A Year of Gratitude Stationary (Image Credit: Uncommon Goods)

Quirky Item of the Week: A Year of Gratitude Stationary

A Year of Gratitude Stationary (Image Credit: Uncommon Goods)

A Year of Gratitude Stationary (Image Credit: Uncommon Goods)

It is just about that time of year again; time to give thanks, and show those we love our gratitude and appreciation. And what better way than to say it with a hand-written note?! With “A Year of Gratitude Stationary Set” from Uncommon Goods, you can! It comes equipped with 52 thank-you notes, one for every week of the year. In case you are not the most eloquent writer, it also comes equipped with tips so you can write the most meaningful notes and truly show your gratitude. Continue reading

Quirky Item of the Week: The Every Occasion Card

Quirky Item of the Week: The Every Occasion Card

I am one of the few people keeping the United States Postal Service in business. I like sending people letters, notes, and cards just as much as I enjoy receiving them, so I’m always on the lookout for fun stationary. These Every Occasion Cards caught my attention right away for obvious reasons. They’re pre-printed with a bunch of check boxes that let you check off your own combination of words to create a fun and rather cheeky message and have plenty of space on the back to add on to that one-liner.

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DIY Instagram Holiday Cards by Photojojo

I am going to be honest with you people, the only Holiday Cards I ever save are those with your faces on them. I appreciate your cards, don’t get me wrong, but the minute the holiday season is over I file them in the circular recycling bin to make room on my fridge for grocery lists, reminders, and the random cards we get throughout the rest of the year… unless your smiling mug or adorable child is on them. For some reason, I feel guilty throwing “you” away so all the cards I receive with family pictures get packed away with the rest of my Christmas decorations and I must admit it’s nice seeing them every year when I take out the Christmas supplies.

And that very drawn out intro brings me to today’s DIY Feature, Instagram Holiday Cards by Photo Jojo. I love the idea of making homemade cards for friends and family just as much I love receiving them. The DIY gives you too options, one showing how to do everything the digital way and the other showing you how to get down right crafty. I prefer the crafty method, but that’s just me! Either way you can create some beautiful personalized Holiday Cards that will thrill your friends and family. To check out the Full DIY, s well as their other fun photo projects, visit Photojojo!

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