DIY Confetti Tumblers by Radical Possibility

Stores like Anthropologie make me wish I had an unlimited home decor budget (as opposed to the reality that buying even one item there could break my budget). Lots of DIY’s claim to replicate items from the store, but leave me wondering who do you really think you’re fooling? Either the look of the final […]

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DIY Crepe Paper Flowers by Let’s Do Something Crafty

Spring is in full bloom, but for those of us with allergies it can be hard to enjoy the beauty of flowers when it means sneezing, wheezing and itchy eyes are an added bonus. But rejoice, my flora deprived friends, we found a DIY that will let you add a touch of color to your […]

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Featured DIY: Confetti Bowl from VJuliet

In need of a little color pop in your home? VJuliet has come up with the perfect solution! This DIY Confetti Bowl will make the perfect addition to any home. It’s cute, functional and best of all, easy to make! This is a project that the whole family can be a part of and will […]

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Featured DIY: Temporary Tattoos by The Homesteady

Have you found yourself constantly going back and forth between whether or not you should get a tattoo? If you’re a commitmentphobe like I am, you probably often find yourself wondering whether or not you would get sick of something permanently inked into your skin and wish that there was a way to test out […]

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DIY: Circle Shelf from The Merry Thought

There comes a time in a person’s life where they head to the internet (e.g. Tumblr or Pinterest) for decoration inspiration. My latest inspiration comes from The Merry Thought. I was introduced to the idea of a DIY Circle Shelf which looks extremely complicated at first glance but it’s really not!

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DIY: Tips for Creating Your Home Library

When my books covered more floorspace in my bedroom than my actual furniture, I knew I needed to make a change. And I sure wasn’t planning on giving up my book addiction, so the next logical step was to give my books a place of honor in my home, on shelves made specifically for them. […]

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DIY Jeweled and Studded Cuffs by Life in Mod

DIY Jeweled and Studded Cuffs (Image Credit: Life in Mod)

I always find it funny when magazines recommend jewelry pieces that cost upwards of $50 as items that can be afforded on any budget. I don’t know about you, but as a recent college graduate who has yet to begin her career, there is no way I can drop $50 or more on a necklace […]

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DIY Infused Sugar and Sea Salt by House of Earnest

Lately, I’ve been on a DIY binge, especially with Christmas around the corner. To me, there is nothing more special than giving a gift that is unique to the person receiving it and was crafted by my own two hands. It makes my heart smile just thinking about it. After weeks of searching, I think […]

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DIY Pet Pillow by Yellow Brick Home

Like most pet owners, I spend way too much time and money on my cats. Technically, they aren’t even my cats. They’re my boyfriend’s. But that doesn’t stop me from spoiling them with toys, constantly taking pictures of them and inserting their names into popular songs.

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DIY Heart Pegboard Jewelry Organizer by A Bubbly Life

DIY Heart Pegboard Jewelry Organizer (Image Credit: A Bubbly Life)

If you’re like me and digging through drawers, bags or boxes full of jewelry drives you absolutely crazy, this DIY Heart Pegboard Jewelry Organizer by A Bubbly Life is for you girls. Before I got my own pegboard, I was guilty of rummaging through my drawers for about half an hour in the mornings before […]

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DIY This Week/Next Week Planner by A Thousand Words

DIY This Week/Next Week Frame Planner (Image Credit: A Thousand Words)

With summer coming to a close, a crazy school schedule will soon be back in full swing for students. As many college-goers know, it is close to impossible to fit every assignment, event, and club meeting into the average, teeny-tiny eight-inch planner. So, why not spell out your schedule in a big, bold way while […]

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DIY Coffee Bean Candles by The Happy Housewife

DIY Coffee Bean Candle (Image Credit: The Happy Housewife)

Wondering what you should do with those expired coffee beans? We’ve all got coffee stashed away, behind the aging mac ‘n cheese, gradually filling up our cabinets. It’s terrible. As a former barista myself, I know how coffee can accumulate. Perhaps you haven’t opened it because you don’t drink decaf. Now it’s several years expired, […]

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DIY Mason Jar Flower Shelf by With Lovely

DIY Mason Jar Shelf by With Lovely

Lately, my interior design interests have been skewing very “country” and “rustic” feeling. I’ve been on the lookout for small ways to add those kind of design elements to my home, without breaking the budget or any major renovations (knowing my past M.O. of wanting to move onto a whole new theme way too often). […]

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DIY Mod Podged Map Art by Punk Projects

I have a thing for map art. Something about viewing a depiction of the continents is just as appealing to me as gazing at a van Gogh. Perhaps it’s my traveler’s soul, or maybe I’m just fascinated by the notion that we’re all slowly drifting together and apart at the same time. Either way, I like map art and it […]

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