5 Tips for Good Gym Etiquette


There seems to be an unspoken “gym etiquette” code that some gym goers understand, while others seem to have missed the memo. But what are some of these unspoken rules? Continue reading

Why Men Should Give Yoga a Chance

(Image Credit: undrey)

(Image Credit: undrey)

Man, the stories are true in regards to yoga. It’s a complete workout that can kick your butt in more ways than one. Believe me, like most guys, I was one of those skeptics that thought yoga was geared more towards the “feminine” side and basically threw aside the benefits that participating in the activity could have for me. Like most men, I prefer taking the more “masculine” route by lifting weights and doing cardio because in my mind I thought, as a man, that’s the only way you can build yourself to get stronger. Jeez was I wrong…

After suffering from a back injury a while back (I have to remember to stretch more OFTEN), I was told by a physical therapist to cease any strenuous physical activity for a couple weeks. Now, if you knew me in a personal level you would know that’s not an option for me. I love to stay active, as I think it’s the best thing for your body to thrive in the vitality and longevity that fitness brings. So with that being said, sitting on my couch was not an option. This is where yoga came into play.

After pleading to my physical therapist about ways to stay in shape, he brought up the idea of yoga. It was funny because the way he said it was if he knew right off the bat I was going to say no. (He wasn’t wrong though; I’m a skeptic.) After hearing him out for a bit I decided to take his suggestion. I went out and bought a yoga mat and looked up a few videos on Youtube. It was then where I was introduced to Fightmaster yoga, with Lesley as the instructor, and then I fell in love with yoga. After a few yoga sessions, I can honestly say I’ve never felt my heart pound that hard repeatedly after any cardio session I’ve ever participated in.

Guys, trust me, yoga isn’t as taboo as you think it may be. I’ve learned to leave my comfort zone in order to try something that I thought wasn’t “masculine” enough. I personally believe that can be dangerous thinking, especially if we’re inhibiting ourselves from trying something new. So, calling out all men (who haven’t tried yoga yet) – I dare you to go out, buy a yoga mat and engage in the activity. I’ve already added it to my weekly routine. Try something new for once; it won’t hurt! At least not that much!

Fashionable Sneakers for a Stylish Workout


Need a little extra workout motivation? One thing that always works for me is some cute new workout gear. No one wants to hit the gym in an unflattering old t-shirt and beat up sneakers that give you blisters. Fashionable, functional workout gear can make a huge difference not just in motivation, but also in your performance. So let’s start with the most important part of every outfit: shoes! The Daily Quirk rounded up our favorite fashionable sneakers to help you create a cute, comfortable foundation for your next workout! Continue reading

(Image Credit: Gromovataya)

5 Home Workout Programs That Will Whip You Into Shape

(Image Credit: Gromovataya)

(Image Credit: Gromovataya)

It would be easy to fit in a workout if we all had a free 24 Hour Fitness next door, but unfortunately gym memberships aren’t feasible for everyone. Memberships aren’t cheap, and there are only so many hours in the day – you don’t always want to spend your precious free time en route to the gym. Continue reading

Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From… Running


“I hate running.”

“I don’t understand why you like running. It’s so boring.”

“Did you take a jog today?”

These are some of the responses typical runners get when running comes up in conversation. I know this because you could say running is a big part of my life. I’m currently on a college cross country team, and I ran three seasons (including both cross country and track) in high school. I read running books and magazines and I’m obsessed with my team. Most of all, though, I’m obsessed with running because it has something to teach me every day, so that’s why everything I need to know I learned from running.

1. There’s nothing wrong with a little superstition.

Whether it’s a lucky hair ribbon or a near religious pre-race routine, confidence comes from all different places. Establishing a good routine is an effective way to prepare for stressful or high-stakes situations because they make us comfortable and confident, both in running and in other situations like work, school, etc.

2. A good pair of shoes can change your life.

The story of Cinderella got at least one thing right — the right running shoes can carry you miles from home and take you right back. Those miles can provide fitness, friends, confidence and life lessons. Believe in them.

3. The clock is your best friend and your biggest rival. Deal with it.

I know time is a human convention and all that, but it’s real and we have to deal with it. Running has taught me not to waste time, but I’ve also learned that time spent exploring a new trail with my best friend or taking a day off from running isn’t necessarily a waste. Spending time well is an art, and running makes me conscious of how I do it and how I can do it better.

4. Running isn’t the same as running away.

Running is productive. When things get complicated or annoying or whatever, running is a place to sort out your thoughts and brainstorm questions and answers. Sometimes it’s a place to remember and sometimes it’s a place to forget. It can be alone time or friend time. Distractions aren’t always a bad thing — we need them so our heads don’t explode, actually, and running can be that productive distraction.

5. Role models are out there.

People complain that movie stars and professional athletes aren’t great role models, so there must be a lack of role models. Professional runners are often little-known public figures, but they’re still awesome. Shalane Flanagan is strong, Kara Goucher is brave, Phoebe Wright is witty, Ryan Hall is confident and Meb Keflezighi won Boston (enough said). They’re always providing inspirational Tweets, personal blog posts and insightful views. Generally, they’re not in it for the money or the glamour (if they were, they’d be disappointed quite often I bet), and they run hills and get injured and lose toenails like the rest of us.

6. There’s nothing wrong with falling on your face.

Literally and figuratively. I’ve fallen on my face more times than I can count — sometimes mud, roots, ice and feet just get in the way. But I’ve also had far more embarrassing races and workouts that made me want to cry harder and hide longer. Facing them, though, taught me how to get over embarrassing moments and figure out why they happened. Falling down is an opportunity to get back up and it’s proof that you took a risk. Falling down in running teaches us that it’s OK to fall down other places, too. Just look at Lolo Jones, who didn’t stop being fabulous when she fell in an Olympic hurdle race in Beijing.

7. Excellence is a habit.

This one was actually Aristotle a long time ago, but I would never have believed it or accepted it as part of my life if it weren’t for running. The philosopher believed that every time we make a good choice, we move toward being a better version of ourselves. In the same way, we become better runners — and better people — every time we make the kinds of choices that good runners make.

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Workout Apparel Trends for Spring 2014

Fitness Trends in Article

As spring approaches, it’s seriously time to start thinking about the ways we can get our body prepared for (wait for it…) bathing suit season. Yep, I said it. Winter will be behind us sooner than we think, and as we start preparing our body for those little sundresses and bikinis—it’s also time to think about the apparel we wear as we strut our stuff at the gym. Workout clothing has gotten significantly more fashionable in the last decade (remember those “swishy” track suits), and is continuing to become more stylish with each season. Whether you’re into bright neon spandex, or more subtle black and white patterns, this spring season brings comfort and style together, to have you feeling both sexy and confident at the gym. Continue reading

Acroyoga (Image Credit: Charlie Llewellin)

What’s the big deal about… Acroyoga?

Acroyoga (Image Credit: Charlie Llewellin)

Acroyoga (Image Credit: Charlie Llewellin)

I first became aware of acroyoga from a YouTube video a friend sent me. There were two people practicing with a mountain back drop. As one of the partners twisted and twirled, I thought it looked like a nature friendly version of a Cirque du Soleil performance. Despite what I first believed, acroyoga can be done by regular people.

Acroyoga is the combination of yoga, acrobatics and healings arts. There are three typical roles one can fill when participating. The person who is the base is the one who is supported by the floor. In most cases the base is laying on the ground which frees up their arms/legs to help the other person out. The flyer is the person who is supported by the base and is typically the one that you see moving into the complicated poses. The third position is a spotter who can make sure everything is going safely.  Continue reading

Cold Weather Exercise (Image Credit: Flickr User akunamatata)

Cold Weather Workouts to Keep You in Shape This Winter!

Cold Weather Exercise (Image Credit: Flickr User akunamatata)

Cold Weather Exercise (Image Credit: Flickr User akunamatata)

Many people find it much easier to keep fit in the summer months, when the days are longer and the weather is warmer. It’s much more appealing to go for a run in the morning when the sun is shining than in the cold. When it’s raining outside or the temperature calls for hats, gloves and scarves it can be much harder to motivate yourself to get out there exercising. However there are some workouts which just lend themselves to the colder months, so here are my suggestions for ways to stay active when all you want to do is curl up in bed! Continue reading

Running (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

5 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Routine

Running (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

Running (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

September is dawning on us. For many this means the back-to-school season is upon us, even those who are well out of education often use the month of September as a reason to rejuvenate. Cheesy alliterations aside, I personally love an excuse to start everything up again and push myself harder with my goals. Sometimes with all of the enjoyment summer brings with it, it can be really easy to lose motivation and relax one’s routine (which is definitely needed from time to time), so why not use the start of the fall season to give your own fitness routine a boost back into gear? Continue reading

Fitness Myths (Image Credit: Arema Foto)

Top 4 Women’s Fitness Myths Debunked

Fitness Myths (Image Credit: Arema Foto)

Fitness Myths (Image Credit: Arema Foto)

With the countless fitness magazines, all of the websites on health and fitness, and the constant influx of research being done on the subject of the human body and all it entails, it can become really difficult to figure out what to believe. There are always contradictory accounts of what to do to lose weight, when to work out, how to work out, etc. Not only do different sources have completely different messages, it can be hard to know which are based on fact and which are twisted to sell things to us. Hopefully this article will help clear a few myths up and help you straighten out your workouts. Continue reading

Fluorescent Fun Runs: Get Going and Get Glowing!

Living Social's 5k Dance Party (Image Credit: https://www.livingsocial.com/events/5kdanceparty)

Living Social’s 5k Dance Party (Image Credit: https://www.livingsocial.com/events/5kdanceparty)

More and more people are lacing up their sneakers to participate in fluorescent fun runs- 5ks that incorporate a light show and your favorite dance music with your goal towards fitness! These 5k’s can be run or walked and are often followed by a concert where participants can celebrate the completion of the run with dancing and refreshments! Continue reading

4 Workout Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making

Running (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

Running (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

Workout mistakes aren’t limited to bad form or faulty exercises.  The gym can bring on mental battles just as easily as it can physically kick your ass.  When you hear that Kim Kardashian is losing the baby weight by working out seven days a week or see Facebook pictures of the pudgy girl from high school lifting in a Crossfit gym, you may think they’re the only road to results.  Yeah…not really. Continue reading

Dive into Swimming as Exercise!

Swimming for Exercise (Image Credit: Maridav)

Swimming for Exercise (Image Credit: Maridav)

I have never been a fan of working out. Between finding the right gym, making the time to actually go, and motivating myself to get off the sofa and out of my pajamas, I never got very far. Luckily, there was one activity that always managed to not only get me off the couch, but also exercised my entire body in a single hour-long session. That activity was swimming. Continue reading

What Style of Yoga is Right for You?

Yoga (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

Yoga (Image Credit: Lululemon Athletica)

Yoga: it’s all the buzz in the exercise world. However, do you know what style of yoga best suits you? Before you go buy a yoga mat (or go find the one  that’s hiding in the closet), it’s important that you make sure you know the types of yoga offered to choose the one best for your body. Below is a quick overview of just a few styles of yoga. Continue reading