New casting news for Divergent’s ‘Four’ has it down to three actors!

Divergent (Image Credit: Veronica Roth)/ Jeremy Irvine, Alex Pettyfer (Image Credit: Crestock)

Divergent (Image Credit: Veronica Roth)/ Jeremy Irvine, Lucas, Till, Alex Pettyfer (Image Credit: Crestock)

Looks like two new faces are joining the list of possible actors to play “Four” in the film adaptation of Divergent! Latest reports say Alex Pettyfer and Jeremy Irvine are now being considered for the role, along with Lucas Till whose name has been tossed around for some time now. As previously reported, Shailene Woodley will be taking on the lead role in the film with fans hotly debating which actor would make the perfect “Four” to her “Tris.” If this new information is to be believed, many of the fan favorites for the role have already been ruled out, but successful franchises have been launched despite initial fan backlash to casting.

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