VIDEO: An Inside Look at Adagio Teas’ Cara McGee Fan Event in Chicago!

Cara McGee at Adagio, Chicago, IL (Image Credit: Nick Slotten / The Daily Quirk)

Adagio Teas recently held a special signing event with Signature Adagio Tea Blender and Artist, Cara McGee, at their Chicago location and The Daily Quirk was on hand to bring you the inside info! Watch the exclusive feature below to find out more about McGee, Tea and the fabulous brand that is Adagio! Advertisements

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An Exclusive Interview with Inspirational Doodle Artist Jenipher Lyn

Artist Jenipher Lyn (Image Credit: Jenipher Lyn)

Jenipher Lyn is an artist whose book of doodles titled Being Stubborn, Depressed & Unpopular SAVED My Life was recently funded by Kickstarter. The book’s encouraging themes are targeted towards tweens, teens, 20-somethings and beyond. Jenipher’s goal was to publish a book that would help young women, especially, realize they aren’t alone on those “lowest […]

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VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with Author Betsy Franco & Artist Tom Franco

Tom Franco & Betsy Franco (Image Credit: Dakota Snow / The Daily Quirk)

Tune into this exclusive interview with Tom and Betsy Franco, celebrating the release of Betsy’s latest novel Naked, illustrated by her son.  Naked is a love story and coming of age story, intertwined. Betsy explores the agony of being artists, alternating narration between “Cat” and Jesse Lucas, who meet in the Rodin sculpture garden at […]

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An Interview with Artist & Tea Blender Extraordinaire Cara McGee

Cara McGee is an artist of many talents. Comic art, tea blending, and social media prowess all fall under the realm of things Cara has added her own talented and unique spin on in the past few years. An alumni of the prestigious SCAD Atlanta, Cara is an excellent example of a modern day artist making her work accessible […]

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An Interview with Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling Artist Mel Elliot

This week’s Quirky Item of the Week is Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling, and I enjoyed this quirky little Ryan Gosling inspired coloring book so much that I instantly wanted to know more about its creator. Was she a Ryan Gosling super fan devoted to making art in his likeness? An artist inspired by the […]

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Interview with Artist Serena Olivieri

This week’s Tumblr Tuesday feature, Serena Olivieri. For any of you that have read previous posts of mine you already know about my stationary obsession. I love beautiful paper, beautiful things made out of paper, paper paper paper, etc. So naturally when I first came across Serena’s blog, with its images of her amazing paper […]

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