Sluice 2013 Art Fair (Image Credit: Laura Mott)

Sluice 2013 Art Fair Review

Sluice 2013 Art Fair (Image Credit: Laura Mott)

Sluice 2013 Art Fair (Image Credit: Laura Mott)

A friend of mine who pursued higher education in Art described how professors would say something was “fresh”, instead of calling it “good”.   As in, “I’m really liking that piece. It’s fresh.” It’s an interesting way to describe something. Very binary, yet unconventional and direct.  To the point.

This last week is known in the art industry as Frieze Week. Collector’s crawl out of galleries from all over and descend on London for one of the world’s largest art fairs. But Frieze isn’t the only art fair around that week; one that is equally fresh is another called Sluice. Continue reading

Your First Time… Living in England

Travelling Abroad (Image Credit: Charlotte Sanderson)

Travelling Abroad (Image Credit: Charlotte Sanderson)

Not many people imagine the first time leaving their home country as a five-month long experience… with the exception of refugees and study abroad students.  Thankfully, I’m part of the second category.  Leaving the United States, let alone the east coast, for the first time is something that can turn anyone’s life upside down.  It can also make you realize how unintentionally ignorant you are when you’ve been deprived of seeing how the rest of the world functions. Continue reading

Movie Review: ‘The Charon Incident’

The Charon Incident is an Independent Short Film by writer/director Allan Wylie, with a plot that will have you wondering what goes on behind the walls of big name pharmaceutical companies when no one is looking. The film centers around fictional Agape Pharmaceuticals, a company attempting to “corner the market on saving lives,” and stars Jessie Pavelka as Clay Davidson, a “private fixer” who is tasked with one last mission from his handler before retiring. To tell you anymore than that would ruin all the fun of this suspenseful watch, so I’ll get right to the review Continue reading

The Charon Incident

Interview with ‘The Charon Incident’ Director Allan Wylie

When it comes to the creation of the thought provoking independent film, The Charon Incident, Allan Wylie can truly be considered a renaissance man.  Not only did he come up with the concept for the suspenseful short (read our review), but he also wrote the screenplay, directed, produced and even made an appearance in the film!  All that hard work definitely paid off with the completed project being an exciting watch that is already shining on the Independent Film Festival Circuit. Allan was kind enough to take some time out from promoting The Charon Incident to talk to us about the film and the possibility of a sequel!

Read on for the interview!

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