Fashion with Character: The Bennet Sisters of ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Bennet Sisters

Jane Austen introduced the five Bennet sisters to the world in 1813 when her beloved Pride and Prejudice was first published and after being around for just over 200 years, the girls are still hot in demand. Thousands of tourists flock to the Jane Austen Museum in Bathe and the country estates emulated by the beloved Pemberly, and each year brings with it new P&P memorabilia in the form of book spin-offs, film adaptations, mini-series and more.. While we devour the story because of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s perfect love, the sisters and their humorous dynamic are responsible for much of the true entertainment.

With five sisters you’re sure to encounter a wide array of personalities and with these different personalities come diverse and individual styles. It’s so easy to get caught up in a whimsical longing for the era in which the Bennet sisters would have live- one filled with corsets, petticoats and perfect ringlets- but it’s even more fun to entertain what these girls would have dressed like in modern times. Continue reading