Coffee Cup (Image Credit: Kuba Bożanowski)

Do you have a caffeine addiction?

Coffee Cup (Image Credit: Kuba Bożanowski)

Coffee Cup (Image Credit: Kuba Bożanowski)

A demanding day of work, class and other responsibilities may have you running to the nearest coffee shop or supermarket for an energy boost. Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and energy drinks can help you get through your day; but how do you distinguish between these caffeinated sources being merely a boost for the day or a necessity? How do you know when you’ve had too much caffeine? The following is a guide to caffeine consumption, its “addictive” effects and how you can monitor your intake! Continue reading

Macchiato (Image Credit: Flickr User Pondskipper)

Your First Time… Ordering Espresso

Macchiato (Image Credit: Flickr User Pondskipper)

Macchiato (Image Credit: Flickr User Pondskipper)

I remember when my coffee expertise only extended as far as over-syruped Starbucks drinks. All I knew was that I liked my coffee sweet and strong, and finger-lickin’ foamy. After working the espresso bar myself, it’s become obvious that there is so much more to know. So if you’re new to coffee culture (thus undoubtedly confused) I recommend you follow my beginner’s guide to your first time ordering espresso.

We’ve all experienced that panic-stricken moment of despair right before we reach the register—quivering and shaking, sweating bullets, studying the menu board and then finally we’re asked the dreaded question “What can we get for you?” Your heart stops beating. You are in the twilight zone. You need caffeine. Everybody else around you understands and speaks espresso. Everyone except for you. Continue reading

DIY Coffee Bean Candle (Image Credit: The Happy Housewife)

DIY Coffee Bean Candles by The Happy Housewife

DIY Coffee Bean Candle (Image Credit: The Happy Housewife)

DIY Coffee Bean Candle (Image Credit: The Happy Housewife)

Wondering what you should do with those expired coffee beans? We’ve all got coffee stashed away, behind the aging mac ‘n cheese, gradually filling up our cabinets. It’s terrible. As a former barista myself, I know how coffee can accumulate. Perhaps you haven’t opened it because you don’t drink decaf. Now it’s several years expired, you can’t bring yourself to drink it, but you can’t bring yourself to toss it (in case one day you’re really desperate). Well I’ve got the perfect way for you to clear your coffee clutter: quick and easy DIY Coffee Bean Candles, from the The Happy HousewifeContinue reading

Starbucks Offers New Menu Items for Spring!

Starbucks Cup (Image Credit: Daniella Segura)

Starbucks Cup (Image Credit: Daniella Segura)

In March, Starbucks fanatics were excited to see the new Hazelnut Macchiato debut. Now Starbucks is coming out with new drinks and foods for the spring and summer seasons.

Among the most talked about drink coming to the Starbucks’ line is the Carmel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino, which will debut on April 30th. The drink will be made “with caramel syrup, Frappuccino roast coffee, milk and ice, drizzled with a layer of Starbucks’ new dark caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream, more caramel and a crunchy caramel sugar topping.” (source 1) Continue reading

Quirky Item of the Week: Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

How nice would it be to just stand in front of one appliance while making breakfast instead of scurrying off to the oven, stove, coffee maker and toaster oven? It would be pretty AWESOME I would have to say! With this new appliance: The Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station, you will have everything that you need for a fast easy breakfast all in one place. You can brew your coffee, toast your bread and fry up some eggs, bacon and sausage on the hot griddle together as one. Continue reading

Quirky Item of the Week: Octopus Surprise Mug

I like hot chocolate almost as much as I like tea, and I like tea almost as much as I like coffee, and I don’t like doing dishes at all so that adds up to needing a lot of mugs in my cabinet. I pretty much gauge when it’s time to run the dishwasher by when I run out of mugs to drink out of… and this mug is totally fun to drink out of, but not as much fun as it is to slip to an unsuspecting guest. Continue reading

5 Reasons… I have a love/hate relationship with Starbucks

Image Credit: Flickr User Nicola since 1972

I am not going to waste your time complaining about the price of a coffee from Starbucks or wax on about the ridiculous language of Starbucks’ sizes and ordering. If you like what Starbucks has to offer, you turn a blind eye to those idiosyncrasies the same way you turn a blind eye to the fact your boyfriend throws his head back like a baby bird when he swallows vitamins and pills (my fiance does this every single time despite scientific evidence that it can actually make it harder to swallow certain things. i don’t get it.). If those things bother you that much, there is a simple solution: don’t go to Starbucks (or break up with your boyfriend).

What I am here to do say is that I have a love/hate relationship with Starbucks that goes much deeper than language and pricing. I hate to love my Starbucks addiction and love to hate it. It’s the kind of tumultuous relationship that makes for crappy soap opera storylines and romance novel fodder. Why can there never be a happy medium for me and Starbucks you ask? Here are the five reasons why… Continue reading

What We’re Loving Right Now: Keurig Coffee Maker

Image Credit: Flickr User pijinomaha

Hi, my name is Jennifer, I am a coffee addict and I am lazy. My Keurig is probably one of the best gifts I have ever received. At least now there is some chance that I will actually make my own coffee. I think I may have used my regular, old drip coffee maker only a handful of times. Pure laziness consumes me, and the thought of putting in a filter and adding coffee to it (different amounts depending on how much I wanted to make) just didn’t do it for me. So instead, I’d be out at Starbucks buying coffee that I could have made myself, for a lot cheaper. Enter the Keurig I received as a birthday gift last year; just fill up with water and pop in a K-Cup®. What is a K-Cup®, you ask? It’s a single serving sized cup that goes right into your Keurig and brews a delicious cup of coffee. Once you’re done, take out the cup and toss it in the trash! No messy filters to clean up. I can make one cup for myself and not have to worry about all the left over coffee that I will either have to force myself to drink ( and be bouncing off the walls) or dump down the drain. K-Cups come in many varieties, including tea and hot cocoa. Continue reading

5 Reasons… I’m Obsessed with Coffee

Image Credit: flickr user chichacha

1. I figure I will start off with the most obvious reason all of us drink coffee…caffeine! It just starts the morning off right. If I don’t have a coffee in my hand within a half hour of walking out the door, I just do not feel right, not to mention I will be moody within the hour!

2. I love waiting for the “special” holiday and seasonal change of flavors. When peppermint comes around, I know Christmas will be here soon. With pumpkin spice comes Halloween, leaves, and the fall. I love the fruity flavors for spring and summer!

3.  Another reason for the the fall and winter just holding the cup of warm coffee makes my day or night that much better. In the spring and summer, I love nothing more than the sound of the ice hitting my cup and how refreshing the coffee tastes!

4. To me, drinking coffee is also a social activity. My fellow blogger Jen and I get coffee almost every day after dinner. It always ends up in conversations that leave us laughing for the whole night. Even at family parties we end the night with coffee and dessert, which then leads to the party starting all over again and the night not ending for another two hours.

5. My final reason is also just as obvious as the first, it just tastes good and there are so many ways you can try it.  No matter your preference, coffee can be made to your liking; milk, skim, light, sweet, decaf, splenda, flavored, dark, etc…the list goes on. I prefer mine light with one sugar!