The Vicious Cycle of Getting Bangs

Bangs (Image Credit: Emma Montague)

Bangs (Image Credit: Emma Montague)

The ladies who are addicted to switching up the hair situation know the scenario well: You’re happy with your cut and you love your color, but something just needs to change. Suddenly, it comes to you. You think, ‘Hey, what about bangs?’ The last bang episode was a terrible life choice, but hey, why not try them again for some inexplicable reason? Continue reading

Tips for Growing Out Bangs


Bangs can be a big change. They can be trendy, help change up your look and be an easy hairstyle to rock. But after a while, bangs can be a bit of a drag. You might be bored with the bangs or decide they are not quite the perfect cut for you. Then comes the moment of terror: it’s time to grow them out. Growing out bangs can be a pain and cause some hair distress, but it is possible to grow your bangs out without looking like Cousin It for half of the process.

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