Just a Spoonful of Oil: Why You Should Try Oil Pulling


Oil Pull

I woke up one morning with a terrible cold and the first thing I did was check Pinterest for home remedies to help me get rid of it. I’m all about the home remedies. If I can get healthier by buying something cheaper and more natural, then I’ll do it. Continue reading


5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Regimen!

Coconut (Image Credit: Chandrika Nair)

Coconut (Image Credit: Chandrika Nair)

I’m sure most of you readers out there have heard of Coconut Oil if not due to your clean eating diet then for other health benefits.  Touted as one of the healthiest cooking oils available, the solidified oil in a jar seems to be making its rounds in the food community.  However, did you know that coconut oil is also a multi-use beauty product?  Before I list 5 ways you can use it in your beauty regimen, let me give you a brief history. Continue reading