Which Type of Mascara Brush is Right for You?

(Image Credit: Igor Mojzes)

(Image Credit: Igor Mojzes)

Mascara has come a long way in the last 10 years. One brush used to do it all, but now you will find a plethora of brush options when you walk down the makeup aisle. But what do they all do? How can you find the right brush to do the job? We’ve broken down the top mascara looks and found mascara perfect for each particular look. Continue reading

(Image Credit: Lithiumphoto)

The Best Products for Longer and Fuller Lashes

(Image Credit: Lithiumphoto)

(Image Credit: Lithiumphoto)

Long lashes never, ever go out of style. I mean, there’s a reason why women can get away with a lot of things simply by batting lashes and flashing a smile. A longer, fuller, set of lashes can lead to many things. But first, you need to find the right products. There are many different products today that offer the strengthening and lengthening of lashes in a variety of price ranges. So, whether you’re working with a tight budget or you’re ready for a lash splurge, TDQ has you covered. Continue reading

Tips to Achieve a Wide-Eyed Look!

Wide Eyed

Feeling tired is always a drag, but looking tired is almost as bad! Nothing ruins a chic outfit more than looking like you haven’t slept in days. Sometimes we really can’t get the rest we need with our hectic lives, but you can get a beautiful, wide eyed look without all the shut eye! Follow some of these quick beauty tips to get wide eyes and fake that you slept the full 8. Continue reading

The Best of Waterproof Makeup for Spring


As much as I wish it wasn’t true…water, humidity and warm weather do not typically mix well with eye makeup. We’ve all probably been through the embarrassing moment when we dove into a pool feeling like a goddess, and surfaced looking like something out of a horror movie. Fortunately, the raccoon eye can be a thing of the past thanks to many of the waterproof beauty products available this season. Be sure to check out some of my favorite waterproof beauty products that will keep your face fresh and smudge free! Continue reading

Three Top Mascaras for Longer & Fuller Lashes!


Last month, I reviewed Katy Perry’s Fake Eyelashes, and as much as I love them sometimes I opt to wear just mascara. Most women love going all out on a night out, so do I, but from time to time I like to skip the false lashes and can get away with just using mascara. I have three must have mascaras that are my absolute favourites for a long, full lash look. There is quite a difference in the price between them; however, they are all worth it. Continue reading