Red-y for Summer: Six Sizzling Products by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

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Pumps | Nail Polish | Sunnies | Skinnies | Coin Purse | Lip Gloss

There is something about the color red that screams summer to me. I don’t know if it’s because most of our patriotic holidays fall in the hotter months or it just reminds me of sizzling temperatures. Red is such a power color. I find it so chic when a women has enough confidence to rock red. There are women who may be intimidated to wear such a saturated hue, so today I am bringing you an assortment of products to try. It may be easier to infiltrate red when you wear it on your lips or on your nails.

Red Pumps

Red pumps are always a good idea for a night on the town. Pair them with an all black ensemble for a pop of color. Whether you’re headed to a dance club with friends or on a date night with your hubby, red shoes are the way to go.

Red Nail Polish

To be honest I am an Essie Fiji girl at heart. My nails are shorter so a lighter color goes a long way. However, when fun holidays come about I tend to opt for something punchier! Pick out a poppy red tone like the one featured here for the Fourth of July weekend.


This pair of cat eye sunnies is hot, hot, hot! Won’t they pair perfectly with your beach ensemble? Between your wavy beach hair, bronzed skin and red sunglasses you’ll surely be red-y for summer.


You have your classic white jeans and light wash jeans for the summer months, but why not mix it up? Pick up an apple red pair of skinny jeans. Wear them with a navy, white or cream top and sandals. They’ll be perfect for a baseball game or barbecue.

Coin Purse

A coin purse is a super easy way to infiltrate red, without actually having to wear it. Simply use it when you pop into the market or ice cream parlor. You’re sure to receive some compliments!

Lip Gloss

A red lip is very Marilyn Monroe. It’s sexy, yet classic and should be worn the right way. Gloss is sticky, so I suggest that you do not wear it with a white shirt or light top. Any extra gloss could end up staining your shirt. I love to wear a red lip with a black skater dress. Adorable!


Thrift Store (Image Credit: J.D. Thomas)

The Benefits of Buying Secondhand

Thrift Store (Image Credit: J.D. Thomas)

Thrift Store (Image Credit: J.D. Thomas)

Whoever you are, whatever your age and wherever you come from, at some point in your life, you’ve shopped for clothes. Some of us indulge more time and money into this pastime than others, but all of us are shoppers. Some shop more religiously than others. We all have our favorite stores and styles, but before you leave for your next shopping trip, consider stopping by your local thrift shop. Buying secondhand may come with something of a stigma, depending on how religiously you shop, but thrift shopping will save you money, and ultimately there are many benefits to buying used instead of new. Continue reading

Ashley Eckstein (Image Credit: Nick Slotten / The Daily Quirk)

VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with Her Universe Founder and Actress Ashley Eckstein

Ashley Eckstein (Image Credit: Nick Slotten / The Daily Quirk)

Ashley Eckstein (Image Credit: Nick Slotten / The Daily Quirk)

Ashley Eckstein is a busy (and pretty darn awesome) lady in the geek world. As the former voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the owner of the fangirl fashion company Her Universe, she has done quite a bit to contribute to the culture in which she grew up. Eckstein sat down with The Daily Quirk at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo to talk about her beginnings in the Star Wars fandom, the inspiration behind Her Universe, and what’s next for her expanding fashion line. Watch the exclusive interview below and then check out the super cool teaser for her San Diego Comic Con Fashion Show! Continue reading

Seven Fun Little White Dresses for Summer!

The Best Little White Dresses for Summer

As we get ready for the summer months, it’s time to start thinking about those little white dresses, or LWD, for short. Just as the little black dress is a staple in any wardrobe, the LWD should be given the same amount of adoration, especially in the summer. The white dress is a timeless —whether you’re into a simple classy look, or a more laid-back hippy vibe—the LWD offers something for everyone.

For a sweet and chic look, try a dress like Revolve Clothing’s Raga Lace Mini dress. This dress can be dressed up or down, depending on your plans. For a more casual looks pair with brown or gold simple sandals. For a dressier look, try pairing the dress with a nude wedge.

Nastygal clothing offers a variety of little white dresses, ranging from bohemian looks to more sexier and sleek looks. The Nasty Gal’s Not Your Sweetheart dress combines a sweet and sexy style in a dress that can be worn many different ways throughout the summer. This dress can be worn with heels, wedges, or sandals, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

For those of you into a more simple and sleek style, Nordstrom offers a variety of white sundresses that fit your every need. The Topshop Open Back Jersey Halter Dress is a clean and classy addition to the LWD family. Try paring this dress with a simple sandal for a look that’s both comfortable and stylish.

As much as you may love your little black dresses—it’s about time to start exploring the ways a LWD can transform your summer look (and enhance your tan)!


Shopping Links

Raga lace dress

Topshop white dress

$56 –

Nasty Gal romper

White dress


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‘Supernatural’ fan-designed t-shirts to begin sales today

SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: CW) / SUPERNATURAL Design Challenge Tee (Image Credit:

SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: CW) / SUPERNATURAL Design Challenge Tee (Image Credit:

Back in March, Supernatural executive producers Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer announced a challenge for the entire fandom. The task? Design a t-shirt that represented the core value of Supernatural: Saving people. Hunting things. The family business. And the winners would be turned into official merchandise, available for purchase at a later date. Continue reading

Winter Fashion You Can Bring into Spring!

Winter to Spring

There are some things in life that are hard to let go of—and if you’re a lover of this season’s winter fashion—luckily, you have the permission to hold on just a little bit longer. Layers, booties, patterned cardigans and leggings…all the looks we cherish this winter can actually stick around this spring. The trick is to know what to pair your winter clothes with, so that spring and winter fashion combine in a (hopefully) perfect harmony. As you start to get ready for a little spring cleaning, re-evaluate the cables and knits you would normally move to the back of your closet in anticipation of warmer weather. Continue reading

Racks and Racks (Image Credit: Kevin K)

Shopping smart at discount fashion stores!

Racks and Racks (Image Credit: Kevin K)

Racks and Racks (Image Credit: Kevin K)

As a college student, saving money is always a top priority. But who really wants to give up shopping until graduation day? Let’s face it; it’s not possible. So, for the fashionista who can’t go much longer than a few weeks without feeling the need to peruse the racks at Express, (maybe I have a problem!), I have to find ways to shop smarter and spend money wisely. Continue reading

Workout Apparel Trends for Spring 2014

Fitness Trends in Article

As spring approaches, it’s seriously time to start thinking about the ways we can get our body prepared for (wait for it…) bathing suit season. Yep, I said it. Winter will be behind us sooner than we think, and as we start preparing our body for those little sundresses and bikinis—it’s also time to think about the apparel we wear as we strut our stuff at the gym. Workout clothing has gotten significantly more fashionable in the last decade (remember those “swishy” track suits), and is continuing to become more stylish with each season. Whether you’re into bright neon spandex, or more subtle black and white patterns, this spring season brings comfort and style together, to have you feeling both sexy and confident at the gym. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Party Fashion Tips!

New Years Fashion

The countdown is about to start! It’s time to find the perfect outfit to wear to your New Year’s Eve party. Whether you are celebrating by watching the ball drop on television or in Times Square, these sparkly garments are sure to inspire you to create a one-of-a-kind look. Continue reading

GAP (Image Credit: FuFu Wolf)

Gap unveils a new reserve in store shopping option

GAP (Image Credit: FuFu Wolf)

GAP (Image Credit: FuFu Wolf)

Do you ever find the perfect thing online but then you get nervous because what if it doesn’t fit? I would guess this happens to more than just me. I do not trust myself with a blind purchase of pants and dresses, but GAP has the solution! Now at select Gap and Banana Republic stores you can have items held for you that you’ve found on the internet.

How does it work? Once you’ve found an item you want to be held in the store for you there is a FIND IT NOW blue button. After you click on that, you’ll get to choose your store from a list. There will be a RESERVE IN STORE button next to a location. Once picked, an email will confirm with instructions for how to pick up your reserved items. If you like them, and they fit, you can buy in the store. Voila! Continue reading

Winter Fashion Essentials!

Winter Fashion

I am pleased to announce that we have finally made a full transition into the winter season. The time has come to bury the cute trench coats in the back of our closets and say goodbye to the shorts and tights combo. As the last leaves turn and wither from the trees, and the first snowfalls begin, bring out those hats and gloves. But don’t worry, fashion never dies. Here are some winter essentials from head to toe. Continue reading

Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Wet Seal introduces ABC Family inspired ‘Crush’ collection

Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Have you ever been watching your favorite television shows and said to yourself, “Wow, I’d love to have that person’s style! It’s amazing!” Well, now you can thanks to Disney Consumer Products, Wet Seal and ABC Family.

On Nov. 3, Wet Seal debuted Crush, a clothing line that brings the styles of some of your favorite ABC Family characters to your closet. This collaboration is the first of it’s kind for Wet Seal, and it aims to make trendy, fashion forward clothes accessible to the average person.
Continue reading

Stitchfix Style Choices (Image Credit: Stitchfix)

Stitchfix: The style savior you need to try!

Stitchfix Style Choices (Image Credit: Stitchfix)

Stitchfix Style Choices (Image Credit: Stitchfix)

I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not a fashion genius. My current wardrobe is about 90% t-shirts, and despite my greatest efforts to trash the t-shirts and apply a more mature look, I always come up short. I’ve even tried watching What Not To Wear on TLC for fashion tips, but I always end up focusing more on the personal growth of the woman on the show than the actual reasoning behind the clothes she’s buying.

That’s when I had an idea. I decided what I needed was a personal stylist. So I turned to Google to inform me of all the possible options I had available. After about an hour of searching, I found an angel sent from heaven to rescue my poor, fashionless soul. Continue reading

Floppy Hat (Image Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov)

5 Expired Fashion Trends I Wish Were Still In Style…

Floppy Hat (Image Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov)

Floppy Hat (Image Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov)

Over the centuries, fashion has fluctuated drastically. Many trends have come and gone, making their way out of our wardrobes and becoming the stuff of stale, musty secondhand stores, where they hang alongside itchy, moth-eaten, disheveled sweaters.

It’s a shame to leave such precious little treasures tucked away in cemeteries of extinct and dying trends, where they’ve been labeled either tacky or outdated simply by association. So, next time you’re scavenging the aisles of Goodwill or Savers, I’ve compiled, if you will, a treasure hunt, consisting of five fashion items I think should come out of hiding.

Continue reading