What’d They Say? 5 Great Songs with Indecipherable Lyrics

"Work It" Music Video (Image Credit: WMG)

This article is inspired by a YouTube comment. (Great opening, I know.) I was spending Friday night drinking grapefruit seltzer and watching YouTube videos, specifically my new summer jam and best use of the word BRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAATTTTT of 2016, Panda. (NSFW) Advertisements

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‘Mirror in the Sky’ Blog Tour: Tara’s Playlist


In Aditi Khorsan’s Mirror in the Sky, Tara, who has always felt like something of an outcast at her private school full of students both richer and whiter than her, has her life flipped upside-down when Terra Nova, an “alternate” Earth is discovered. Tara’s social life changes drastically, and the existence of Terra Nova causes shifts in […]

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The Best of Early 2000’s Celebrity Break-Up Songs

"Cry Me a River" (Image Credit: Zomba Recording LLC)

Taylor Swift might be the reigning Queen of the break-up song when it all goes sour but she ain’t the only one to pen a song about a nasty break-up. Celebs have been airing their dirty laundry for all to hear via their music for a long time! Sometimes it even ends in a war, […]

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5 Times Max Martin Made Me Love a Song By an Artist I Don’t

(Image Credit: Aleksandar Mijatovic)

Max Martin is not really a household name, but if you’re a fan of pop music, you’re probably familiar with him. The Swedish songwriter & producer has crafted a gigantic amount of hit songs for an eclectic variety of artists, from the Backstreet Boys early in his career to The Weeknd more recently. What’s fascinating […]

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What’s the Big Deal About…Marina and the Diamonds?

(Image Credit: Instagram @marinagrams)

Marina and The Diamonds is a singer popular for hits like Primadonna and Oh No!, the latter of which was featured on the Nintendo game Just Dance 4. She describes herself and her music style as an “indie artist with pop goals.” Her style of music has attracted many, but her style as a person […]

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#FreeKesha: The Outpouring of Support

(Image Credit: Instagram, iiswhoiis)

Last week after Kesha’s trial, it was ruled that Sony would not terminate her contract with Dr. Luke. We saw videos of the pop star breaking down in tears and our collective heart broke for her. But soon after, there was an outpouring of support not just from fans, but from celebrities, too. After the […]

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When Artists Go Solo: Is It Worth It?

(Image Credit: @zayn Instagram)

It’s been almost a year since Zayn Malik left One Direction and with his new song “Pillowtalk” topping the charts and the video catching just about everyone’s attention (Have you seen it yet? It’s mesmerizing), it’s got me wondering, is going solo worth it? Here are just a few things Zayn and countless other artists […]

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Top 5 Songs to Get You Through a Breakup

(Image Credit: patronestaff)

With Valentine’s Day almost a month away from us, what could be better than a list of songs to belt in your car alone on your way to get greasy fast food in hopes of curing that feeling of emptiness? …No? Just me? Okay. At least I know the people that have gone through recent […]

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Ashleeeybash: Red Starbucks Cups. Expensive Meet & Greets! CLIP-ON MAN BUNS?!

(Image Credit: Ashley Bulayo / The Daily Quirk)

Weird and much random topics but look, this is all over my feed and this needed to be addressed. There’s the cup controversy (when it really isn’t that big of a deal), the crazy expensive meet and greets and clip-on man buns. Yes, clip-on man buns are a real thing. Do not ask me why. […]

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5 Benefits of Learning That Instrument You’ve Always Wanted To Play

(Image Credit: Sergey Nivens)

Everyone could use a little more music. Heck, I’d go as far as to say without music, life can get…flat. *ba-dum tshh* But, seriously. Ask anyone: “What instrument do you wish you played?” I guarantee that they’ll have an answer for you. Then they’ll probably follow it up with, “Bu it’s too late now – […]

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Breaking down the new Pentatonix self-titled album track by track

Breaking down the new Pentatonix self-titled album track by track

  I don’t even know how to start this article without saying if you haven’t bought this album yet, drop what you’re doing and go buy it. Pentatonix released their first, almost all original album on Oct. 16 which, depending on the version you bought, boasted 13 to 20 songs. They released three different versions […]

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What We’ve Been Listening To: October 2015

What We've Been Listening To: October 2015

Looking for a little something new to add to your go-to playlist? Wondering what tunes we can’t stop playing on repeat? We’ve got you covered! Check out what we’ve been listening to this month for music recommendations from your friends at The Daily Quirk. Happy Listening!

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A Personal Ranking of Britney Spears’ Albums

Let me preface this write-up with the disclaimer that I am in no way a music expert, but I would like to think of myself as someone that could, in another lifetime, be best friends with Britney Spears. I mean, I have grown up with this girl. I went to Catholic school. I love Titanic […]

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A Breakdown of Taylor Swift’s Squad

(Image Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram)

Alright, alright, alright. If you follow me on Twitter, you can see just how much I wish I was part of Taylor Swift’s squad. Seriously. Taylor has created a group that defines #SquadGoals. But, to be honest, I can’t even keep up with who’s actually in the squad or who’s just a special guest. That […]

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