrustworthy, you never know when they will just snap, they cannot be rehabilitated are […]

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