Is Your Computer Making You Sick?

(Image Credit: Ray Smith)

We are living in a technology-obsessed society. Even those who argue they aren’t obsessed, I bet they won’t deny they need their gadgets. These days, phones and tablets are doubling as computers as everyone is on the go, trying to get their fill of information and entertainment. But what some don’t know is how much […]

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r/Showerthoughts takes on the ‘Important’ Questions about Apartment Living


The solace of the shower is one of the few moments in life when our attention is not trained on a smart device. Without the pixelized stimulation we’re accustomed to, our brains tend to turn to life’s great questions for entertainment and nothing illustrates this better than r/Showerthoughts, a subreddit where people post- you guessed it, […]

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5 Reasons You Should Check Out ‘Mystery Show’

(Image Credit: Gimlet Media)

I’d like to know the statistic for how many new podcasts are started daily. I’m willing to bet it’s at least double digits. Anyone with a voice and a microphone can create a podcast these days, which is lovely in the sense that you can literally find anything you’re looking for…but it makes it hard […]

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7 Pinterest Hacks That Aren’t Worth It


There are some truly great Pinterest hacks out there. Where else would I go to figure out how to maximize my storage space or fix a broken bronzer? Along with the life-saving hacks out there, though, are the not-so-useful ones that seriously make me question the logic of people sharing their advice. To avoid trying […]

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How to Pretend You Haven’t Googled Someone Before a Date

(Image Credit: pathdoc)

There’s a lot that can be said about the ability to Google someone before a date. If you’ve met them online or through a dating app, this can be the best way to make sure they are who they say they are. Safety aside, it can be hard to not search out of blatant curiosity. […]

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Technolove or Tech = No Love? That is the Question

(Image Credit: astrosystem)

Technology has turned communication on its head. I no longer live in a world where people casually converse with the person ahead of them at the grocery store. Instead, you will find a series of people with their heads down and thumbs avidly keying a screen that illuminates their face while sending society into a […]

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The Top 3 Episodes of ‘Between Two Ferns’

(Image Credit: Funny or Die)

Between Two Ferns is a Funny or Die production hosted by Zach Galifianakis. The show has some off-color humor and is not the normal style of  interviewing of celebrities we’re used to. Most talk shows joke around and ask about a celebrity’s personal life and career, while Between Two Ferns has Zach attempting to poke […]

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Quirky Item of the Week: Plant Nanny App

(Image Credit: FourDesire)

Imagine the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Multiply it by ten. Are you imagining something absolutely, incredibly adorable? Yes? Good. Now let me ask you this: Does this little bundle of joy you’ve got conjured up in your head also help you stay healthy? Oh… It doesn’t? But now you’re probably starting to think that […]

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The Top 5 People Dominating Vine

The Top 5 People Dominating Vine

How often have you been scrolling Tumblr or Twitter and seen a Vine star that you know you’ve seen more than once? I know I personally find myself scrolling through Vine when I can’t sleep and next time I look up, it’s 2 a.m. For six-second videos, they sure can take up a lot of […]

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5 Apps Every Woman Needs on Her Phone

5 Apps Every Woman Needs on Her Phone

According to a ton of studies, women spend around 8-10 hours on their phone a day. With that much time spent, why not spend it on something productive? Here are a few apps that could benefit women whether it be through organization, safety, or just plain fun.   Period Tracker There are thousands of apps […]

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See What It’s Like to Be a Supermodel with Karlie Kloss’s ‘Klossy’

Karlie Kloss is a world-famous supermodel, fashion icon and Girl Squad member all-in-one. The mega star has found herself thrust into the spotlight thanks to her successful modeling campaigns with companies like Victoria’s Secret and Dior, just to name a couple. Kloss has recently been seen strutting the catwalks at various fashion weeks, as well […]

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Ashleeeybash: Socalitybarbie pokes fun at social media & I don’t blame her!

(Image Credit: Socality Barbie/Instagram)

Let’s be real. There will always be someone trying to be internet famous SOMEHOW whether it be through a viral fail video or Instafamous all because of their epic photos. I came across the IG handle “socalitybarbie” who basically pokes fun at it all. Just remember, not everything is as it seems on screen.

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New Bumble Dating App Puts the Ball in the Ladies’ Court

Alright all my single ladies. It has happened. Technology has put the ball in our court! You’re probably thinking, “What in the world is she talking about?” Well, let me explain. The other day I was watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Noah’s guest was Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe. At first, I had […]

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Watching Life Through Screens

(Image Credit: Bibi)

This era of human history is all about “the screen.” We love our smartphones, tablets, touch screen watches and laptops, and we love to share every moment of our lives through these devices and the wonderfully addictive apps that come along with them. And that’s fine. We’re all guilty of it. But it poses a […]

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