5 films to look forward to at the Tribeca Film Festival

The 14th installment of New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival kicks off on April 15, hosting a number of films and performances through its Spotlight, Midnight and Special Screening sections. Featuring narratives, documentaries and work-in-progress films from across the globe, the 2015 festival has a number of films that we can’t wait to see. Sifting […]

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6 Sundance Films to See in 2015

At the beginning of every new year, tens of thousands of people, including the best filmmakers, actors and critics, gather in Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. As a film lover, attending the festival is definitely on my bucket list, but fortunately for those of us who aren’t rich enough to travel to Utah, the […]

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5 Films to look forward to at Cinequest Film Festival 2015!

Hello Cinequest! Yes, it’s already that time of year again. Last year, we here at The Daily Quirk covered the San Jose film festival and we’re back for its 25th anniversary taking place February 24 – March 8. In these two weeks, the city of San Jose will be debuting numerous films and awarding game-changing […]

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An Exclusive Interview with ‘White Rabbit’ Star Nick Krause

White Rabbit follows the story of troubled teen Harlon, a bullied high school student who starts having visions of a rabbit he killed as a kid, putting him in a mental state where his imagination causes him to commit violent acts. His portrayer Nick Krause explains the character, what it was like to play such […]

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Richard Linklater and Ellar Coltrane discuss the making of ‘Boyhood’ – a film over a decade in the making.

With award season underway, tons of movies are gaining a lot of buzz on who will win the most coveted awards in the industry. One of the nominees in multiple categories is the unbelievable movie Boyhood starring Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette, Lorelei Linklater and Ethan Hawke. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a remarkable […]

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An Update on Ryan Gosling’s ‘Lost River’

Ryan Gosling filming LOST RIVER (Image Credit: Bold Films)

It’s a dark film about mother and son escaping their wasteland home and venturing into mystery (the underworld and an underwater town, specifically). It has a curious mix of stars such as Ryan Gosling, Saoirse Ronan, Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes and Matt Smith attached to it. The characters are called names like Rat and Bully. […]

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Five Flicks To Keep An Eye On At This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival

6 (Image: Drew Eckmann)

The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks of the World Trade Center, consequently affecting the Tribeca neighborhood in lower Manhattan. Co-founded by Robert De Niro, the festival’s mission is to recognize and celebrate NYC as a major filmmaking area, while also contributing to the long-term recovery […]

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An Exclusive Interview with ‘Summer of Blood’ Actress Juliette Fairley

SUMMER OF BLOOD (Image Credit: Factory 25) / Juilette Fairley (Image Credit: King PDT/www.kimatherapy.com)

Juliette Fairley may have blazed onto the acting scene playing serious, dramatic roles, but the gloves are off (and the fangs are on!) in her latest film, Summer of Blood, a comedic spin on the beloved vampire film. Aside from giving Fairley an opportunity to let her hair down, the film has gained entry into […]

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VIDEO: An Exclusive Inside Look at Cinequest Film Festival

Cinequest (Image Credit: Franko-Niko Valencia/The Daily Quirk)

With 13 days jam-packed with creative films, stunning talent and inspiring, cinematic minds from over 50 countries, Cinequest Film Festival is a wonder all its own. And this year, the festival’s 24th to be exact, was no exception. The Daily Quirk had the opportunity to sit down with several people involved with Cinequest to talk about […]

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VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with Miguel Ali, Kelly Mantle and Erick M. Crespo of ‘Confessions of a Womanizer’

Miguel Ali and Kelly Mantle of CONFESSIONS OF WOMANIZER with TDQ Correspondent Ashley Bulayo (Image Credit: Franko-Niko Valencia/The Daily Quirk)

  A semi-biographical film written and directed by Miguel Ali, Confessions of a Womanizer explores the humor and darkness behind Ritchie’s (Andrew Lawrence) sex addiction. Unable to connect with any of his sexual partners beyond a physical release, Ritchie meets a transgender prostitute, Ginger (Kelly Mantle). Ginger helps Ritchie come to terms with why he […]

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VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with ‘Slingshot’ Director Paul Lazarus

Director Paul Lazarus of SLINGSHOT (Image Credit: Franko-Niko Valencia/The Daily Quirk)

In the documentary Slingshot, Writer/Director Paul Lazarus highlights inventor Dean Kamen’s quest to make clean water available worldwide. Known best for inventing the Segway, Kamen has come up with a groundbreaking water filtration system called the Slingshot. This David and Goliath-inspired system turns otherwise unclean water into potable water, making progress towards solving the worldwide dilemma. […]

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VIDEO: An Exclusive Interview with ‘Noble Fir’ star Richard E. Wilson

Richard E. Wilson on NOBLE FIR (Image Credit: Franko-Niko Valencia/The Daily Quirk)

Noble Fir is an emotional film about tree-harvester named Henry “Hank” Dean (Richard E. Wilson). Hank is struggling with personal grief, and is losing control over his life. As he wanders with a wounded soul, body and mind, Henry has a choice: continue the life he’s made for himself, or to walk out from the […]

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