5 Tips for Good Gym Etiquette


There seems to be an unspoken “gym etiquette” code that some gym goers understand, while others seem to have missed the memo. But what are some of these unspoken rules? Continue reading


Top 5 Gym Pet Peeves

Top 5 Gym Pet PeevesAhh! There’s nothing better than getting a nice sweat going. I’ve been into the fitness lifestyle for about three years now and I can honestly say it was one the best decisions I’ve ever made. The feeling you get from pushing your body past its physical capacity is indescribable. Of course with fitness comes gym memberships and not so pleasurable experiences. Here are a few gym pet peeves that’ve manifested since I’ve started working out.

The Staredown:

Allight, I’m all for helping somebody if need be, but one thing that bothers me is when somebody just stares at you from afar and doesn’t even utter a word or acknowledge that they may have a problem with you or with what you’re doing. I’m not saying this happens only at the gym, but it’s happened quite a few times. You could already imagine the NSFW thoughts I’ve had during these situations.


Not Wiping Down Machines:

Etiquette is a must when attending a gym, so explain to me why some individuals have a problem with this rule. If you’re using a particular machine or equipment is it that hard to grab a wet wipe and clean your station? Like seriously how old are we?? Get it together folks.


Dirty Locker Rooms /Bathrooms:

I know that cleanliness falls on the gym staff, but as adults I feel as if we make tend to make their job harder than it has to be. Why are we flushing things that don’t even belong anywhere near a toilet? I’ve seen newspaper, lunch bags and bandages thrown in there. On top of that, some decide that placing used towels on the floor instead of a basket is a better choice. I tend to believe the notion that people are more civilized in places that they reside than in public. Usually in most gyms you have to be 18 years old to have a membership, so I question where some people learned their manners.


Obnoxious Grunting:

At a gym you’re going to hear an array of noises such as people conversing (which should be taking place elsewhere, not at a gym) or the clanging of weights against each other. One particular noise that gets to me is the LOUD, obnoxious grunting that takes place during an individual’s set. It’s usually being done by the jacked up muscle dude who thinks he runs the place. I have no problem with you expressing yourself at a gym, but if you’re grunting due to the difficulty of the weight being lifted, how about you just lessen the weight? Stop ego lifting, guys.


Use of Membership:

Alright, this one has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time now and that is the use of a membership. If you’re paying monthly for a gym membership then you have every right to decide how to put it in great use. What gets to me is when people attend a gym just to ride on a bike or run on a treadmill. It’s cool if you want to get your cardio in, but you can also make better use of a membership by doing other exercise. Many gym-goers, especially women, are afraid to lift weights, but it’s actually a great way to round out your fitness routine and reach your goals. If you’re willing to spend money on a membership, why not take advantage of all of the benefits that come with it?


There you go, my gym pet peeves that tend to get to me on occasion. It’s important to respect those around you, no matter where you are, and we tend to forget that, even if it may be common sense. I’m here to make my gym (and yours) a welcoming place for all.


Fashionable Sneakers for a Stylish Workout


Need a little extra workout motivation? One thing that always works for me is some cute new workout gear. No one wants to hit the gym in an unflattering old t-shirt and beat up sneakers that give you blisters. Fashionable, functional workout gear can make a huge difference not just in motivation, but also in your performance. So let’s start with the most important part of every outfit: shoes! The Daily Quirk rounded up our favorite fashionable sneakers to help you create a cute, comfortable foundation for your next workout! Continue reading

Workout Apparel Trends for Spring 2014

Fitness Trends in Article

As spring approaches, it’s seriously time to start thinking about the ways we can get our body prepared for (wait for it…) bathing suit season. Yep, I said it. Winter will be behind us sooner than we think, and as we start preparing our body for those little sundresses and bikinis—it’s also time to think about the apparel we wear as we strut our stuff at the gym. Workout clothing has gotten significantly more fashionable in the last decade (remember those “swishy” track suits), and is continuing to become more stylish with each season. Whether you’re into bright neon spandex, or more subtle black and white patterns, this spring season brings comfort and style together, to have you feeling both sexy and confident at the gym. Continue reading

Gym Bag (Image Credit: Lululemon)

Gym Bag Essentials: Pack it up before you work it out!

Gym Bag (Image Credit: Lululemon)

Gym Bag (Image Credit: Lululemon)

Let’s face it: it can be hard enough motivating yourself to work out without added complications, like realizing too late that you forgot to throw your ipod or your sneakers in your gym bag. I may not be able to help you remember your sneakers, but I can give you some tips on items to pack in your gym bag to make your workout a little easier! Continue reading

5 Tips for Good Gym Etiquette

At the Gym (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media)

At the Gym (Image Credit: Wavebreak Media)

There seems to be an unspoken “gym etiquette” code that some gym goers understand, while others seem to have missed the memo. But what are some of these unspoken rules?

Although I am sure there is an extensive list of gym etiquette somewhere out there, below are a few common rules I’ve picked up, or wished other people would have picked up on, from being a frequent gym goer. Continue reading