The 6 Natural Beauty Products You Need to Try!

Natural Beauty

Women want the world to believe that we are effortlessly, naturally, organically gorgeous.

From the once-ubiquitous “I woke up like this” to at least one woman claiming to subsist on light and air alone, we want to appear as though we do nothing more than flutter our eyelids open, splash our faces with morning dew, and bathe in water flown in by birds.


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Cosmetic Brands that Give Back

Cosmetic Brands that Give Back

Cosmetics can be a fun outlet of expression, a way to unwind and a part of your daily routine. But what if, with a stroke of a mascara brush or the indulgence of your brand new lipstick, you could make a difference? The following are cosmetic brands that do just that! The brands below are dedicated to making an impact on the world through donations and partnerships with different charitable organizations. Read on to find out more about cosmetic brands that give back. Continue reading