‘Interstate 90’ Film Holding Its Own in Cinecoup Competition!

The i90 Team (Image Credit: Shadow Pictures Media)

The i90 Team (Image Credit: Shadow Pictures Media)

Allan Wylie’s Interstate 90, starring Jessie Pavelka, Sitara Hewitt, and Frank Chiesurin, is holding its own among the stiff Cinecoup competition!  With 90 films competing, Interstate 90 is currently among the top ten most popular projects in the competition thanks to fan and support and great partnerships. The project boasts an impressive group of partners including  EB Games Canada, Ryeka Sport /Contour Cameras, Beau’s Brewery, and Toronto Comicon, where the film team was on site to talk to fans this past weekend. If you missed the opportunity to see them there, you’ll have another opportunity in August at the Toronto FanExpo, where Wylie will be holding an exclusive screening of The Charon Incident, with cast on site for a meet & greet. The team will also be showcasing Interstate 90 and The Charon Incident at the Film-Com financing & distribution market in Nashville this April. Continue reading

Jessie Pavelka as Lenny in i90 Film Teaser Trailer

Allan Wylie reveals exciting news about ‘Interstate 90’ Film as trailer premieres!

Jessie Pavelka as Lenny in the Interstate 90 Film Teaser Trailer

Jessie Pavelka as Lenny in the Interstate 90 Film Teaser Trailer (Image Credit: Shadow Pictures Media)

If you are one of the legions of Allan Wylie fans anxiously anticipating news about his latest film, Interstate 90, you’ll be happy to hear the wait is over. Wylie has given us the exclusive on everything  Interstate 90, including casting, clues to the plot, and an awesome teaser trailer that is sure to excite even those who have not yet joined the “i90 Army” about this suspenseful new independent film. Continue reading

Interstate 90 Film in the works from Director Allan Wylie! Teaser Poster Reveal!

Interstate 90 Teaser Poster (Image Credit: Allan Wylie)

Interstate 90 Teaser Poster (Image Credit: Allan Wylie)

Fans of Allan Wylie’s independent short film The Charon Incident, will be thrilled to hear he has begun production on a new a feature length film called Interstate 90! Writer director Allan Wylie has teamed up with long-time creative partner Jason McFarling, a ten year industry veteran, to work on bringing this film to the screen. And they won’t be doing it alone.

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Movie Review: ‘The Charon Incident’

The Charon Incident is an Independent Short Film by writer/director Allan Wylie, with a plot that will have you wondering what goes on behind the walls of big name pharmaceutical companies when no one is looking. The film centers around fictional Agape Pharmaceuticals, a company attempting to “corner the market on saving lives,” and stars Jessie Pavelka as Clay Davidson, a “private fixer” who is tasked with one last mission from his handler before retiring. To tell you anymore than that would ruin all the fun of this suspenseful watch, so I’ll get right to the review Continue reading

The Charon Incident

Interview with ‘The Charon Incident’ Director Allan Wylie

When it comes to the creation of the thought provoking independent film, The Charon Incident, Allan Wylie can truly be considered a renaissance man.  Not only did he come up with the concept for the suspenseful short (read our review), but he also wrote the screenplay, directed, produced and even made an appearance in the film!  All that hard work definitely paid off with the completed project being an exciting watch that is already shining on the Independent Film Festival Circuit. Allan was kind enough to take some time out from promoting The Charon Incident to talk to us about the film and the possibility of a sequel!

Read on for the interview!

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An Interview with Actor & Fitness Expert Jessie Pavelka

Image Credit: Bradford Rogne

Jessie Pavelka. In the past few months it has become a well known name to many, and for those still unfamiliar, I doubt you will be able to avoid recognizing the name (and associating it with his handsome face) for much longer.  When I first set out to write this article, I knew little about Pavelka beyond the fact that he has an incredible amount of fan support for the role of Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of EL James Fifty Shades of Grey. I set out to find out a little bit more about the man behind the hype and quickly discovered Pavelka is a lot more than just a pretty face. Not only is he a professional fitness and wellness expert, he has worked on multiple television shows, written for several publications, and most recently starred in the independent film The Charon Incident.

The Daily Quirk thought readers might like to know a little bit more about the man behind the striking blue eyes, and lucky for us Jessie Pavelka agreed to tell us a bit about his life, his work, and the role every one cannot stop talking about. Read on for the interview…

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