5 Pizza Inspired Accessories for The Pie-Lover in Your Life

(Image Credit: Dolls Kill)

(Image Credit: Dolls Kill)

How awesome is pizza? So awesome, right? Well, as much as you may love it, there’s always someone in your life that loves it even more. Like, two to three times a day kind of love. So why not get them awesome for their birthday or even Valentine’s Day! It’s coming up soon! Here are a few ideas to get you started on the right pizza-centered track.

Pizza Necklace

What’s a better way to express their love for pizza than wearing it around their neck and keeping it close to their heart?


Pizza Sleeping Bag

It’s pretty pricey, but how awesome would it be to bring this awesome sleeping bag on camping trips or sleepovers? Pretty dang awesome is the answer.


Pastel Pizza Earrings

Is there a pizza lover in your life that’s pretty girly and likes cutesy things? Then these earrings are perfect for them! From far away, they barely even look like pizza!


Pizza Scarf
With winter fully upon us, what better way to keep warm than this adorable scarf? It even comes in a cute pizza box!


Pizza shirt

Do you have a pizza loving not-so-friendly friend that needs a gift this year? This shirt is sure to make them smile at least a little!


Well, there you have it. Just a few ideas to get you started as you search the internet for seemingly never ending pizza accessories. Good luck in your shopping and may the Pizza Gods smile down upon you!

Red-y for Summer: Six Sizzling Products by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

Untitled #171

Pumps | Nail Polish | Sunnies | Skinnies | Coin Purse | Lip Gloss

There is something about the color red that screams summer to me. I don’t know if it’s because most of our patriotic holidays fall in the hotter months or it just reminds me of sizzling temperatures. Red is such a power color. I find it so chic when a women has enough confidence to rock red. There are women who may be intimidated to wear such a saturated hue, so today I am bringing you an assortment of products to try. It may be easier to infiltrate red when you wear it on your lips or on your nails.

Red Pumps

Red pumps are always a good idea for a night on the town. Pair them with an all black ensemble for a pop of color. Whether you’re headed to a dance club with friends or on a date night with your hubby, red shoes are the way to go.

Red Nail Polish

To be honest I am an Essie Fiji girl at heart. My nails are shorter so a lighter color goes a long way. However, when fun holidays come about I tend to opt for something punchier! Pick out a poppy red tone like the one featured here for the Fourth of July weekend.


This pair of cat eye sunnies is hot, hot, hot! Won’t they pair perfectly with your beach ensemble? Between your wavy beach hair, bronzed skin and red sunglasses you’ll surely be red-y for summer.


You have your classic white jeans and light wash jeans for the summer months, but why not mix it up? Pick up an apple red pair of skinny jeans. Wear them with a navy, white or cream top and sandals. They’ll be perfect for a baseball game or barbecue.

Coin Purse

A coin purse is a super easy way to infiltrate red, without actually having to wear it. Simply use it when you pop into the market or ice cream parlor. You’re sure to receive some compliments!

Lip Gloss

A red lip is very Marilyn Monroe. It’s sexy, yet classic and should be worn the right way. Gloss is sticky, so I suggest that you do not wear it with a white shirt or light top. Any extra gloss could end up staining your shirt. I love to wear a red lip with a black skater dress. Adorable!


5 Statement Accessories You Need Right Now by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

Untitled #140

One | Two | Three | Four | Five

Spring is all about making a statement with a print or an accessory. It’s the time to bring out the brightest and boldest in order to celebrate the changing of seasons! At the moment these accessories are at the top of my list. Blush pink, radiant orchid, mint and pistachio are the colors that should be on your radar as we head into warm(er) months.

Now, let’s talk a statement earring. Have you heard of Ella Capri or T&J Designs? Affordable, adorable jewelry that’s perfect for your bank account and your next date. They have oodles of baubles for every sort of occasion! Continue reading

Cute & Quirky Animal Inspired Winter Accessories

Winter Accessories

This season, the fashion powers that be decided to make animal sweaters a “thing.” Since then, cute animal graphics have been scattered all over the fashion world, as the faces of fuzzy critters have their made their way onto every item of clothing you can think of.  So, this article is for the trendy ladies out there. Want to be in style? Buy something with an animal graphic on it. Continue reading

Statement Necklace (Image Credit: Barbro Andersen)

5 Rules for Rocking Statement Jewelry

Statement Necklace (Image Credit: Barbro Andersen)

Statement Necklace (Image Credit: Barbro Andersen)

Statement jewelry is in, there is no question about that. These pieces are fun, dramatic and eye catching, but can be hard to know how to wear. Below we give you 5 general rules to follow when you want to rock a statement piece. Continue reading

Trendy iPad Cases to Fit Your Personality

iPad Cases

The last time I went to Disney World, a funny thing happened: instead of pulling out tiny digital cameras and itty-bitty camera phones, tourists could be seen whipping out not-so-little iPads to take pictures of Cinderella’s Castle. The first thought I had about this was, “Stop blocking my view with that big ol’ thing!”  What this really made me realize, though, is that iPads have become an integral piece of technology, just like digital cameras and cell phones.

With the iPad now a go-to device in regular life, it can be fun to slip them into cases to fit our personalities. Here are a few ideas for those who want to make sure their iPad cases a reflection of themselves. Continue reading

Printed Backup Battery for iPhone by J.Crew

Quirky Item of the Week: Printed Back-Up Battery from J.Crew

Printed Backup Battery for iPhone by J.Crew

Printed Backup Battery for iPhone by J.Crew (Image Credit: http://www.jcrew.com)

I am the type of girl who is always on the go! Which means I am never without my IPhone 5. I need to keep up with my email, interview appointments, school assignments and the social media for my blog. That is why for this week’s quirky item I am bringing you my new best friend: the back up battery for your phone. It is a tiny, square charger that I can pop in my phone at a moment’s notice. It goes everywhere with me and will fit in any clutch, purse or bag. It even comes in a men’s version, blue Breton stripe.
Continue reading

Graffiti Style Love Note Bangle DIY

DIY Graffiti Style Love Note Bangle by P.S. I Made This…

Graffiti Style Love Note Bangle DIY

Graffiti Style Love Note Bangle DIY by P.S. I Made This

P.S. I Made This has been on my radar for awhile now for the spectacular fashion DIYs they post. When I saw this Love Note Bangle DIY I just had to ask if I could share it here with you!

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