Interstate 90 Film in the works from Director Allan Wylie! Teaser Poster Reveal!

Interstate 90 Teaser Poster (Image Credit: Allan Wylie)

Interstate 90 Teaser Poster (Image Credit: Allan Wylie)

Fans of Allan Wylie’s independent short film The Charon Incident, will be thrilled to hear he has begun production on a new a feature length film called Interstate 90! Writer director Allan Wylie has teamed up with long-time creative partner Jason McFarling, a ten year industry veteran, to work on bringing this film to the screen. And they won’t be doing it alone.

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Movie Review: ‘The Charon Incident’

The Charon Incident is an Independent Short Film by writer/director Allan Wylie, with a plot that will have you wondering what goes on behind the walls of big name pharmaceutical companies when no one is looking. The film centers around fictional Agape Pharmaceuticals, a company attempting to “corner the market on saving lives,” and stars Jessie Pavelka as Clay Davidson, a “private fixer” who is tasked with one last mission from his handler before retiring. To tell you anymore than that would ruin all the fun of this suspenseful watch, so I’ll get right to the review Continue reading