Tips for Making the Most of Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

The Leaves are changing colors, people are flocking to Starbucks to get their favorite seasonal drink (the Pumpkin Spice Latte tastes like Fall), and everybody is pulling out their favorite sweaters in preparation for cooler weather.

As summer transitions to fall, the temperatures outside fluctuate between warm and cool. Sweater weather is always my favorite, but sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to wear my sweater with if it’s on the warmer side outdoors. Continue reading

Fall Fun (Image Credit: Maridav)

5 Ways to Have Fun This Fall!

Fall Fun (Image Credit: Maridav)

Fall Fun (Image Credit: Maridav)

Sweaters, football, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween, crunchy leaves and chilly days – what’s not to love about fall? Even though it is a beautiful time of year, summer lovers may find themselves stumped when it comes to planning activities as the brisk air and early darkness ushers its way in. No worries, though. There is fun aplenty to be had this fall!

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Ultimate Caramel Apple Recipe by Cooking Classy

Caramel apples are one of my favorite fall treats. I have often thought about ordering the delicious looking gourmet versions sold by specialty shops, but gosh are they pricey. In lieu of spending upwards of $8.00 USD an apple, I started looking for some DIY recipe ideas and came across this great post from Cooking Classy. Continue reading

Beat the Autumn Blues!

Image Credit: Katrina DeFrancesco

Autumn. It brings with it crisp mornings, crunchy leaves underfoot, beautiful colors and chilly evenings. It can also bring with it a dip in mood and feelings of nostalgia for the summer just passed. The change in seasons and the move towards winter with its colder weather can leave you feeling a little down, and a little unmotivated. Colds seem to circle throughout the autumn months, everyone is sniffling and it can be easy to let it get the best of you.

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Pumpkin Risotto for a Fall Evening


Image Credit: Meghan Hawes

Ever since my friend made me her pumpkin risotto a fall evening about two years ago, I have always wanted to try for myself. I would never be able to create the risotto that she made for us because she put spices into the risotto that were not planned but ended up being spectacular! She even put the pumpkin risotto in a perfect little pumpkin instead of a bowl. Needless to say, it was wonderful. Continue reading

DIY Polka Dot Pumpkins by Alana Jones-Mann

Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year. I love decorating for it each time fall rolls around and pumpkins are an absolute must! No matter how hard I try, I can never carve up a crazy cool pumpkin like you see in the Martha Stewart and Good Housekeeping Mags, so I am always looking for other ways to add some pizzazz to my pumpkin decor. This Polka Dot Pumpkin DIY by Alana Jones-Mann is a great alternative to standard jack-o-lanterns for all you pumpkin carving challenged out there like me!

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Five Date Ideas for the Fall Season!

Image Credit: Amie Fedora

Image Credit: Amie Fedora

I feel that the Fall offers so many different date idea’s for couples at any age. It’s a perfect time to be outside or even bundle up inside depending how cool it is outside.  Having the option is always nice before it becomes winter which brings along the bitter cold. Here are 5 ideas for a great date in the Fall… Continue reading

5 Reasons… I am Excited for Fall!

Image Credit: Flickr User mysza831

I must say I love living somewhere where you get the full effects of the seasons changing. I don’t think I could live somewhere where it was 50-60 degrees out while shopping for a Christmas tree (just my preference) I do get jealous of the California and Florida girls when I am get the ice pick out for my car at 6am! When there is about one month left of the season, I go in to the whole ” I can’t wait for winter to be over or I can’t wait to go swimming, etc.” So, with summer in New Jersey being more humid than usual. I can’t wait for the seasons to change… What’s next? Fall! Let me count the ways why I can’t wait to ditch my flip flops and tank tops. Continue reading