Get Your Life Together

(Image Credit: Ashley Campbell)

It’s easy to agonize about the state of one’s life and how much better things would be if one could just “get it together.” Clean up the mess of life and keep it neat and tidy. But “getting your life together” isn’t easy. There are times when such a feat may not even seem possible. […]

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Commuting Essentials for the First Timer

(Image Credit: Florian Lehmuth)

Whether you’re traveling by bus, bike, or train, being a first-time commuter can feel a bit overwhelming. Not only do you need to make sure you don’t show up to work unprepared, but you also will want to bring along some travel essentials to make your commute more enjoyable. Here are a few items that […]

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The Best Tips for Finding a Job

(Image Credit: Michael Jung)

Finding a job isn’t easy. Although unemployment rates were only at 6.3 percent in the month of May, it still seems like obtaining a job after graduation (or at any stage in life) is getting much more difficult. You spend day in and day out on job sites applying for jobs that just barely meet […]

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Life After College: It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

(Image Credit: Minerva Studio)

So, you’re walking across the stage at your college graduation, preparing yourself to receive that diploma you worked your ass off for (give or take) four years to get. It’s such an exciting time! It really is, so drink it in! Because shortly after obtaining that certification, the door to adulthood swings open and before […]

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How to Handle Mistakes at Work

As Miley Cyrus once said, “Everybody makes mistakes/Everybody has those days.” And in fact, we have all had “those days.” Probably quite a few of them if we’re being honest.  It’s pretty easy to be truthful about doing something wrong if you’re the only one affected. No one but you will really care you botched […]

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10 Ways to De-Stress at Work!

We’ve all had those days at work or class when it seems hard to focus — we feel tired, a bit cranky for no apparent reason and stressed to the max over lengthy to-do lists. Whether you’re feeling hungry, tired, irritated or overwhelmed, there are several ways to chill out and relax at work. These […]

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Confessions of a Waitress

Waitress (Image Credit: Andres Rodriguez)

Two years ago I was having a conversation with two of my regulars at the family style restaurant I work at. They were making their third visit of the weekend (seriously, they’ve become like family) and I was on the verge of a major hissy fit. It had been an afternoon filled with bad tippers […]

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Signs You’re Working Too Hard…

Stress (Image Credit: Sara V.)

Whether you’re a student, an employee, an artist, an athlete, a parent or anything else, you’ve probably got a lot of work to do. And sure, that comes with the territory of being a responsible human being, but sometimes we human beings take it too far. The line between working and overworking is very thin […]

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Ways to Keep Your Desk Clutter Free

Clutter Free Desk (Image Credit: Dave Fayram)

A desk is a great place to get your work done, but just like everything else, it’s hard keeping it neat and tidy. And when your desk is a disorganized mess, it can be hard to stay focused and get things accomplished. You can’t find what you need, you get distracted and you can get […]

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Quirky Item of the Week: Nessie Push Pins

Nessie Push Pins (Image Credit: SUCK UK)

I know at least two people who would like Perpetual Kid’s Nessie Push Pins – me and How I Met Your Mother’s Marshall Ericksen. If, like Marshall, you want to capture the real Loch Ness Monster, these pins might not quite cut it, but I think they come awesomely close. Made up of four sections, […]

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5 Things you shouldn’t do at your office holiday party

Office Holiday Party (Image Credit: Tal Revivo)

The holiday season has officially arrived and for those with jobs, a relaxing break is definitely due. As the days off from work are fast approaching, so is the annual company holiday party! In the same way that family and friends recognize the holidays with a celebration, the workplace does too. Office parties can certainly […]

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Ways to Make Mondays More Bareable!

A Case of the Mondays (Image Credit: Thomas Nielsen)

It seems like we’re always waiting until the weekend; and when it comes, it leaves just as quickly. After a two-day grace period of rest, partying or whatever else goes down over the weekend, on Sunday you’re left with the sad truth that tomorrow is of course Monday. Unlike the rest of the days in […]

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How to start being more assertive at work today!

Be Assertive (Image Credit: Flickr User Victor1558)

We’ve come a long way from learning how to deal with bullies on the playground in 5th grade. The workplace playground becomes a lot more complicated when you’re trying to find the balance between steamrolling others and being steamrolled yourself. Developing a little bit of a backbone is something of a challenge for most. For […]

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Your First Time… Going on a Job Interview

Job Interview (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media)

You’ve gotten the interview, but you’re not out of the woods just yet! Being given the opportunity to interview for a job can be both exciting and extremely intimidating. Interviews can be nerve-wracking; but with the proper preparation, attitude, and tips, you’ll be more successful in impressing your potential employer. Here are my top tips […]

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