Easy Ways to Revitalize Your Hair!

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The 6 Natural Beauty Products You Need to Try!

Natural Beauty

Women want the world to believe that we are effortlessly, naturally, organically gorgeous.

From the once-ubiquitous “I woke up like this” to at least one woman claiming to subsist on light and air alone, we want to appear as though we do nothing more than flutter our eyelids open, splash our faces with morning dew, and bathe in water flown in by birds.


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7 Pinterest Hacks That Aren’t Worth It


There are some truly great Pinterest hacks out there. Where else would I go to figure out how to maximize my storage space or fix a broken bronzer? Along with the life-saving hacks out there, though, are the not-so-useful ones that seriously make me question the logic of people sharing their advice. To avoid trying out a hack that might do more damage than good, check out the below list.


Use cotton to lengthen eyelashes.

If you’ve ever gotten one of those irritating little strands of cotton in your eye, you’ll know that the absolute last thing you should be coating your eyelashes with is cotton. For the sake of your eyeballs, buy yourself a lengthening mascara and some false lashes and leave it at that.


Break off clips from the ends of hangers to use as bag clips.

I guess if you are really desperate for a clip to hold your chips together (is anyone ever though?), you could break off the clips on the ends of your hanger to use, but who really thought that this was efficient? Save your clip hangers for hanging your pants – it will be way cheaper and easier to just get a bag of clips intended for your food.


Mix cocoa powder with lotion for an instant fake tan.

I actually tried this one, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it’s not worth your time. I ended up with completely uneven streaks all over my body and a ruined container of lotion. This might work out ok if you spend hours mixing the lotion and blending into your skin, but you’re definitely better off with using something actually intended for fake tanning.


Make grilled cheese in the toaster by turning the toaster on its side.

Yeah, sure, if you want burnt cheese all over the sides of your toaster, go ahead and melt away. There are so many more efficient ways of melting cheese on toast that won’t end up with a mini fire, though, so maybe pass on this one.


Put a lighter to your eyelash curler before using for a longer-lasting curl.

Please do not try this at home. When I first heard someone suggest aiming your hair dryer at your eyelash curler before use to heat it up, the thought of hot metal near my eyes got me nervous, but actually bringing a flame to the curler for the sake of beauty? Not worth it.


Contour your face with utensils.

Why is this necessary? Aren’t there flat-edged brushes on the market made for this exact purpose? And why does a line so sharp it needs to be stenciled out with metal need to be drawn onto your face in the first place? Your utensils should stay in your kitchen, not in your makeup bag.


Create marble nails in water.

This is a nice idea in theory, but I can’t imagine this would end up with anything other than strangely mixed nail polish colors all over my hands… and probably furniture. I’ll leave the designs to the pros.


It’s definitely tempting to test out every Pinterest hack you come across, but please try to Pin wisely, and let us know what hacks you’ve come across that nobody should try!

5 Simple Ways to Break Your Nail-Biting Habit

(Image Credit: Freddie Peña)

(Image Credit: Freddie Peña)

Although it is the most common nervous habit, nail biting is actually a bigger problem than it seems at first glance. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also pose several health risks due to damage to teeth and nail beds. Continue reading

How to Pick Your Natural Blush Color

(Image Credit: lculig)

(Image Credit: lculig)

Looking effortlessly beautiful boils down to looking naturally healthy. A great way to pull off this look is with perfectly flushed cheeks. To get this appearance, we rely on blush to give us that flawless, rosy glow. But with so many colors to choose from, how do we pick the perfect shade to make us look luscious and not clownish? Let’s break down tips and tricks to figure out your perfect shade so you can look sexy and not silly.

Check yourself out after a good workout.

The best way to find out what your natural blush shade should be is to see your skin’s natural blush after a run or workout. Check out your cheeks in the mirror afterwards to see what color they pick up. If you have problems with turning into a tomato all over after a workout, this may not be the best bet, but for anyone who gets a light flush it is the perfect way to see your natural blush.

Pinch your cheeks.

A time-tested way to give yourself a natural blush, pinching your cheeks will make them react to show off what your natural flushed tone is. You don’t have to pinch hard; just a little along the apples of your cheeks will show what color your natural blush is. This is also an easy way to give color to your cheeks if you have no blush in sight.

Visit a makeup counter.

The makeup artists at the counter of your favorite store are trained to tell you the perfect tone for any type of makeup you are searching for. You can trust their judgment; they have hours of training and often times are certified makeup artists. You may also find the perfect new blush for you with their help.

Buy a blush palette.

For some of us, the only way to do things is through trial and error. If you have to see it to believe it, invest in a blush palette to see many shades of blush on your face. This can help you not only find the best natural blush but allow you to create many different looks.

Find a master makeup artist.

If you’re feeling flustered and can’t seem to hit the right shade, try finding a makeup artist who mixes their own products. Many lines of makeup, such as Motives, allow makeup artists to create custom blended products, making sure the shade is just right for you!

Finding the right blush doesn’t have to be such a struggle! With these tips and tricks, you can pick your natural blush color make sure to get the right flush for your face without too much hassle and time.


Originally posted on December 2, 2014.

Is It True? I’ve Been Using Bobby Pins Wrong, Since…FOREVER?!

While doing a search for an article on haircuts, I came across this post by Honey & Fitz about bobby pins and could not believe what I was reading! I use bobby pins to pull my bangs back while exercising or to keep the hair out of my face on a windy day. I use them for braids,  to create some volume, or to hold a messy bun in place. The list of uses for bobby pins really is endless. But… have I been using bobby pins the wrong way all this time? How hard can it be? There are only two choices!

Well, the answer is a big fat, yes! I have been using bobby pins for the right purposes, but the wrong way all this time. If you still use the good ol’ fashioned bobby pins (they have evolved in colors and shapes) with the grooves on one side, you will want to know the grooved side should never be facing out for the world to see! They are to be put in face down! The purpose of the grooves is to grip your hair and the flat side is meant to press the hair down into those groves.

Who knew? Not me, but I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has been using them the wrong way after reading the  Honey & Fitz post. It’s good to know I was not alone, but even better to know the right way to use these handy hair tools. I have already tried the proper way of using the pins to pull my bangs back and can report that if you follow suit,  you will not have to fix them or any other style you try for the rest of the day! What a life changer, in my case about 18 years late, but better late than never! You are welcome bobby pin fanatics!

Originally posted October 16, 2013.

Your First Time…Getting Your Legs Waxed

(Image Credit: Maegan Tintari)

(Image Credit: Maegan Tintari)

Brace yourself. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and, like they always say, don’t look down!

As the hot wax begins to coat your legs, you’re probably beginning to think either a. This can’t be too bad, right? Or b. This is absolutely the dumbest idea I have ever had (besides that one night during spring break…)

But do not chicken out because the benefits of waxing will rid you of all of your lingering hesitations. Summer will be here faster than you think and if you can tolerate just a little excruciating pain you can have Venus commercial-ready legs that would make Victoria’s Secret models jealous.

Hair removal from waxing typically will last up to three weeks. That is three whole weeks of razor-free showering. The time saved by taking shaving out of your morning routine is bound to give you an extra five minutes of beauty sleep, and we all know what wonders those five minutes can do.

Not to mention, you are stubble free for three whole weeks. No more embarrassing razor burn, in-grown hairs and thick, coarse hairs that could sand wood. Hair continues to grow back finer and sparser after each waxing.

Okay, so before you just waltz into the salon there are a few things to know first.

You will want to grow your hair out for at least two weeks, minimum. You will need your hair to be about as long as your pinky nail, which is around a quarter of an inch. So, you might want to postpone any leg-revealing skirts or dresses and cancel any dates you may have planned. Most men aren’t into the bushman look.

During the hair growth process, exfoliate your legs daily by taking a loofah to those gams. This will prevent in-grown hairs that could potentially pop up. It also will leave your legs flake free and smooth.

Waxing will be unpleasant the first few times since your skin is not used to the ripping sensation that occurs when you pull the wax off.  To avoid pulling a 40 Year-Old Virgin and screaming Kelly Clarkson’s name at the top of your lungs, you might want to invest in some pain relievers. Numbing creams and Advil can help ease the pain somewhat. Even if you think you have a high pain tolerance, keep in mind that waxing can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Ankles and shins always hurt a little more so you might squint a little tighter and let loose a little “ooh!” The knee is also another point of pain.  It may seem like they are trying to wax the skin off of them with the number of times they go over it, but the hair on the knee is very fine and requires a lot of wax.

(Image Credit: Crestock)

(Image Credit: Crestock)

Expect some redness and a little swelling; I mean you did just yank your hair right out of its root. It should subside in a few hours depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

If you have any kind of sunburn, rash or cut, wait until it goes away before getting waxed. It will not only be oh so painful, but it could cause some potentially dangerous infections.

While it is important to exfoliate and moisturize beforehand it is recommended to leave your skin alone for at least 48 hours after waxing. If bumps do happen to appear, avoid the urge to squeeze or tweeze. It will only make them worse! Try antiseptic ointment first.

Continue to wax every 4-6 weeks; the more consistent you are the less you have to go in. Hair grows on three different layers of skin, so the consistency will keep you smoother for longer. Once all the “cycles” of hair growth finally sync together, waxing will be a breeze.

One piece of advice: You may think you can be an in-home esthetician, but it can get messy. Ripping your hair off with hot wax is way easier when someone else is doing it. This is not something you want to learn the hard way!

Originally posted April 20, 2014.

Off the Runway and Down the Street: An Easy Way to be on Trend this Spring

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters, Free People)

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters, Free People)

Spring has finally sprung in most of the country; time to peel off the heavy layers and defrost our look.  We saw some killer looks for Spring 2016 on the runway and in the top fashion mags—here are some easy, wearable looks that will keep you right on trend without breaking the bank.


The Cold Shoulder

We’re seeing a lot of cool, off the shoulder looks this season.  It’s a subtle way to show a little skin all while creating major interest in a piece that instantly wows.

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)

(Image Credit: ASOS)

(Image Credit: ASOS)


(Image Credit: Free People)

(Image Credit: Free People)



All White Everything

White is a big color this season from head to toe.  We’re seeing a total revamp of the basic white shirt; textiles and designs that make it current and closet-worthy.

And “Damn, Daniel!” wasn’t wrong either!  He most definitely is ‘back at it again with the white Vans”… and you can be too!  White sneakers – especially white throwback sneakers and slip-on sneakers, are having a moment this season.

(Image Credit: H&M)

(Image Credit: H&M)

(Image Credit: Vans)

(Image Credit: Vans)












#TBT Sneaks

Speaking of all white sneakers, throwbacks are making a huge comeback for spring/summer 2016. Sneakers and slip-ons haven’t left the fashion scene; they just keep getting better.  It’s back to basics with the styles we lived for in the 90’s and the top brands are all over this—and nailing it! Not to mention, our feet have been comfortable for about 3 seasons straight now—we SO want this to keep going!

(Image Credit: Sketchers)

(Image Credit: Sketchers)

(Image Credit: Sketchers)

(Image Credit: Sketchers)



Mixed Media

A total mash-up of fabrics, textiles, and textures has entered the mix.   It’s not just leather and lace, it’s unique blends and creative looks that guarantee to stun.  Add interesting hemlines, ruffles, and/or stripes to the mix and you’ve hit the trifecta.

(Image Credit: Nordstrom)

(Image Credit: Nordstrom)

(Image Credit: TJ Maxx)

(Image Credit: TJ Maxx)



(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)



Come Suede with Me

Suede is another hot look for spring 2016.  Whether done in a slinky dress or a cool top, It’s one way to add texture to your wardrobe.  Find suede, or faux suede pieces done in a simple way that stretch your closet—wearable, mixable, and flattering.

(Image Credit: TJ Maxx)

(Image Credit: TJ Maxx)

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)











The Little Slinky Dress

This will become your go-to this season for a dressed up look or even a basic layering piece.  It skims the body so delicately, making it figure flattering and creating a beautiful neckline that will elongate the body.  Wear it as is with a cute sandal, or make it casual with a retro sneaker, OR throw a chambray shirt or denim jacket over for a daytime vibe.

(Image Credit: TJ Maxx)

(Image Credit: TJ Maxx)

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)












Backpacks on Backpacks

It’s settled! The backpack stays for spring/summer 2016 as women everywhere love this easy, fresh look.  Look for fun colors and feminine silhouettes to spark some interest in this easy to wear must have.

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)

(Image Credit: Urban Outfitters)

(Image Credit: TJ Maxx)

(Image Credit: TJ Maxx)


Save Face: Learn When to Toss Your Makeup

(Image Credit: Luca Fabbian)

(Image Credit: Luca Fabbian)

I love trying out new makeup. I can sometimes have three mascaras and ten lipsticks circulating at the same time. There’s no doubt that this makes for a more fun time getting ready, but it can also result in a product I’ve used only once or twice sitting around for a few years because I think that maybe I’ll really need that blue eyeshadow for a future occasion, or even just because I feel like I’m being wasteful if I get rid of it. If you’re anything like me in this regard, you probably have unnecessary clutter around your vanity, but even worse? You’re likely to have expired makeup lying around.

Didn’t know cosmetics have expiration dates? Many people don’t, but unfortunately it’s the truth. If you look on the bottom of a product, often times there will be an indication of how long it is okay to use. For example, you might see “2Y,” meaning two years, or “6M,” indicating that you need to toss it after six months. If your cosmetics don’t have clear expiration dates on them, check out this list as a general guideline to when you need to say goodbye to your beauty products.

Mascara: I’ve always heard that mascara should be used no more than about three months. You don’t want to mess with bacteria that might find its way in, and it tends to get dried out and clumpy after that point, anyway.

Lipstick and lip gloss: From a quick glance at my most-used lip products, the general suggestion seems to be to toss after one year.

Foundation and concealer: These are typically fine to use for a year, but sometimes the advised expiration date is after only six months.

Eyeshadow: Mine range from one to two years, which is pretty painful since I’ll never make it through an entire eyeshadow palette in that time.

Face powders: Like eyeshadows, the rule of thumb is one to two years. This means setting powder, blush, bronzer, and the like all need to be used up in 24 months.

Liners and pommades: Six months to a year is the time frame you should stick to. Not only are they also more prone to bacteria since they are used around the eyes, but they are some of the quickest to dry out and stop working properly.

I know it hurts to throw away that beautiful, ridiculously overpriced Chanel foundation, but expired products just don’t work like they should—I can’t be the only one who’s shaken up a separated foundation in hopes of giving it new life. On a more positive note, this gives you every reason to make a Sephora trip without an ounce of guilt! It’s time to toss that forgotten makeup pile and get shopping.

5 Pizza Inspired Accessories for The Pie-Lover in Your Life

(Image Credit: Dolls Kill)

(Image Credit: Dolls Kill)

How awesome is pizza? So awesome, right? Well, as much as you may love it, there’s always someone in your life that loves it even more. Like, two to three times a day kind of love. So why not get them awesome for their birthday or even Valentine’s Day! It’s coming up soon! Here are a few ideas to get you started on the right pizza-centered track.

Pizza Necklace

What’s a better way to express their love for pizza than wearing it around their neck and keeping it close to their heart?


Pizza Sleeping Bag

It’s pretty pricey, but how awesome would it be to bring this awesome sleeping bag on camping trips or sleepovers? Pretty dang awesome is the answer.


Pastel Pizza Earrings

Is there a pizza lover in your life that’s pretty girly and likes cutesy things? Then these earrings are perfect for them! From far away, they barely even look like pizza!


Pizza Scarf
With winter fully upon us, what better way to keep warm than this adorable scarf? It even comes in a cute pizza box!


Pizza shirt

Do you have a pizza loving not-so-friendly friend that needs a gift this year? This shirt is sure to make them smile at least a little!


Well, there you have it. Just a few ideas to get you started as you search the internet for seemingly never ending pizza accessories. Good luck in your shopping and may the Pizza Gods smile down upon you!

5 Ways to Instantly ‘Fake’ Whiter Teeth

(Image Credit: Kegfire)

(Image Credit: Kegfire)

We’ve all been there—getting all dolled up and feeling really good about ourselves until we flash one last smile in the mirror… not the pearly whites we were expecting to see.  Then our minds go into snowball thinking.  “Too much coffee; never bought those white stripes; did I brush after all that red wine?”  Surely if we had a brighter smile we’d feel totally confident, but how can we erase those stains fast, like, right this second?  We can’t BUT we can ‘fake’ it ‘till we make it.

Here are 5 easy ways to instantly fake a whiter smile:


Quick brush with a BLUE toothpaste

Remember the color wheel in art class?  Blue sits directly across from yellow/orange – so the two cancel each other out.  Using a fast whitening blue toothpaste will cancel out a layer of color making your teeth look whiter in just one use.  I like Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste.


Dress in darker colors

Creating a stronger contrast between your outfit and your smile can instantly make your teeth appear brighter.  Wearing something in the white family can make your teeth look dull or yellowed.  Opt for darker colors- navy, black, etc.  The large contrast in color will make your teeth (and eyes!) look brighter.


Bronzer is a girl’s best friend

Ever notice that when you have a fresh tan your teeth look super white?  Again, it’s all about contrasting colors.  If you’re feeling a little pale, give a light sweep of bronzer to the areas where the sun would touch you first (top of forehead, cheek bones, nose, and chin) for a natural sun-kissed glow.


Hues of Blue

The next two tips are for the lips.  Applying the right lip color is key since it will directly contrast your teeth (if done properly).  Find shades of pink or red or berry that best work with your skin tone and then make sure they have blue undertones.  This also means looking for ‘cool’ tones.   There are two types of undertones in cosmetics: warm or cool.   Warm tones are your yellows and oranges.  Cool tones are your blues.   Finding blue tones means spotting the colors that seem cool, without the presence of any orange or yellow.  MAC’s Ruby Woo has been a cult favorite for years.


Finishing Gloss

Finish off your total look with a blue lip gloss.  Yup, I said BLUE lip gloss.  Don’t worry; you won’t walk around looking like you just devoured a blue raspberry slushie.  Blue glosses are tinted blue but appear clear when applied.  This finishing touch will totally make your smile appear whiter.   Creator of IT Cosmetic, Jamie Kern Lima, created this blue lip gloss because she was a News Anchor and knew how important a white smile was for the TV business (and knew the secrets to getting one!).   If you’re looking for the appearance of fuller lips AND a whiter smile, try DuWop Blue Venom Lip Gloss.


With these 5 easy tips, bring the confidence back to your smile—it is your best accessory 😉

5 Easy Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

(Image Credit: Denis Komarov)

(Image Credit: Denis Komarov)

The ‘au natural’ look has been and will always be a classic look in the world of beauty.  To me, there’s nothing better than letting your own beautiful features stand out. We are currently deep into a time of some really cool, edgy makeup trends, which are awesome, but not every occasion calls for a dramatic winged eyeliner, contour, and eyebrows on fleek. Instead, here are some tips to achieve that “I woke up like this” look for the more dressed down occasions. (If you already wake up looking like this, major kudos girl, but for the rest of us, take notes.)

Start with a Light Base

Going au natural does not involve using ‘full coverage’ anything. Instead you’ll want to use a light to medium coverage (preferably powder) foundation to gently sweep across your face. A tinted moisturizer, CC or BB cream is perfect too. With a light base, we are aiming to cover any imperfections, redness, and color correct without layering it on. Freckles and beauty marks should still be seen! Test the color on your wrist—that skin is the most similar to your face so you’ll get the closet color match for a natural base.

Born-With Brows

Many of us have suffered from having OPB at some point of our lives. That’s “Over-Plucked Brows.”  They never grow back the same and definitely leave patches that we must fill in, right?  Going au natural means none of that airbrushed, perfectly even brow game we’ve been playing.  Use a brow powder and brush or a brow gel (one with added fibers is even better) to lightly brush through your natural brow shape.  Always use a shade lighter than your brows. Brush brows upward and secure in place with clear mascara. The messy look is super cute and remember, they’re sisters—not twins!


Keep the colors simple and light on your lids – as close to your natural skin color as possible, with no sparkles or shimmer. Go a little lighter on the inner lid and then a couple shades darker in your crease. Blend!

Simple Liner

Use a shade of brown eyeliner (black if you have black hair) and brush it gently along the lash line. You will barely see it, but this will fill in your lashes and add a subtle finish to the eye. A thick line will not do and be sure to keep the bottom lash line clear!


Use a lash curler and a lighter shade of mascara (black if you have black hair).  Apply one coat on the top and one on the bottom. We’re not going for dramatic lashes here.  We’re not going for dramatic anything, really, just beautiful, natural you. This will give a little fullness to your lashes and extend them without being too much.

Sweep of Color

Gently brush a baby pink blush or a light matte bronzer on the apples of your cheeks. This works to bring out a little color in your face that looks like a natural glow.

Pouty Lips

Find a tinted gloss or tinted balm in a shade similar to but just a touch darker or pinker than your own lips. Along with the simplicity of makeup, this will make your lips appear pouty and luscious.

All of these techniques call for gentle and subtle touches.  Remember, you are just highlighting the natural beauty you were born with.  Stick to neutral shades and matte finishes.  You will be surprised at how quickly you can achieve this look that this might turn into your new go-to makeup routine.   Good luck, beauties!

Fashionable Coats that Won’t Break the Bank

(Image Credit: Topshop)

(Image Credit: Topshop)

We can all finally stop with the “winter is coming” puns, because guess what? Winter is finally here! Although it might not feel like it with all the abnormally warm weather, the season is upon us. This means it’s time to ready your cold-weather gear. Not prepared? No problem! Check out these coats for something trendy that won’t break the bank, all coming in under $200.

1. Bomber

Bomber jackets are everywhere this season. This green one from ASOS will add warmth while still keeping your outfit looking sporty.

2. Wrap

Wrap coats are a super easy way to dress up an outfit and look put together when you might not be underneath. Throw it on, tie, and you’re set! Check out this versatile wrap coat from H&M.

3. Parka

There’s no reason you should have to sacrifice warmth for fashion. Parkas that cinch in at the waist are a great option if you don’t want to completely lose your figure! This parka from American Eagle has an extra cozy faux fur collar.

4. Faux Fur

Speaking of faux fur: it’s warm and fuzzy and feels like you’re wearing a blanket out in public. What’s not to love? Get full-on faux fur for a less than full-on price from TJ Maxx.

5. Cape

Capes are very on trend at the moment. They might seem tricky to pull off at first, but stick to one with neutral colors and a basic pattern, like this one from ASOS, and you’ll have no problem.

6. Faux Suede

Faux suede jackets look luxurious and can be worn in a ton of different ways. This one from Nordstrom in a charcoal brown is perfect to throw over any outfit.

7. Trench

You can never go wrong with a classic trench coat. They can be dressed up or down and look great with just about anything. This Calvin Klein trench is a small investment for a coat that will never go out of style.

8. Duster

If you’re a fan of menswear-inspired styles, a duster coat is the choice for you. The structured, boxy silhouette of this one from Topshop is balanced out by a softer wool fabric.

9. Biker

A good [p]leather biker jacket never goes out of style. The quilted material on this Topshop biker jacket adds interest while still keeping an edgy vibe.

10. Fringe

Feeling more western-inspired? A fringe jacket like this on-trend suede jacket from Forever 21 might be for you. It’s not the warmest option on the list, but it will definitely add a whole new dimension to a look.

Let us know which of these styles are must-have items for you, and hurry up and grab a new winter coat (or maybe a few) before it gets too cold out!

AshleeeyBash: Niall Horan + Selena Gomez?! #VSFashionShow. Saint West! Oh, my!

(Image Credit: Ashley Bulayo / The Daily Quirk)

(Image Credit: Ashley Bulayo / The Daily Quirk)

It’s December 9 (AKA CHRISTMAS IS REALLY SOON) and THIS is what’s been happening allover my feed lately. We got the whole Niall + Selena rumors, Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Remakes, Saint West AND MORE. Thanks for letting me do this guys. THIS IS AWESOME.