How to Make Long Distance Friendships Last

How to Make Long Distance Friendships Last

If there is one expression I have found to be true over the years, it is “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Getting older means that your circle of friends broadens and goes from those friends you grew up with to friends from college, friends from work, friends of friends, and a thousand other unique situations. This is both a wonderful and difficult thing. Adults are far more mobile than childhood friends. Some of us move far from our hometowns. Others travel, or get relocated for work. The likelihood of some distance being put between you and some of your friends is most likely, unfortunately, inevitable. Continue reading

Your First Time: Getting a Bikini Wax

Your First Time... Getting a Bikini Wax

Ladies, let’s face it. We all hate taking the time to shave and still not being able to get every spot we wanted! If you’re looking to spend some extra time on the beach this summer and want to look fresh and clean, a bikini wax might just be the best option for you! I just got my first-ever bikini wax at the start of the summer, and I’ve got some tips to share with you about how to handle your first time!

Make sure you’re comfortable with whomever is doing the wax.

Being comfortable with the person makes the whole situation a little easier. My woman was super awesome and made me feel very comfortable with her so I didn’t have much of a problem baring it all. This is not to say that it wasn’t awkward, because anytime someone is heading toward your area with a pan of hot wax is by no means normal. But what is normal when it comes to our beauty routines anyway?

Test a spot first!

I had to turn to threading my eyebrows because I had such bad reactions to wax so I was nervous about waxing down there. I went about a week before my scheduled appointment and had her do a test patch. I felt way more comfortable with the process knowing that she had already tested a small area and I had no reaction!

Just to be clear: it will hurt.

It will f***ing hurt. The pain really sucks but goes away almost instantly and really doesn’t seem too bad in the grand scheme of things. I had no problems walking around, sitting, or using the bathroom immediately afterwards. If possible, wear loose clothing like a maxi dress or skirt so you don’t have tight pants to put on after.


The anticipation of the pain plus the awkwardness may be worse than the actual waxing itself. I know when someone is coming at your vajayjay with some hot wax the natural reaction is to tense up, but that will only make it worse! Breathe. You’ll get through it.

Baby oil is your savior!

Make sure you ask for baby oil before you get dressed! The oil gets rid of any residual wax that may be left over. Even if you don’t see wax there, rub it down with baby oil anyway because it hurts so much worse when your undies or pants get stuck to it when you’re trying to change later!

Moral of the story: if you are sick of shaving constantly and don’t want anymore hair down there, waxing is definitely a good choice. It hurts, but the pain subsides very quickly and it’s well worth the pain for weeks of being hair-free!

Why I Love Being Single


I was born to write this article. I’m confident enough to even say that this is something that should be written on my tombstone. I love being single. Of course, I get those “Oh, aren’t you lonely?” “Don’t you want a boyfriend?” questions and remarks. Trust me, I’ve dedicated a whole YouTube video to it, which I suggest you watch if you haven’t yet. Anyway, do I care? No. Is it annoying? Yeah, but you live with it. I always anticipate questions or concerns coming from left and right since it seems to be most people’s life duty to find a mate in life. YOU DO YOU, BOO BOO. YOU GO GET HER/HIM, GLEN COCO.

But for me? I’m living and enjoying that single life for as long as I can. I’ve dated, sure…in high school. I’ve had multiple crushes in life but never did anything about it because I’m a wimp. TBH, I’ve been single for pretty much all my life. Are we going to include middle school relationships? No, because are those REAL relationships? Not really. Those are the relationships where you’re like: “Alright, see you at school tomorrow. I’m awkward and in my growing stage. OK. Let’s hold hands.”

The thing that gets me the most is that people think that being single is a curse or you’re just so unhappy. News flash! I’m 99.9% sure I wouldn’t be able to do so many things in my life if I had a significant other. I’m enjoying making my own decisions, learning how to be OK with going to things alone and accepting the fact I’ll always be the third/fifth/seventh wheel in any dating situation.

Being single lets me have FUN. I can go talk to whoever I want without the necessary feeling that someone back home is judging me because I’d be considering cheating on them. My friends pass me to the cute guys since they know for a fact they can’t go after them. (Cue the How I met Your Mother: “Haaaaave you met Ashley?) You could be that one friend who is able to go places while your coupled friends respond, “Oh, I wish I could but we already made plans with so and so.” WELL, your loss.

You build a thicker skin when you’re single. You’re gonna have to learn how to go to things by yourself and not feel like the ultimate loser in the room for not bringing anyone with you but it’s the price you pay. Heck, some people will look up to you for being so confident about yourself which is something I would never take back….Unless Chris Evans changes the game and suddenly wants to date me, but I digress.

Another reason being single is awesome is knowing the attention I would have given to someone I was dating is solely going to my family, friends and dog. My dog gets his own category. I’m focused on building my bonds with my close ones and I’m okay with knowing I’ll be the shoulder people cry on when they’re going through a hard time with THEIR boyfriend or girlfriend. I probably give the worst advice ever but at least they know I’m there to just listen.

So don’t think the single life is the worst life. Go by my motto: SINGLE LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE. But again, if Chris Evans knocks at my door, I’ll drop all of this in a heartbeat and marry him right then and there.

The Importance of Good Sleep and How to Get It!

(Image Credit: Rachel Titiriga)

(Image Credit: Rachel Titiriga)

Today I want to address a problem which is definitely an issue for many people in their day-to-day life (including mine!). Sleep. Sleep is essential for life; it allows our bodies to recuperate, it gives us the energy for the next day, and it gives our brains time to process all of the information we absorb each day.  Plus we tend to feel a bit under the weather and start getting snappy when we haven’t had enough. Most sources suggest that not getting enough sleep for a prolonged period of time can be detrimental to health – it can leave you with extra stress, lack of energy and even weight gain. But getting enough sleep, and satisfying sleep at that, is easier said than done. Continue reading

The Best and Worst Cities for Staycations 2016

The Best and Worst Cities for Staycations 2016

I don’t know about you, but I tend to think a “staycation” can be just as fun, if not even more awesome than an actual trip. Think about it. No airports, no lost luggage and no possibility of bedbugs (unless you have a problem at home, and if that’s the case you should be reading an article how to get rid of bedbugs instead of this one). If you’re among the many Americans considering a staycation this summer, WalletHub’s recent report on 2016’s Best & Worst Cities for Staycations might peak your interest.

The number crunchers at WalletHub compared the country’s 150 largest cities across 28 key metrics, including movie and bowling costs, golf courses, frozen-yogurt shops and spas per capita, and the cost of house-cleaning services to come up with a comprehensive ranking of staycation spots.

Topping the list as some of the best staycations spots are, not surprisingly, also some of the top travel destinations including: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, Florida and more unexpected spots like Salt Lake City, Utah and Scottsdale, Arizona. Even more surprising are some of the cities ranked worst for staycations including: New York, New York and Los Angeles, California.

Some of the most fun facts from the study include the following:

  • New Orleans has the most museums per 100,000 residents, 23.34, which is 79 times more than in Aurora, Colo., the city with the fewest, 0.29.
  • Seattle has the most coffee shops per 100,000 residents, 109.43, which is nearly 30 times more than in Laredo, Texas, the city with the fewest, 3.67.
  • Orlando, Fla., has the most ice-cream and frozen-yogurt shops per 100,000 residents, 57.15, which is 13 times more than in Detroit, the city with the fewest, 4.31.
  • Buffalo, N.Y., has the lowest bowling costs, $3.09, which is nearly four times less expensive than in New York City, the city with the highest, $12.28.

Check out the lists of the top 10 best and worst cities for staycations below and visit WalletHub for the full ranking, metric used and more fun staycation facts!

Best Cities for Staycations Worst Cities for Staycations
1 Orlando, FL 141 Fremont, CA
2 Fort Lauderdale, FL 142 Chesapeake, VA
3 Tampa, FL 143 Los Angeles, CA
4 Salt Lake City, UT 144 Fresno, CA
5 Scottsdale, AZ 145 Fort Worth, TX
6 Atlanta, GA 146 Yonkers, NY
7 Las Vegas, NV 147 Santa Ana, CA
8 Minneapolis, MN 148 New York, NY
9 St. Petersburg, FL 149 Oxnard, CA
10 Honolulu, HI 150 Chula Vista, CA


5 Tips for Good Gym Etiquette


There seems to be an unspoken “gym etiquette” code that some gym goers understand, while others seem to have missed the memo. But what are some of these unspoken rules? Continue reading

Is Your Computer Making You Sick?

(Image Credit: Ray Smith)

(Image Credit: Ray Smith)

We are living in a technology-obsessed society. Even those who argue they aren’t obsessed, I bet they won’t deny they need their gadgets. These days, phones and tablets are doubling as computers as everyone is on the go, trying to get their fill of information and entertainment. But what some don’t know is how much these devices are turning into vices, as they are beginning to affect various parts of our health. Continue reading

Making the Case for Pawternity Leave


A little while back I did two separate articles about furbabies becoming part of the family. However, the one I want to direct you to is the What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Puppy Edition. Puppies are hard work, and while they grow up faster than human babies, they do have a fairly strict first couple of weeks that you need to follow.

This includes early morning potty breaks, crate training, teaching them the boundaries and easing them into their new environment. They also have several vet visits that need to happen very soon after they turn eight weeks old. Of course, this doesn’t have to stop at puppies, it can also include kittens, and new adoptions from a shelter in both the canine and feline realm.

All that extra work that comes with a new pet can really throw you off your groove, and when you’re set in your ways it can be exhausting. When you’re exhausted, your work will suffer and your mood will suffer, and that’s never a good thing. So I want to talk about a little concept that our wonderful friends from across the pond are starting to slowly introduce in some professional places.

The concept is fairly simple. You’ve heard of maternity and paternity leave before; you get a specific amount of time off to care, love and recover from bringing a new baby home. Well, imagine when you got a new furbaby, you could go to your employer and ask for a few days off to acclimate the new animal and get used to the new schedule you’re going to have.

In a purr-fect pun, this concept for your new furbaby addition is called pawternity leave, and I think we over here in the States need to hurry up and make it a reality.

I can’t tell you how many hours of work and school I have missed due to vet visits or furbaby emergencies. It became increasingly difficult to explain to my bosses and professors that I needed more time off to take care of routine vet visits or to monitor a pet after a procedure. And when I first got my little bundle of fur-joy, I felt horrible leaving him alone so soon after getting him, and I was exhausted from the late night potty breaks and early morning play sessions.

I would have loved to have had a week off to just adjust to my new commitment and also allow my puppy to learn the ways around his new environment too. I know, it seems a little strange to think that people should get paid time off to deal with new pets, but I think that it’s something we should definitely begin slowly introducing into the  workforce.

Now, before you start to whip out the torches and start rioting – no, this is not to take away from the wonderful miracle of bringing a child into this world. And it’s not to take away from the fact that babies are much more work than a pet, but let’s remember that pets are part of the family too. Some people may only ever have furkids, and they should be allowed to not feel guilty for skipping work for pets, or guilty for not being able to properly care for the furkid.

We’re moving towards a new world, times are changing, and I think allowing furmoms and furdads to be granted an appropriate amount of time to deal with that transition would help boost the work-life balance and increase workplace happiness.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s make pawternity happen. Like, yesterday.

What to Do When You Have a Panic Attack

What to Do When You Have a Panic Attack

The first time I had a panic attack, I thought I was dying. I’d gone to see a movie with some friends one Thanksgiving night in high school, and I ran into an ex I’d had a messy breakup with and thought I’d never have to see again. Continue reading

Prioritize Your Smile: Learn From My Mistakes

(Image Credit: Aleksandr Doodko)

(Image Credit: Aleksandr Doodko)

These days, it’s common for the majority of pre-teens and teenagers to have braces or some kind of orthodontia to straighten their teeth. I’d wager there are many more young adults who have had braces than who haven’t, especially in countries like the US where straight teeth are clearly the ideal, and dentists are eager to refer kids to orthodontists if their teeth are even the tiniest bit out of whack, even if it’s not medically necessary.

I am one of those teenagers who had braces, but my experience with them was different than most. I had a bit of crowding in my top middle teeth, but rather than referring me to an orthodontist, my dentist offered to give me braces at a discount if he did them for me. My parents were eager to save some cash on the expensive procedure, and they trusted my longtime, smallish-town dentist to get the job done right.

Rather than giving me a full mouth of braces, my dentist placed braces only on the teeth he thought needed it – the eight teeth in the top middle part of my mouth. Because of this, I dealt with wires snagging the insides of my lips constantly, but hey, like anything else, you get used to it. My dentist seemed to know what he was doing, and he gave me bright colored rubber bands, which is important to a 16-year-old. I wore my braces for about a year, then was fitted with a retainer.

At first, my teeth were straighter. I wore my retainer faithfully for a few months, then sporadically for a few more, before I stopped wearing it entirely. Yes, you know where this story is going. My teeth eventually shifted back to their original uneven position. Here’s the thing, though – my dentist never explained to teenage me how important wearing my retainer was. It seems obvious now, but I didn’t understand that the effect of the braces wasn’t permanent if I didn’t keep wearing my retainer.  So there’s problem #1.

Problem #2? Well, since my teeth have shifted back to being uneven, I’ve had additional orthodontic consultations. Turns out there isn’t just a problem with my top middle teeth – my entire bite is off. There’s no way my eight braces could have truly fixed my issues fully, even if it did make my front teeth appear straighter. Even if I had been diligent with my retainer, there would still be problems that need fixing. I should point out here that my dentist was successfully sued for malpractice just a few years after he did my braces. It was major vindication, but small comfort.

So here I am, an adult with crooked teeth. And, as much as I try to ignore it, I can’t help but feel extremely insecure about it. There is a stigma with having crooked teeth, whether we openly acknowledge it or not. I’m always self conscious about smiling for photos, and I worry that my first impression on people is skewed by my teeth. I hate to be so hung up on a superficial thing, but it’s hard when I so rarely encounter other people with crooked teeth like mine. It’d be one thing if they were just a little crooked…crooked in that slightly imperfect and endearing way. But sadly that is not the case, and I can’t seem to get over it.

As I mentioned, I’ve looked into additional orthodontic treatment to fix the issues. I’d love to try something like Invisalign, but braces and Invisalign are comparable in price, and both are quite expensive, especially if you’re an adult. Insurance companies are much more likely to cover a significant chunk of the cost for braces or Invisalign on kids, but you’re lucky to get even a couple hundred dollars toward them if you’re over 18. Even if I use a provider with a generous payment plan option, I’m still looking at $200+ a month. It feels selfish to add $200 to monthly costs for what is ultimately a superficial procedure, especially when there are more pressing things like rent and student loans to pay.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will probably never get my teeth fixed, but that doesn’t make it easier to live with. So here’s my point: if you’ve been recommended orthodontic treatment, or maybe have had braces but are slacking with your retainer usage, take action. Visit an orthodontist for a treatment plan. Make a point to pop in that retainer at night. If you’re an adult who has considered orthodontia and can afford it, make an appointment and get the process rolling. Trust me when I say it will be worth it and you will regret it if you don’t. It is no fun to be self-conscious about your smile.

There’s a good reason you haven’t hung out with that old friend…

BRIDESMAIDS (Image Credit: Universal Studios)

BRIDESMAIDS (Image Credit: Universal Studios)

We all have that one friend from back in the day who we think was so spontaneous and so much fun. Every now and then they pop into our lives, and we make plans thinking it will be a great time. After all, we haven’t seen each other in months (or years) and we’ve been friends forever.

We talk our old friend up to our new friends like he or she is the epitome of a good time and reminisce about all the wacky memories we’ve made together. And when the day arrives of the scheduled hang out we’re totally pumped for what will be an amazing night.


We expect to be completely in tune with our long lost bestie…


And that the night is going to be awesome.


Then our old friend does their first questionable thing of the evening…


Like greeting everyone with highly offensive language, and you’re left like…


You think maybe it’s just a fluke. You can forgive a little colorful language in the name of old times and having a good night.


But then the next thing you know your old friend is throwing back drinks like it’s about to be prohibition…


And disgustingly making out with a random in the middle of the dance floor.


Before you know it, your new friends are confronting you all like, “I thought you said this person was awesome,” and you’re like…


So you pull your old friend aside and you try to calmly explain this kind of behavior is not acceptable.


And you think you have things under control until you get back from the restroom to find your old friend standing on the bar making insane proclamations.


And all your new friends are like…


Then you start to remember why it’s been so long since you hung out with your old friend…


And all the memories of how they’ve caused chaos in your life in the past, like the time they drunkenly threw up on your roommate’s bed before taking your keys and driving over your foot,  come streaming back as your frustration level hits overdrive.


So you try one more time to get things under control,


But your old friend just laughs it off between shouting out inappropriately wrong lyrics to the song blasting in the background…


At that point your new friends decide they’re going to “check out another bar”…


And you and good ol’ days aren’t invited to come along.


But even though you’re mad you kind of get it…


Until you realize you’re stuck dealing with this disaster on your own…


And even you feel like you need to bail…


But you stick it out watching with secondhand (and personal) embarrassment…


Because you’re not the kind of person who leaves a friend hanging…


Until your old friend starts to pick a fight with the bouncer and you finally can’t take it anymore…


And drag your old friend to the uber you called when they weren’t looking.


Then when you finally get them home, after arguing non-stop about whether or not Sushi City is still serving and having to stop for them to get sick several times, you bid your old friend a fond farewell…


Knowing you have no intention of ever seeing this person again after what they’ve put you through… at least until some time goes by and you forget what makes them so horrible all over again.


How to stop thinking about work on the weekends!

Weekends (Image Credit: Mark Sebastian)

Weekends (Image Credit: Mark Sebastian)

Is it possible to stop thinking about work on the weekends? Perhaps not entirely, as you probably know. However, if you’re thinking about work on the weekends, odds are you care about your work, meaning you probably have a pretty decent work ethic. So, take a step back, and realize that the weekend is a time for you to breathe. While you may be nervous to shift some of that work stress off your shoulders next weekend, you can check out some of the tips below for help. Go ahead, it’s ok. Continue reading

11 Ways to Spruce Up Your Work Space (and Your Work Day!)


The modern cubicle was developed as a way for office workers to attain some privacy and independence while allowing in natural light. As you may have noticed, that is not really the way it’s turned out. Let’s be real, the best cure for the modern cubicle is finishing up your work and getting out of there, but here are some ideas to keep the daily grind from grinding you down.


  1. Potted Plant


Marimo Moss Balls (Image Credit: Pistils Nursery)

Marimo Moss Balls (Image Credit: Pistils Nursery)

A potted plant helps brighten up any office space. In addition to bringing something green and pleasant to your desk, the plants help clean the air of toxins and provide an oxygen boost.

The golden pothos and snake plant are both hardy plants, able to thrive in the low-light, low humidity conditions of an office. Also, if you want to make a new office friend, put a cutting in some water and wait for it to begin rooting, then spread the greenery around to your coworkers.

Alternatively, try a marimo moss ball – these are super low maintenance. Just replace the water when you remember.


  1. Fancy water bottle
DRIPP WTR BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle (Image Credit: Amazon)

DRIPP WTR BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle (Image Credit: Amazon)

Staying hydrated helps stave off the afternoon blahs and keep that skin glowing, but those plastic cups by the water cooler fit about a teaspoon of water. A fancy water bottle will both brighten up your desk and remind you to get that H2O.

DRIPP WTR BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle (Image Credit: Amazon)


  1. Lamp


RANARP Work Lamp (Image Credit: Ikea)

RANARP Work Lamp (Image Credit: Ikea)

Fluorescent lighting is the worst. It contributes to eyestrain and headaches, and just looks depressing. Natural sunlight is the best, but if you’re short on windows, try lamps. One or two can add some more natural light to your workspace.


  1. Photos


Umbra® Hangit Photo Display (Image Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Umbra® Hangit Photo Display (Image Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Sick of looking at spreadsheets? Go to the local print shop and get some of those camera photos printed out. (Or, ok sneak the office color printer.) Tack them behind your computer, or hang them on a display like this one from Bed Bath and Beyond. When those zeros and ones start getting to you, glance up and remember blue skies and friends.


  1. Fix up that storage
DIY Decoupage Storage Box (Image Credit: The Crafted Life)

DIY Decoupage Storage Box (Image Credit: The Crafted Life)

Tired of looking at stacks of papers? Hide them in a pretty box and give yourself something to look at. The Crafted Life has a great DIY option, or you can cheat it with these flower stickers.


  1.  Big Shawl
Shawl (Image Credit: Rusclothing)

Shawl (Image Credit: Rusclothing)

Here are two problems with offices. The air conditioning is weirdly unpredictable and rapidly changing. Secondly, office chairs are pretty damn ugly. I’m sitting in one right now, and it is really ugly. Solution? A big,pretty shawl. Drape it over your chair to dress up your office, and cover up those weird black adjusting bars that never really work. Then, when the air conditioning gets cranked to eleven, drape it over your shoulders for extra warmth.


  1. Nice Pens
Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (Image Credit: Discount Art Supplies)

Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (Image Credit: Discount Art Supplies)

There is honestly no luxury like writing your notes with a good pen. I’m a big fan of these super fine markers, but maybe you like a fountain tip, or luxury ballpoint. Remember gel pens? You could become the office Gel Pen Lady, and that is an honored position.


  1. Hourglass
30 & 5 Minute Gravity Hourglasses - Time Management Set (Image Credit: Amazon)

30 & 5 Minute Gravity Hourglasses – Time Management Set (Image Credit: Amazon)

Have you heard of the pomodoro technique? It’s a system of giving yourself periods of focused work and breaks, to keep you working at your best. There are obviously computer based timers, but these hourglasses are a beautiful way of keeping you functional.


  1. Cool Staples
Swingline Color Bright Staples (Image Credit: Amazon)

Swingline Color Bright Staples (Image Credit: Amazon)

Want to differentiate your reports from your coworkers’? Stay late and do exemplary work! Or, buy purple staples. That’s way easier. Do they come in green? They do come in green.


  1. Nail Polish
Ombre Nails by Julep (Image Credit: Julep)

Ombre Nails by Julep (Image Credit: Julep)

Ok, so, nail polish is not an office supply. We know. That said, in any office, you are going to spend a lot of time glancing as your hands as you write emails, file files and stalk your exes on Facebook.  Some glittery nail polish will give you a bright focal point. Also, taking some time to yourself is the perfect antidote to the office blahs.


  1. Good Mouse Pads
Mouse Pad Persian Style Carpet (Image Credit: Amazon)

Mouse Pad Persian Style Carpet (Image Credit: Amazon)


This tiny carpet is actually a mouse pad, so do I need to write anything else? How about a kitten floating through the infinite void?


Mouse Pad Persian Style Carpet (Image Credit: Amazon)

Mouse Pad Persian Style Carpet (Image Credit: Amazon)

Can we give it a tiny taco? This is the future. Of course we can give it a tiny taco.  

Dauntless Fight Running Cat for Taco Mouse Pad (Image Credit: Amazon)

Dauntless Fight Running Cat for Taco Mouse Pad (Image Credit: Amazon)

Who has the best job? You have the best job.

‘Plus Size’ Celebs and the Obsession with Labeling Body Types

(Image Credit: Bravo Media, LLC)

(Image Credit: Bravo Media, LLC)

Everywhere we turn, women’s bodies are being judged. Everyone is either “too skinny” or “obese,” and figures on both ends of the spectrum are “unhealthy.” This judgmental behavior has become so popular that people seem to feel the need to put a label on all shapes and sizes.

Earlier this year, Glamour magazine put out a special issue in conjunction with Lane Bryant focusing on plus-size women. The beautiful Ashley Graham graced the cover, and women such as Melissa McCarthy, Adele, and Amy Schumer were featured.

As a woman who fluctuates from sizes 6 to 8, Amy wasn’t pleased that she was featured in this particular issue. She shared a post on her Instagram page letting her fans know that she doesn’t want “[y]oung girls seeing [her] body type and thinking that [it] is plus-size.” Because if a size 6 is overweight, then what is acceptable?

Friend to the comedian, Jennifer Lawrence, spoke out in light of the controversy in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. She said that she doesn’t like that people consider her body type to be normal; she puts way too much work into her body for it to be normal, but we’re so accustomed to seeing underweight women that we think it’s the norm. This, in turn, makes us think of a normal body type as being a curvy but thin one.

Why are we so focused on judging other women? Social media makes it far too easy to do this publicly (and anonymously). If you go to any woman’s Instagram page with a large number of followers, you’re bound to see negative comments strewn about regarding her weight.

When did this become acceptable?

Another famous actress who has made it clear that she doesn’t want the focus to be on the size or shape of her body (ironically also featured in the Glamour plus-size issue) is Christina Hendricks. In an interview with the Sun-Herald, Christina’s “full-figured” body is referenced not once, but twice, and she is clearly displeased by the comment both times. Why would any highly-regarded actress want to be interviewed not about her incredible talents or current roles, but instead about her figure? Why does size matter to us so much?

In this era of body scrutiny, the lingerie company Aerie has tried to make a stand. They’ve stopped using standard “models” for their ads, and instead opt to use “real” girls. This means there are sizes being featured above a 4, stretch marks make appearances, and no airbrushing is done.

Until the real normal becomes the media’s definition of normal, it doesn’t seem girls will accept each other’s bodies or their own as being beautiful. We need to stop acting like the Kardashian waist-to-butt ratio is attainable (or like it’s anything that anyone should aim for) and start encouraging each other’s healthy, natural figures. More companies and influential media outlets need to stop allowing women to be placed into “skinny” and “fat” classifications and encourage all women to be proud of how they look, regardless of their weight.