Cast Catch-Up: ‘Home Alone’

(Image Credit: Fox)

(Image Credit: Fox)

Home Alone can be seen everywhere around Christmastime. Luckily, it happens to be one of my family’s favorite holiday movies. The movie came out right before I was born, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve seen it almost every year since then. There’s just something about a little kid beating up two grown men that screams family time. Plus, a major part of Home Alone is the idea that family should be together on the holidays.

Since Home Alone came out 25 years ago, we at The Daily Quirk thought it would be fun to take a look at where the stars of the movie are today. Read on to get your answers!

Macaulay Culkin (Kevin McCallister)

Only ten when the movie premiered, Macaulay Culkin is now grown up. For several years after his star-making performance in Home Alone, he continued acting in some well-known movies, including the Home Alone sequel, My Girl, The Pagemaster and Richie Rich. Due to the latter two movies’ poor showings at the box office, as well as family issues, Culkin stayed away from acting for almost a decade.

When he finally returned to the profession, it was in mature roles in movies like Saved! and Party Monster. Unlike many child stars, he was able to shed his cutesy image and received critical acclaim, but Culkin has only worked sporadically in the years since. Of note, he had a recurring role on NBC’s Kings and did some voice work for Robot Chicken. Most recently, it appears he’s taken to doing cameos, as he appeared as himself on The Jim Gaffigan Show and will show up in the upcoming Zoolander No. 2.

Apart from acting, Culkin wrote a semi-autobiographical novel called Junior, which dealt with his child stardom and his relationship with his father, in 2006. He is also part of a band named The Pizza Underground that mostly parodies songs by The Velvet Underground.

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern (The Wet Bandits)

After playing Harry, Joe Pesci only stayed an actor for nine more years. During those years, he appeared in the Home Alone sequel and two sequels to Lethal Weapon, but perhaps his most well-known role was as the title character in My Cousin Vinny. In 1999, Pesci announced his retirement from acting in order to get out of the spotlight. Since then he has only appeared in a few movies and might be best known as that angry guy in the Snickers commercial. Most recently, Pesci has been connected to yet another Martin Scorsese movie.

Although Daniel Stern continued acting after Home Alone and its sequel, Marv is still the role he’s best known for. He had roles in City Slickers, Bushwhacked, Whip It and The Next Three Days, as well as a guest spot on Monk. He’s had a full life outside of acting by writing and directing TV shows, movies and plays and working as a sculptor. Stern and his wife also received service awards for volunteerism from President Obama. Most recently, he’s appeared in several TV shows, including Workaholics and Manhattan.

Roberts Blossom (Old Man Marley)

Home Alone was one of Roberts Blossom’s last acting roles before his retirement, but before he quit show business, he appeared in Doc Hollywood and The Quick and the Dead and had guest spots on Northern Exposure and Chicago Hope. After acting, Blossom spent time writing poetry until he passed away in 2011 at the age of 87. If you’re interested in learning more about his life, you should check out the documentary Full Blossom: The Life of Poet/Actor Roberts Blossom.

John Heard and Catherine O’Hara (Kevin’s Parents)

After playing Kevin’s father, Peter, in Home Alone and its sequel, John Heard has done a ton of acting with roles in well-known movies like Gladiator, The Pelican Brief and White Chicks. In 2013, he appeared in one of the greatest films of our time, Sharknado. If possible, Heard’s television career is even more illustrious than his movie career. He has had guest spots on almost every crime show imaginable, including several versions of Law & Order and NCIS: Los Angeles. A recurring role on The Sopranos as Detective Vin Makazian earned Heard an Emmy nomination, but if you want to see him in something more recent, try The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.

Like her movie husband, Catherine O’Hara has appeared in a lot of movies and TV shows since Home Alone and its sequel came out. Many of these roles have been kid friendly voiceover work in movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Where the Wild Things Are and Frankenweenie. When not doing voiceover, O’Hara often shows up in comedies like Away We Go and A.C.O.D., which is fitting since she started acting as a sketch comedienne. She had a recurring role on Six Feet Under and was nominated for an Emmy for her work in Temple Grandin. Most recently, she guest starred on Modern Family and can be seen in the upcoming second season of the Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek.

Devin Ratray (Buzz McCallister)

Buzz was perhaps the best known of Kevin’s siblings because he was the biggest jerk, especially in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. After playing that role, actor Devin Ratray had sporadic roles throughout the late ‘90s and early ‘00s while he went to film school. But he returned to the acting business in 2009 and has had a slew of roles since then, including guest spots on Supernatural, Elementary and Marvel’s Agent Carter. He also appeared in movies such as Nebraska and R.I.P.D. In 2016, you can catch Ratray in the heist comedy Masterminds.

Since you probably can’t make your family disappear like Kevin’s, make sure you sit down and watch Home Alone with them this holiday season. And if you’re so inclined, you can update them on what all the actors are doing after the movies. That’s the best way to say “Merry Christmas.”

So, what are you waiting for? Find one of the ubiquitous showings of Home Alone and enjoy, ya filthy animals!

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ROSWELL (Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox)

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Cast Catch-Up: ‘LOST’

LOST (Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

LOST (Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios)

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

It’s safe to say that number sequence is going to be stuck in the heads of Lost fans until the end of time. The show may have ended almost five years ago, but the impact of this infinitely frustrating sci-fi series lives on. The only question is, what are the cast members up to today?

Matthew Fox, a.k.a. “Jack”

Fox hasn’t appeared in much since the conclusion of Lost. He played a serial killer in the abysmal 2012 reboot of Alex Cross. The film was slammed by critics, but had less to do with Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox’s acting than Rob Cohen’s unbearably terrible directing. In 2012 Fox also co-starred alongside Tommy Lee Jones in Emperor, a lackluster World War II piece with dull direction and a terrible script. It seems Fox’s trouble is that he continues to sign on with inexperienced or notoriously bad directors. If he hasn’t already, Fox needs to fire his agent, because his talents are far beyond the tripe he’s appeared in recently. He will appear in upcoming western Bone Tomahawk alongside Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson and Richard Jenkins. Let’s hope this is a change of direction for Fox’s career.

Evangeline Lilly, a.k.a. “Kate”

I absolutely love Evangeline Lilly, and I’m thrilled that she is finally getting the roles she deserves. In The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, she delivered a performance that made me love a character that doesn’t exist in the Tolkein canon. Although The Hobbit is perfectly wonderful without any romance, Tauriel and Kili’s love story was compelling and well executed. Lilly is also set to star in this year’s Ant-Man alongside Paul Rudd. In portraying her character, Hope van Dyne, Lilly looks like she will also be portraying the superhero Wasp, even though it will not strictly follow Marvel canon. I’m excited to see her in Ant-Man, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Josh Holloway, a.k.a. “Sawyer”

Josh Holloway was one of my favorite actors on Lost, but he has had a difficult time following up his role as Sawyer. He starred in Intelligence on CBS, but the network cancelled the series after just one season. He also appeared in Sabotage, a film that featured excellent performances, but was difficult to enjoy with its hyper-violent, gruesome action scenes. Holloway also had a leading role in the deeply embarrassing dance film Battle of the Year. It’s okay, Josh. We don’t have to talk about that one.

Daniel Dae Kim, a.k.a. “Jin”

Daniel Dae Kim’s career was already taking off just before the start of Lost with roles on 24, ER and Star Trek: Enterprise, but his appearance on the show certainly solidified his success. Actually, 2004 was a great year for Kim — he had roles in Spiderman 2 and Crash in addition to Lost premiering on ABC. Since the conclusion of the show, Kim has provided the voice for Hiroshi Sato on The Legend of Korra. He also lent his voice talents to Oscar-nominated animated feature The Tale of Princess Kaguya, a film from Studio Ghibli, the same production company that gave us masterpieces like Ponyo and Spirited Away. He also stars on Hawaii Five-0, where you can often catch some of his Lost co-stars making appearances. Kim’s next big project is this year’s Insurgent, where he will play Candor leader Jack Kang.

Elizabeth Mitchell, a.k.a. “Juliet”

Once Upon a Time is another excellent show for anyone who wants to see more Lost veterans on television. Jorge Garcia, Emilie de Ravin and Alan Dale have all appeared on this fantasy series where Elizabeth Mitchell appeared as the Snow Queen. Mitchell also starred in the post-apocalyptic show Revolution until it was cancelled by NBC. She’s had a run of bad luck with cancellations, as her starring role on V was cut short when ABC cut the series after two seasons. Hopefully she’ll nab another long-term series sometime soon.

I know there are several amazing actors left off this list, but we all know where stars like Maggie Grace and Michelle Rodriguez are now. I could go on for days about what television shows and films the rest of the Lost alums can be seen in but unfortunately, it’s about time for me to go push a button.


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DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: Adrian Rogers / BBC)

Cast Catch-up: The New Series Doctors of ‘Doctor Who’

DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: Adrian Rogers / BBC)

DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: Adrian Rogers / BBC)

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SAVED BY THE BELL (Image Credit: Lionsgate Home Entertainment)

Cast Catch-Up: ‘Saved by the Bell’

SAVED BY THE BELL (Image Credit: Lionsgate Home Entertainment)

SAVED BY THE BELL (Image Credit: Lionsgate Home Entertainment)

It was only last May that the final episode of Saved by the Bell had its 20th anniversary, but to me, it feels like it was just yesterday. Okay, okay, so I wasn’t even alive when the last episode aired. However, I grew up watching this early ‘90s show, swooning over Zack Morris and daydreaming of the day I’d be able to attend Bayside High School. I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t show up on my first day of freshman year in a full-on-Lisa-Turtle-approved ensemble; that’s how much I was convinced Bayside was the standard for what high school would be like. Now, I’ve moved on to using Saved by the Bell: The College Years as a guideline to tackling university, but what am I going to do once I graduate? It’s a moment like this that I have to know: just what happened to my beloved Bayside Class of 1993? Though I’ll never get an answer, I DO know what happened to the cast that brought them to life. Continue reading

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BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

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I decided to find out for myself what the “Scoobies” are up to outside their alter egos. Continue reading