Steve Lund (Image Credit: Tim Leyes)

An Interview with ‘Bitten’ Star Steve Lund

Steve Lund (Image Credit: Tim Leyes)

Steve Lund (Image Credit: Tim Leyes)

Up-and-coming Canadian actor Steve Lund stars as Nick Sorrentino in Syfy’s new werewolf series Bitten, but it’s probably not the first time you’ve seen him in a Sci-Fi role. You may recognize Lund from his run as The Colorado Kid on the hit supernatural drama Haven, or his appearances on shows like The CW’s Beauty & The Beast and Syfy’s Defiance. He even jokes he’ll become “that guy who only works on Syfy shows,” but as far as I can tell his career will be much more prolific than that!

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Lund, and since our interview I’m itching to see him in action. With the release of Bitten just around the corner, I have no doubt I’ll see him nonstop streaming through my facebook newsfeed this time next year. He has all the makings for your next obsession—he’s talented, he’s got his whole career ahead of him, he’s charming, hilarious, and he’s got poster-perfect hair!

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An Interview with Actress Bree Williamson

Bree Williamson

Bree Williamson (Image Credit: Danika Singfield)

No matter how many interviews I do, I always get that butterflies in the stomach feeling when the person on the other end of the line starts to speak. Those first few moments usually set the tone for the interview and clue me into whether or not my initial nerves were justified. Just a few words into my conversation with actress Bree Williamson (DeceptionHavenOne Life to Live) I already knew it was going to not only be a good interview, but also an enjoyable one.

When talking to Bree, it’s easy to forget that you’re speaking to an Emmy nominated actress. Her friendly disposition and contagious laugh put you right at home. She can easily make you feel like you’re chatting about a television show with a friend instead of one of its stars. I was really struck by how genuinely down to earth Bree Williamson is, a rare trait among celebrities of her stature, and her ability to laugh at and make jokes at her own expense kidding around during the interview about playing “dead” yet again and the term “extreme” being used in regard to her interest in sports.

Read on for a candid interview with actress Bree Williamson where we talk roles (past and present) and her interests outside of acting (she surfs!).

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