VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with Author Betsy Franco & Artist Tom Franco

Tom Franco & Betsy Franco (Image Credit: Dakota Snow / The Daily Quirk)

Tune into this exclusive interview with Tom and Betsy Franco, celebrating the release of Betsy’s latest novel Naked, illustrated by her son.  Naked is a love story and coming of age story, intertwined. Betsy explores the agony of being artists, alternating narration between “Cat” and Jesse Lucas, who meet in the Rodin sculpture garden at […]

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Book Review: Naked by Betsy Franco

Betsy Franco’s latest novel, Naked, explores the elements of love and life that ignite our creativity and passion. Similarly, her first novel, Metamorphoses, also explores the artist’s journey: rising up against the misery, rejection and despair. The same is also true of love because in both art and love, you must be naked, utterly exposed. […]

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