How to Deal with Difficult Roommates

(Image Credit: Wave Break Media)

(Image Credit: Wave Break Media)

Roommates are always a kind of scary prospect most of us face in life. Maybe you’ve never had roommates or have had bad experiences in the past, but moving into a new place is a fresh start with different people. Here are a few pieces of advice to follow when you begin your new journey as a great roommate.

Come up with some rules

When you first move in, have a meeting with your roommate(s) and set some ground rules. Establish that you don’t want to take the trash out every day and you’d like a rotation or something that helps you all work together. If you want to come up with a chore chart, bring it up and see how the other person feels about it. Don’t do too much, though; no one wants a lazy, messy roommate, but no one wants an overbearing one either.

Don’t be afraid to confront them

If they’re not keeping up their end of the agreement, don’t be scared to talk to them. If you’re nervous to speak to them in person, texting or posting notes somewhere is an alternative. But confronting them is absolutely necessary. If you try to ignore the issue and hope it solves itself, you’ll end up angry and resenting the other person. Communication is key to successful living conditions!

Get management involved

If your new roommate is just absolutely crazy or dirty or anything in between and you’ve tried communicating the issues, your next option is to get the staff of the apartment/dorm involved. Go to the office and ask to speak to the manager or someone that can help you. Explain the situation and see what options they can give you. If anything, they can move you to a different room or help you sublease your apartment to someone else.

When you’re faced with completely new people, things can be great or insane. It just depends on the person. So be forgiving and patient as you and your new roommate(s) get to know each other’s habits and preferences. But if your living situation is causing you a ridiculous amount of stress, confront the issue and do whatever you can to solve it. Be a great roommate, but don’t be a doormat! Now go forth into your new living arrangements and may the odds be forever in your favor.

5 Tips for Surviving Finals

(Image Credit: voyagerix)

(Image Credit: voyagerix)

Once you get back from your very relaxing and fulfilling Thanksgiving break, you have about two weeks left before Christmas break. And those two weeks are not business as usual for anyone. Those two weeks are a living hell known as finals. Here are just a few tips that may or may not help you survive and get over the stress.



There’s no shame in it. Once you get back from doing absolutely nothing during Thanksgiving break and realize how much work you have cut out for you for the rest of the semester, there’s only one thing to do. Break down and let out the stress. It’ll help, I promise.



Sleep deprivation is probably the number one cause of breakdowns among college students. Naps are the best way to combat that stress. If you stay up until 2 or 3am studying for that bio final, be sure to take a nap some time the next day. Maybe after you’ve had a good cry, you can take a great nap.



What better way to perk up after you take a nap? Head to your local coffee place and buckle down and write that essay. Or invest in a coffee maker or Keurig and make your own caffeine at home. If you’re not a coffee person, tea is a great alternative.


Block studying

Rather than cramming for an exam the night before, it has been proven that studying in blocks over the course of a week or two is a lot more beneficial. Even studying every day for 30 minutes to an hour can help you become more comfortable with the material you’re studying. Besides, this system of studying will help you avoid that overwhelming stressful panic.



This may seem counterproductive but it’s actually a really good reward system. If you study for an hour, watch a 30 minute TV episode as a reward. But be careful because 30 minutes can easily turn into a season binge session. So exert some self-control and use this time to relax, but after one episode, be sure to hit the books again!


Everyone has their way of coping with stress, but these are just a few tips to try and get through the hellish weeks. Eat well, drink water, sleep enough and do whatever it takes to take care of yourself. Godspeed my friends; we’ll get through this.

5 Benefits of Learning That Instrument You’ve Always Wanted To Play

(Image Credit: Sergey Nivens)

(Image Credit: Sergey Nivens)

Everyone could use a little more music. Heck, I’d go as far as to say without music, life can get…flat. *ba-dum tshh* But, seriously.

Ask anyone: “What instrument do you wish you played?” I guarantee that they’ll have an answer for you.

Then they’ll probably follow it up with, “Bu it’s too late now – I wish I would’ve started learning it when I was younger.”

Don’t let your age stop you from learning that instrument! Sure, you probably won’t be considered a “child prodigy” at this point in your life, but you can still gain all the benefits from learning regardless of what people will call you. I’d call you a “pretty cool dude.”

Plus, who needs to be a child prodigy? Those kids are just a bunch of try-hards! (Unless you are one, in which case, I respect you.)

I started learning how to play drums in seventh grade after getting obsessed with blink-182. I wanted to be Travis Barker (which is probably true for most pop-punk loving twelve-year-olds). And I’m really happy I went after it.

Looking back on my drum-learning experience now, I think everyone who wants to learn an instrument should try to, assuming they have the time and opportunity to do so. You’ll gain so much from it.

Here are just five of the benefits of learning an instrument:

A great and rewarding way to spend your time

It’s euphoric to lose your sense of time while practicing. And when you can feel yourself getting better, there’s not a greater feeling in the world! Not to mention, you feel good about yourself after a practice session; you’re accomplishing something worthwhile.

New friends!

All of a sudden you’ll have a brand new interest to use to connect with people. Imagine how cool it’s going to sound when you say “Yeah, me and some of my musician friends did this.” Trust me, it ups your popularity by at least 10%. Plus you’ll have the ability to start a band or join a band. I did marching band for all four years of high school; some of the people I was in it with are my closest friends and I wouldn’t have met them if it wasn’t for playing drums.

Stress relief

Making music can reduce your stress! Research has shown that playing music can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, and lessen anxiety and depression. Along with that, playing an instrument is a great way to make your mind focus on something completely different than what’s bothering you.

Improved patience

Without a doubt, there are going to be instances in your instrument learning that are not all rainbows and butterflies. There will be difficult pieces, exercises, and techniques along the way. However, as you learn, keep a cool head and persevere through the rough patches of your musical journey; you will find yourself gaining an impressive sense of patience. If you could get through that song or exercise, then what can’t you get through?


Yes, being an instrumentalist also makes you smarter. When learning how to play an instrument, many different parts of your brain are stimulated in ways they wouldn’t normally be. These parts, which control your motor skills, hearing and memory grow and become more active. In fact, studies even show that your IQ could increase by seven points!


As it turned out, begging my mom to get me drum lessons was one of the best decision I made. Now I want to start picking up a new instrument: either the piano, or I want to start rapping – yes, the goofy white guy from the midwest wants to rap. But hey, Asher Roth did it. Why can’t I?

And this is the exact mentality I think everyone needs to have when approaching a new art or discipline: All these other people have done it, so I can too.

You got this.

5 Apps Every Woman Needs on Her Phone

5 Apps Every Woman Needs on Her PhoneAccording to a ton of studies, women spend around 8-10 hours on their phone a day. With that much time spent, why not spend it on something productive? Here are a few apps that could benefit women whether it be through organization, safety, or just plain fun.


  1. Period Tracker

There are thousands of apps to track your period but Period Tracker by GP International LCC is my personal favorite. It is so simple to use. You have a calendar and the app allows you to enter the dates you start and end your period. It shows you your light and heavy days so you know how many pads or tampons to keep in your purse that day. It also shows when you are ovulating and fertile – whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoid it completely.


  1. 10 Daily Yoga Poses

What better way to start off your day than with yoga? The app 10 Daily Yoga Poses by Play Simple gives you 10 yoga poses that you hold for 30 seconds each. It starts off with easier poses and gets a little more difficult the more you use the app. It is definitely the best way to get the sleep out of your eyes and your blood pumping. And it only takes 5 minutes!


  1. SafeTrek

There are quite a few safety apps out there for women but the one that makes me feel the safest is SafeTrek by SafeTrek, Inc. The app is a lot more user friendly than most safety apps. After you enter your name and number, the app asks you to put in a 4 digit pin code. Then it displays a button that you hold when you’re in an area you don’t feel totally safe in. If you remove your finger from the button, the app asks you to put in your 4 digit code. If the code isn’t entered within 10 seconds, the app alerts the authorities of your location and help will be on the way.


  1. Our Groceries Shopping List

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your roommates, or your family, Our Groceries Shopping List buy HeadCode is a lifesaver. You just enter everything you need to buy at the store and the app breaks it up for you into categories such as produce, bakery, or dairy. That way you are able to get everything you need from one section of the store without forgetting something and have to go back. This app is beyond necessary for keeping you organized in your busy life.


  1. Snapchat

After a list of totally useful apps, you may ask, “What the heck is Snapchat doing on this list?” Well, I asked around 50 girls what the app they use the most is and Snapchat was the number one answer. What is the huge appeal of Snapchat, though? Well, instead of posting on Facebook or Instagram, you can share a picture of yourself or something you’re doing without the expectation of someone commenting or liking it. Snapchat is fun and more flexible than other social media and according to most girls, absolutely necessary to have on their phone.


So what are you waiting for? I know you’re reading this on your phone! Go download these apps and make those 10 hours on your phone more fun and productive.

Accepting that Not Everyone is Going to Like You

As a woman navigating life in my late twenties, I find myself constantly excited by new experiences and relationships. I haven’t quite settled into any monotonous routine. My weeks are governed by school and work, I still have a fair share of freedom to roam wild at my leisure, and my weekends are still open to spontaneity. However, the unique challenge is that so much open space gives rise to opportunities for meeting new people and having relationships that often times leave you baffled or even heartbroken.

So, how do we come to accept that not everyone is going to like us? It’s a tough task that might dumbfound even the most meditative of minds.

There are so many different kinds of relationships, so I listed two major types to dissect in the hopes that we can attack issue at hand: accepting that we are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Romantic Relationships: It’s all in the Science of it

This is probably the relationship most folks think of when they think of someone not liking them, and while it might be the most personally painful, it also might be the least damaging in the long run.

I come from the perspective that independence is crucial to my happiness within a romantic relationship, but eventually vulnerability creeps in and the walls come crashing down. So how do we move forward from love that’s lost? What happens after you realize that your partner no longer cares for you?

Many of us have been in several relationships that have ended on these terms, but while the result is inevitably a breakup, the cause of the split varies dramatically. This takes me back to high school chemistry, as I find people and relationships as functioning formulas. Sometimes the elements combine and run smooth as water, but sometimes they combust, burning down a house filled with love within their licking flames.

The important thing to remember is that we all love differently. While my Romeos loved me to their capacity, our goals and values didn’t add up to what either of us wanted. These partnerships are no judgment of these people, but rather an assessment of the danger when our elements combined.

Relationships ultimately teach us something about ourselves: that high school chemistry does come in handy in the real world, that we are valuable as an independent source outside of that association, and that we can survive and thrive when relocated amongst other elements.

It’s also OK for your previous partners to move forward. Jealousy is natural, but just remember that one man’s fire is another man’s water, both necessary for life, so share the warmth and quench your thirst.

Friendships: Sticking with the Pack

It can be argued that this category is the umbrella term for many different kinds of relationships, but I personally find the term “friendship” much more intimate that that. It is the only term that combines two interpersonal statuses. Both “friend” and “relationship” work to create a new experience that differs from other connections. This becomes a pack interested in the well-being of the whole.

I am such a girlfriend girl. I love dinner dates with my girlfriends because I don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing or nervously sweating through my dress. I would always prefer a night in watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s and binge eating ice cream with a cheap bottle of wine to free drinks from scheming creeps in the club. I crave the laughter that accompanies their validation of my emotions when a date goes awry and the comfort they offer when life gets hard.

Nothing compares to a tried-and-true friendship. So, how do we reconcile the devastation that occurs when a friendship is lost? People are constantly changing, and sometimes the bond breaks. How do we move forward from a friendship that ends because the two of you have grown in different directions, and your friend ceases to like you?

I have found that life is unpredictable. It has taken me down paths and introduced me to people that I never thought I would care about, and more strangely, enlightened me to the importance of my ability to occasionally stop caring for them.

As someone who puts great stock in my friendships, there have been times when I have had to decide if I was going to let a person continue to damage my self-esteem or move forward in life to pursue my dreams and aspirations without them as a confidant.

People throw punches because of their personal unhappiness. They find ways to make others feel poorly so they can feel like they’re better than someone else. That’s simply human nature. It’s a power game, and once I was awakened to the strategy of confidence, I realized that it is fine with me if someone doesn’t like me, because the truth was that they might not even like themselves.

If someone chooses to not like me for other reasons, like the fact that we grew apart, share different interests, or don’t talk as much, then their friendship is conditional and not worth being upset over.

In this respect, accepting someone isn’t going to like you as a friend is like harvesting a pack of dogs down to the strongest few. I have a group of friends that, regardless of how long it has been, are my true loves. I tell them that all the time because it’s true! Friendship, much like a partnership, is a relationship that you enter unconditionally, otherwise we’re all stray dogs fending for ourselves in a sometimes harsh world. I find I survive much better in my small but adversity-tested pack.

And They Lived Happily Ever After:

That’s the point here, right? The ability to like ourselves becomes paramount because it helps or hinders our relationships with others. At the end of the day, we have ourselves to thank for the life we live. By losing the unproductive relationships that weigh us down, both romantic and friendly, and instead focusing on the relationships that enrich our lives, we are able to travel so much further.

I hope I have explored the ways different relationships lead to disappointment, while others infinitely benefit our lives and ourselves. By knowing the difference, we progress in new and exciting ways. It’s OK that not everyone is going to like us, because focusing on those that do, those who celebrate our successes and prove push us to be better, life gets so much more interesting and happier. Leave a comment below on a time you accepted that not everyone was going to like you.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Social Media

What a time to be alive! A millennial such as myself is fortunate enough to be born in an era where social norms have exceeded our ancestral expectations. Information is only a click away thanks to the internet, there are drones being used in all sorts of ways and we even have hoverboards being utilized as a substitute for walking. Social media has also changed the landscape in ways we couldn’t even dream of 20 years back. But is social media all good? Are we hurting ourselves long term by relying too much on conveying our communication skills through an app? Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of social media.

The Ugly:

We love to think we’re always right, but in reality we’re not. In the comfort of our own home we especially love playing arm-chair psychologist when it comes to judging the misfortune of others. Unfortunately those who engage in social media love to take it to a whole new level. Whether it’s clowning an athlete and bringing his personal life into it or judging a television star selfie, social media users will take shaming to the next level. Sadly, adults are usually the ones pulling the strings (or typing in this case). Makes me wonder why one is so comfortable tearing an individual down from their couch. Oh wait, now I know…

The Bad pt.1:

Shame is a tactic used to belittle the individual you’re addressing. As Dr. Brene Brown said in her book Daring Greatly, “Shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.” Whether it’s about race, status or education, tactics like shame are used to show superiority over another person. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen people use shame as a tactic to attack individuals whose beliefs don’t align with theirs. Social media is a forum that allows one to express themselves through pictures or opinions. Constructive criticism is one thing, but hating on someone because of their views on a particular subject is ridiculous.

The Bad pt.2:

The aspiration nowadays for young people is to become “YouTube famous” or anything in the realm of social media popularity. It’s a numbers game for some folks, where the amount of “followers” or “friends” they have boost up their egos. Low self-esteem, insecurities, or just life in general can play a part as to how one uses social media. Instead of it being used as a way to pass time many find it as a utility to escape what’s really eating them from the inside.

The Good pt.1:

Finally some positive news! You may be asking yourself “is social media is all that bad?” My answer to that is no. If utilized correctly, it can be such a useful tool to get a whole new perspective on things. Special events like the Olympics or MTV awards have such a following, and it’s great to engage with like-minded individuals who may or may not like the same athlete or artist as you, but are able to communicate with one another and discuss on such topics. On top of that, who can pass up sharing a funny meme? I know I can’t.

The Good pt.2

Believe it or not I’ve actually made some cool friends off of social media. I hit it off with a few where we actually got to meet in person. Networking is an important facet of life. Whether it’s for work to spread your ideas or to branch out and form personal relationships, social media can play an integral role in creating those bonds.

Again, do I hate social media? No, but do I believe some form of etiquette can be used while engaging others? Hell yeah! If you have the decency to act right with people in person, why’s it so hard to use those same principles behind a computer screen?


My Week Without Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper, DP, a pepper, the devil’s syrup, whatever you want to call it, I’m addicted to that beautiful brown fizzy liquid. And, really, there’s no way to rationalize how much of it I drink… The average American drinks about 44.7 gallons of soda per year, which is roughly about 15.5 ounces of the stuff per day. In all my glory, I drink a little more than double that average – sitting pretty at a nice 36 ounces of my beloved Dr Pepper throughout each day. Occasionally I’ve wondered if I’d be able to stop my soda intake and substitute it all for water. And I’m really not too sure. So what better way to find out than to torture myself for a week and actually do it? Here’s my log of my week without Dr Pepper (or any soda for that matter).


  1. Cannot drink ANY Dr Pepper for a week. No exceptions.
  2. Must drink at least 36 fluid oz. of water each day.
  3. Cannot drink coffee or energy drinks. Cannot eat energy bars. No substitutions of caffeine.
  4. Must update my journey for my lovely readers often.


Friday, October 16, 2015.

5:18 p.m.

So far, I’ve felt pretty in control of my choice. I got water at lunch after literally having my cup under the Dr Pepper spout, but I decided I was better than that – old habits die hard.  Interestingly, I am already developing a headache, truly not sure if this is because I am stressed about work or because I am without my coping mechanism for the world. My little fizzy companion. I’ll keep an update on my headache and whether or not it strengthens.

I’m also kind of ridiculously tired. I got 8 hours of sleep last night, which is the equivalent to winning the lottery for a college student. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe it’s the lack of caffeine…? Oh no. I hope not.

I’ll check in after my next meal. And after I drink some more WATER.


7:32 p.m.

I came up to the soda machine and my mouth literally got ready for the sweetness it knew it was going to have. Then I filled my cup with water and I think a little part of me died inside. Worst of all, my friend got Dr Pepper. Yes, I would classify this as cruel and unusual punishment. It looked SO RIPE.

In case you were wondering, soda is ripe when it’s really sweet – oftentimes this occurs when the syrup in the machine is new. Usually it’s darker and fizzier. To give you a reference point, soda would be classified as unripe when all that comes out of the spout is seltzer water. And if you’ve ever experienced this, you know pain.

I have stayed strong thus far and have drank my 36 fluid oz. of water today. I’ve honestly drank more water today than I probably have in weeks. I’m so gross. But I’m going to get less gross each day!

The headache has gotten a little better, I don’t think it’s due to soda withdrawal. At least not yet…  But while it may not be my brain that’s begging for it, my tongue is in complete crave-mode.

I’m also still so very tired, but I must go on.

Will report on the morrow or if a serious craving comes along.


October 17, 2015

1:17 p.m.

The night went along pretty well as there were no serious cravings. Although, I did get a snack from a little eatery on my campus and I had to tear my eyes away from the soda case. It was weird to eat a buffalo chicken sandwich without my trusty doctor. But, I did it!

I worked this morning (I work at a café) and there is a soda case there as well. My eyes stole glances at the bottles in there. But, alas, I only sipped water. No fizz.

To be honest, this only drinking water thing continues to get harder. The more of it I drink, the harder it is to go down! It’s beginning to get kind of old. Having water used to be so nuanced to me. It’s weird that it’s normal now…. But, I’m sticking with it! Hoping that once I get over the hump, water will begin to go down like, well, water.


October 18, 2015

11:37 a.m.

Let me be the first to admit that last night was very difficult.

I was out getting pizza with some friends and what do you drink with pizza? Soda, obviously. But, no, I was being strong. I am doing this. Then, everyone orders soda and I’m last to order. It’s so hard to stay strong, the menu is looking at me with all the options and, if I wasn’t sweating, it felt like it. The waitress had gone over the drink choices just prior too. I was salivating at the thought of getting some Dr Pepper in me.

She asked, “And what could I get for you?”

Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper…. “Water.”

I had done it! I was still Dr Pepper free. BUT AT WHAT COST! Was I happy?

Eh. I mean, I’m happy I made the better and healthier choice. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t ridiculously envious of everyone else though. But, I’m getting through. I’m doing it.

I’ll continue to strive to keep my life watered down, in the best way possible.


11:41 p.m.

There were root beer floats in my dining hall today. If that’s not torture, I don’t know what is.

Moral of the story: I had a bit of one… BUT! The root beer we have has no caffeine and it was not Dr Pepper! Still, I am ashamed.

Hopefully, to make up for it, I am trying to drink the correct amount of water for myself to be a well-functioning human being – about 72ish fluid oz. I’m not quite hitting the target yet, but I’m getting close. Maybe water-drinkers will know: does there ever come a point where I don’t have to go to the bathroom constantly? Or is that just going to be part of my life now?

I have realized that I feel more awake more quickly, which I’m thinking might be due to my water intake. If that’s the case, I definitely want to keep drinking a higher amount of water. I really am feeling much better with my energy level and ability to focus. I’m super interested to test my awareness in class this upcoming week to see if I notice any change in there too.

This little stint of three days of furthered water drinking has definitely opened my eyes. And my urethra, apparently.

Please don’t condemn me for my moment of weakness! Ice cream AND soda? If you could’ve said no, you are a far greater person than I.

Will report tomorrow!


October 19, 2015

4:33 p.m.

Drinking water has gotten much easier in just the last day. Also, the bathroom visits haven’t been as regular. Not sure if this is just coincidental or if this means my body is getting more accustomed to the amount of water I’m drinking. Either way, I’m glad I’m not living in the bathroom as much.

The craving for Dr Pepper is definitely getting stronger, especially as people find out I’m quitting it cold turkey. They literally gasp. It’s kind of sad to think that’s how dependent it seems for me! The Dr Pepper still stares at me whenever it’s near me. I wonder when that will stop…

I’m super interested if it’ll taste better or worse than what I remember once I sip on it again. I hear horror stories from people who quit soda and then have it again and can barely stomach it. I couldn’t imagine feeling disgusted by my old friend. But who knows, it could happen.

I’m really impressed with myself for staying as strong as I have and for drinking as much water as I do now. Surprisingly, I’m not as desperate for soda as I thought I’d be at this point. And that’s a good thing. It shows that if you’re having trouble drinking too much soda and not enough water, you could definitely turn it around with just some willpower!


October 20, 2015

10:01 p.m.

As you could probably tell from my late log time, I’ve been having a pretty busy Tuesday. And I am so, so tired. It’s taking every ounce of me to not submit to the Dr or to grab a coffee! I’ve got a midterm to study for tonight and am stressing about other work, but I’m going to keep my promise to myself. No Dr Pepper. No caffeine.

Oh, how I want some though.

I have definitely not drunk enough water today either. Probably only 24 fluid oz. At this point, my body has gotten pretty accustomed to around 48. I’ve actually been drinking more liquid in general now that I’m not drinking Dr Pepper, which is interesting. Not something I would’ve expected. Anyway, it’s definitely noticeable. I am thirsty! Which, who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have even noticed had I been drinking soda still.

Water has become, at this point, something that I think about regularly: when will I get my next cup? I’m starting to want it in a way. Similar to how I always want Dr Pepper. Maybe this is just me trying so hard to drink more of it, or muscle memory, but either way it’s on my mind! I suppose that’s a good thing.

Wish me luck studying… without caffeine… I think a single tear just rolled down my cheek.


October 21, 2015

2:23 p.m.


I’ve been drinking a lot more water today – definitely coming back with some authority since yesterday’s lame showing. 60 fluid oz. so far! If this was a sequel from yesterday, it’d be called: “Water: Back with a Vengeance.” That was lame. Midterms have got me going crazy.

Every time I drink water I am more awake which is really interesting. Soda never really had this effect on me, it seems that soda only ever gave me a slow energy – a kind of energy that kept my eyes open, but didn’t exactly make me want to move around all that much.

And even more interestingly, I haven’t even been craving soda. It’s kind of sad to me, like we broke up and now I’m totally over him!


4:43 p.m.

Check me out, 72 fluid oz.!


9:11 p.m.

84 fluid oz.

This could quite possibly be the most water I’ve ever drunk in a day. It’s starting to go down a lot more easily and my frequent bathroom trips are diminishing. The craving for Dr Pepper is going away too. Still, when I go up to the drink machine, I think about it a bit. But I’m no longer salivating when I get up there. I feel good about myself!


11:49 p.m.

109 fluid oz. of water! I’ve hit triple digits!!


October 22th 2015

4:12 p.m.

The craving is back. And with brutality.

So, I had just gotten done with my classes today and I am really tired and literally all I’m thinking about is Dr Pepper. I deserve it. I’ve gotten through another day. I don’t think there’s been a sadder realization I’ve made in a long time than when I realized I could have none.

I brought my cup up to the drink dispenser and I felt the Dr’s stare. It literally felt like I was sinning by not taking the sacred liquid of my veins. I was disrespecting Dr Pepper by getting the arch nemesis water! But still, I stayed strong and let my unneeded and grandiose feelings get humbled as I sat with some friends and drank my water quietly.

I even went back for another cup of it because after the first one, I wanted more.

Water has got this weird hold on me. I really do feel good about myself when I choose it, but it was tough to do this time.


11:14 p.m.

I’ve just realized that tomorrow will be the final day of the Doug Patrick Soda Purge of 2015!

Will I drink soda again after Friday?

. . .


Will I drink more water at the same time, though?

. . .



October 23, 2015

1:00 p.m.


I am struggling. Soda is within my reach. One more day. That’s all I need to do.

This craving came out of nowhere. Three or four days in I was perfectly fine, but now it’s like I just started! Maybe it’s just because I know I’m so close to the end of this…

I shall stay strong. Water, my enemy and my greatest ally. We will get through this!


11:57 p.m.


I’ve practically done it!


October 24, 2015

2:09 p.m.

The purge has been over for a while now and I still have not had any soda! My craving has definitely subsided in strength since yesterday. Looks like everyone just wants what they can’t have! That’s not to say I’m not thinking about it, though. Because I am. Completely. It’s just, now, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. And I worry that the sweet taste of the Dr may not be as fabulous as I remember. That would definitely create some sort of emotional trauma, I’m sure of it.

Water really isn’t too bad after all.

I’ll have to report back later this evening when I have my first sip of Dr Pepper!


6:13 p.m.

Oh how I missed my sweet nectar. It’s even better than I remember.

I’m happy that I took a week off from Dr Pepper, but I am oh so glad to be back!

10 Things You Should Never Do at Work

(Image Credit: Olly)

(Image Credit: Olly)

So you got a new job? Congrats! Working in a new place is exciting, but also a big adjustment. If you’re unsure of how to present yourself, avoid an awkward  faux pas and check out this list of 10 Things You Should Never Do at Work so you at least know what not to do. Continue reading

Don’t Let Family Bully You

(Image Credit: Olly)

(Image Credit: Olly)

Imagine this: you and a longtime friend are hanging out, getting coffee at Starbucks because that’s what you do. You are talking, having a great time, when all of a sudden you say something that wasn’t entirely the smartest thing you’ve ever said. It happens; it’s what you do. But your friend? They lash out. They look at you with disgust, they tell you that this is why America is going to hell in a hand basket and put you down. Then, in an instant, they laugh it off as they see your face contort in confusion and hurt. “I’m just joking; gosh can’t you take a joke?” They smirk and move on, as if nothing even happened. Continue reading

10 Things You Should Probably NOT Thank Your Boyfriend For

(Image Credit: George Dolgikh)

(Image Credit: George Dolgikh)

Girls are such pains. It’s a wonder how guys even deal with them. Am I right?

I’m not.

Unfortunately, there are tons of lists out there that, while trying to pay homage to boyfriends worldwide, arguably promote an unhealthy image of a heterosexual relationship: A boyfriend gritting his teeth as his girlfriend continues to annoy him. Continue reading

New Bumble Dating App Puts the Ball in the Ladies’ Court

(Image Credit: Moxco Inc.)

(Image Credit: Moxco Inc.)

Alright all my single ladies. It has happened. Technology has put the ball in our court!

You’re probably thinking, “What in the world is she talking about?” Well, let me explain. The other day I was watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Noah’s guest was Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe. At first, I had no idea who she was and what Bumble even meant but after Noah explained she’s a co-founder of the hit app Tinder… it all made sense. On the show, Wolfe was promoting her brand new app, Bumble, which is a bit like Tinder… but with a twist! Continue reading

5 Reasons Waitressing is the Worst

(Image Credit: Scott Griessel)

(Image Credit: Scott Griessel)

To waitress or not to waitress? That is the question.

Most people have seen the movie Waitingwith a young Ryan Reynolds and the hilarious Anna Faris. They play servers at Shenaniganz, and throughout the movie they encounter rude and needy customers, ridiculous co-workers, and hard decisions. And I can tell you, that movie hit the nail on the head when it comes to the service industry. Continue reading

Your First Time: Teaching

(Image Credit: Johoo)

(Image Credit: Johoo)

The night before my first day as a teacher was one of the most restless nights I’ve ever had. Every question I could have possibly asked myself, I did. Did I prepare enough? Will I at least sound like I know what I’m talking about if I didn’t? Will these kids even care about what I had to say? Will they learn anything? What if I trip in front of them? What if I go blank? Will I still be throwing up tomorrow (side note- I had borderline pneumonia that first week without knowing it and had started throwing up that afternoon as a side effect- best luck ever!) What is the difference between a gerund and a participle? Why did they hire me? What the hell have I gotten myself into? And on, and on, and exhaustingly on. By the time I fell asleep, my alarm was pretty much going off. Thankfully, adrenaline kicked in when I needed it most. Continue reading

Social Media, Anxiety and YOU

(Image Credit: ViewApart)

(Image Credit: ViewApart)

“Did someone like my status? Or see my newest picture on Instagram?” “I know I didn’t get a notification, but it won’t hurt to check just to be absolutely completely sure that nothing new happened on Facebook.” Yes, I’m one of those people. Someone who checks his social media accounts periodically, even when he knows decently well that nothing has happened. Rationally, I know it seems like borderline insane behavior – or at least the behavior of someone who is very anxious. But, at the same time, I know plenty of people just like me… Is social media making us crazy? Continue reading