Easy Ways to Revitalize Your Hair!

SFD 105Spring is all but gone and summer is right around the corner. You’re probably hard at work on your new beach body, but your figure is not the only thing that needs some revitalizing- your hair probably needs it too! Bring on the sun with these beautiful, healthy hair tips. Continue reading

Why Do Women Change Their Hair Color?

Lucy (Image Credit: Nathan O'Nions)

Lucy (Image Credit: Nathan O’Nions)

Women have an interesting relationship with their hair. Oftentimes, one can determine if a woman is bold or conservative, rugged or girly, high-maintenance or low-key by how she wears her hair. We use our hair to show our personality and style, and for that reason, most of us are quite attached it.

Yet. many women (myself included) seem to change their hair more often than they change pocketbooks. If hair seems to be so deeply rooted (no pun intended) in who we are, the question must be asked: what prompts women to change their hair color and style so often? Continue reading