5 Things to love about ‘Grace and Frankie’ Season 2

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

If you haven’t watched the latest season of Grace and Frankie yet, stop reading this and go do that now. If you have, continue reading for some of my favorite things from season two! Just like the first season, this one did not disappoint and delivered some hilarious and heartbreaking moments for anyone watching! I’m starting to think that these two women might just be my new girl-crushes! Continue reading

‘Kimmy Schmidt’ Star Tituss Burgess Releases Pinot Noir

(Image Credit: Netflix)

(Image Credit: Netflix)

Anyone who has watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt knows that pinot noir is not only a wine, but also a song, a music video, and a lifestyle. Kimmy Schmidt star Tituss Burgess took a cue from his character and released his own line of pinot noir! Pinot by Tituss is available now to buy in stores or have shipped straight to your home!

Keep calm and num num num. #PinotMakesThingsFun @pinotbytitussburgess #unbreakablekimmyschmidt

A photo posted by Tituss Burgess (@titusssawthis) on Mar 20, 2016 at 8:21am PDT


Burgess announced the wine on his Instagram page and has since posted enough about it to make any wino think about trying it. I look forward to strutting around my house with a glass (or just the bottle) in hand singing “pinot noir, caviar, Myanmar, mid-sized car” as fiercely as Titus Andromedon himself.

The chic wine can only be purchased in a few stores, but can be bought online here. Shipping is not yet available to all 50 states, so make sure you check before ordering! Before entering the website it will ask you to confirm that you’re over 21 by clicking either “yassss” or “no.” The prices of the bottles vary based on how many bottles you plan on buying, but the more you buy the cheaper they are per bottle! Bottles go for $24.99 each, $23.49 each for three or more, and $19.99 each for six or more. There is a cost to ship as well so don’t be surprised if your order for one bottle comes close to 40 or 50 dollars.

My bottle is still in the mail, but if you’ve already gotten yours feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

Follow Tituss on Instagram: @titusssawthis

Follow Pinot by Tituss on Instagram: @pinotbytitussburgess

‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival: What We Most Want to See

(Image Credit: The CW)

(Image Credit: The CW)

As a longtime Gilmore Girls fan, I reacted to news of the upcoming Netflix revival of the show, in the form of four mini-movies, with a mix of disbelief (Really? After all this time?), relief (Finally Amy Sherman-Palladino can finish the series the way she intended!), and, of course, extreme excitement. Fans have been buzzing about every new casting announcement and analyzing what it might mean for the story.

Personally, I’ll be happy with literally anything. New Gilmore Girls is new Gilmore Girls, and I have all the faith in the world that ASP will come through with something worth watching. That said, of course there are certain things I hope are addressed with the revival, and other things that I just would really love to see.


Rory doesn’t end up with Dean or Logan

I don’t think there’s much chance of this, but it’s still on my list because if Rory did end up with Dean or Logan, it would be horribly depressing. Everyone has their opinions on Rory’s various boyfriends, but to me it doesn’t make sense that she’d find long term happiness with Dean, and I just really don’t like Logan. So yeah, I’m biased. I don’t really think she’ll end up with Jess, either, but if she did…I wouldn’t be mad about it. At all.


What happens when someone uses a cell phone at Luke’s Diner

I just really want to know if Luke is still enforcing the no cell phones rule. I assume he probably is, but HOW? It’s got to be much harder in 2016 than it was in 2006.


Kirk is still exploring new job opportunities

The Stars Hollow townies, and especially Kirk, are the special spices in the Gilmore Girls formula that make it so interesting and endearing. With news of Sean Gunn joining the revival cast, we know Kirk will make an appearance, but I hope that he’s the same ol’ Kirk. I want to see the version of Kirk that’s always got a new odd job and is both bizarre and beautifully clueless. I don’t think it would be right if Kirk was suddenly the picture of maturity and stability.


Luke and Lorelai get some resolution

When Gilmore Girls ended, the Luke/Lorelai situation was left (probably intentionally) very ambiguous. No thank you. Sort that situation out one way or the other, please! Either they get together and stay together or they are definitely, definitively apart for good. But hopefully if that’s the case they are still best frenemies.


Kwan and Steve get some screentime

I generally could not care less about kids, but for some reason I am just itching to know what Lane & Zach’s twins, Kwan and Steve, are up to these days! Are they musically-inclined like their parents? Or do either of them take after Mrs. Kim? Maybe one of each? There are just so many funny little directions this situation could take, and I would love to see it as a small story throughout the revival episodes.


The clothes are fantastic enough to inspire a tumblr

The Gilmore Girls always had slightly eclectic fashion sense, with Lorelai never shying away from a loud pattern or low cut, and Rory preferring mostly simple, classic clothes with an occasional quirk thrown in. I’m excited to see these ladies’ updated looks and I’m hoping for an odd but fashionable blend of items worthy of one of those tumblr pages that tells you where you can, for the low price of $1200, purchase a dress like Lorelai’s.


Richard gets a fitting tribute

I’m confident this will happen – ASP clearly loved Edward Hermann and was deeply affected by his death, so I know she will address it appropriately on the show. I’m just hopeful that they are able to find the right balance in tone so that the loss of Richard is important and given the time it deserves, but doesn’t dominate too much of the storyline.


The last four words are worth the hype

If you’re a fan of Gimore Girls, you’ve no doubt heard the legend of the last four words. For many years, even before the show originally ended, ASP had the idea in her head for what she wanted the last four words of the series to be. When Sherman-Palladino left the show before its final season, those four words became legend. Would we ever hear them? Well, now we’re going to, and now I just hope they can live up to the huge expectation that has been built up around them.
This list could go on forever, because in reality I could get excited about seeing just about anything related to Gilmore Girls. Just seeing all my favorite characters back together again on screen will be amazing regardless, but if the revival checks off the items on my list, even better!

Why Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ has ensnared a nation

(Image Credit: Netflix)

(Image Credit: Netflix)

Imagine going to prison for 18 years for a crime you didn’t commit. Now, imagine coming out of prison after all that time only to be locked up again. Frustrated yet?

Netflix’s Making a Murderer follows the case of Steven Avery, a man who was wrongfully convicted of a brutal rape and put behind bars for a long 18 years until DNA evidence was brought forward that proved his innocence. After a fleeting celebratory period of freedom, Avery is soon convicted for another rape and, this time, murder of a young woman named Teresa Halbach.

The dramatic tale seems unbelievable, but unfortunately for all involved, it is very real. The series tells the story from every angle. This includes the perspective of Avery and his family who stand behind his innocence, of Avery’s developmentally challenged nephew, Brendan Dassey, who provides a testimony that puts both Avery and himself at the scene of the crime after harsh questioning, but later denies all involvement, and of Avery’s lawyers, Jerry Buting and Dean Strang, who invest all of their time and effort into convincing the jury that the police had to have planted evidence in order for it to be present whatsoever.

We also hear very different stories from the police, who stand by their own innocence and Avery’s undeniable guilt, and from the devastated Halbach family, who desperately wants to see Teresa’s killer behind bars and attain some level of justice.

Viewers develop complicated relationships with each character, making it almost impossible to turn away once you’ve gotten involved. The suspense of watching the case unfold can be painful at times, but each new piece of evidence, whether it be from the prosecution or defense, makes it all the more difficult to stand confidently behind any one unwavering opinion.

The humanity of the show is what will really hook you. If Avery did it, then you want justice for the Halbach family and for a dangerous man to stay behind bars for life… but if he didn’t do it? That means putting a man in prison for life who has already wasted a large chunk of time paying for yet another crime he didn’t commit.

Can the criminal justice system actually be that flawed? Is there really any truth behind “innocent until proven guilty,” or are we presumed guilty upon accusation? Making a Murderer leaves that for you to decide.

Meet the Cast of Netflix’s ‘Master of None’

(Image Credit: Netflix)

(Image Credit: Netflix)

Master of None is a show that Netflix released in November. I was a little late to the party and just binge watched it after reading how amazing the show was, and let me just say, the raving reviews did not prepare me for how hard I fell in love with this show. Season 1 has 10 episodes that follow the story of Dev as he lives his life in New York City as an actor. It focuses on working a job you don’t love, the hardships of relationships, and many other aspects of life we have to deal with and don’t normally get to see portrayed on TV. So if its wonderful reviews can’t convince you to give the show a try, here’s a little more about the cast and the show that might change your mind.

Aziz Ansari as Dev

First we start with the main character of the show, Dev. Dev is awesome. Dev is hilarious and caring but also very, very real. He’s not the best at relationships or compromising and sometimes tries too hard. But for all his faults, Dev is a great character and the show has you rooting for his success. He is an actor, but mainly in commercials. He does land a role in a movie, but that goes awry quickly. Dev is very determined to never play the stereotypical Indian guy role, refusing to do an accent because he does not have one. Most of the show focuses on Dev’s attempts at relationships and even when he does or says something to a girl that makes you cringe, you still want him to be happy by the end of the episode. Overall, an incredible and very likeable main character.

Noël Wells as Rachel

Rachel plays Dev’s main love interest. In the first episode, the show opens with the couple taking a very awkward cab ride to go buy Plan B after the condom break. After they say some uncomfortable goodbyes, we don’t see Rachel again until a few episodes later. The two take an impulsive trip to Tennessee and you get to see how they interact together, sometimes awkwardly, sometimes hilarious and sometimes angry. Towards the end of the season, the couple face a lot of conflict in that they don’t know if they’re right for each other. Dev and Rachel are one of the most realistic couples I have ever seen on TV, honestly.

Lena Waithe as Denise

Denise is one of three really good friends that Dev has throughout the show. She is gay and spends most of her time trying to give Dev girl advice, which occasionally backfires. For example, Dev has the opportunity to sleep with a married woman and Denise advises him to take the chance. After he does sleep with the woman, Denise criticizes Dev asking him why he would do that, confusing the heck out of Dev. Again, another very real and very likeable character.

Eric Wareheim as Arnold

Arnold is another good friend of Dev and provides even more comedy for the show. Watching him interact with anyone is always certain to make you smile. He’s always there to listen to his friend’s problems, even if they don’t listen to his. Arnold isn’t too hugely important, plot wise, but watching him adopt a robot seal is definitely one of the highlights of the show.

Kelvin Yu as Brian

Brian is Dev’s third close friend and like everyone else in the show, is very funny and likeable, but also very sweet. In the second episode, Dev and Brian realize how much their immigrant parents sacrificed for them and Brian comes up with the idea of taking them out to dinner and hearing their stories as a sort of thank you to them. At the dinner, the two learn how harsh life was for their parents which leads to a heartwarming conversation that brings them all a little closer.

With all that said, these are just the main characters of Master of None. There are many other people that help shape the show, but these five characters are who make the show what it is. You see what they see and how they see it and you can’t help but to relate. So please, do yourself a favor and make your week a little brighter by watching this wonderful show.

Your Next Netflix Binge: ‘Master of None’

(Image Credit: Netflix)

(Image Credit: Netflix)

If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s binge watching TV shows. Seriously, it’s like Netflix was created with me in mind. Over the past year since I’ve been working from home and become a mom, I’ve managed to binge watch several shows, including some of the Netflix originals.

One of my favorites so far has been Aziz Ansari’s breakout hit, Master of None. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I started watching it or what it would even be about. I just knew I liked Aziz on Parks & Recreation and I’d be game to check out a show where he led the way.

And lead he does. From the get go he tackles real life situations and issues in a surprisingly believable way. The very first episode hit a huge nerve with me as a new mom since it’s a lot about how kids can change your life. The episode doesn’t beat around the bush at all and brings reality to the forefront about parenthood, adulthood and how all of your relationships change. All of this is covered in a serious manner with incredibly comedic overtones.

This show is a comedy. But there’s no laugh track, no forced jokes and nothing is your standard run-of-the-mill comedy. It’s fresh, it’s realistic and it’s eye opening. In the season’s ten episodes it manages to accurately portray an array of issues that young adults experience on the regular (dating, relationships with parents, career, diversity, etc).

What I’m saying here is that this show deserves your time. Each episode is only thirty minutes and packs a punch. It’s like watching a mini movie every time where some storylines carry over to other episodes while others are just there and stay with you.

So while all your shows are on hiatus, why not pick up a Netflix one that’s just waiting to be binge watched – like Master of None. You can thank me later.

What’s the Big Deal About…’BoJack Horseman’?

(Image Credit: Netflix)

(Image Credit: Netflix)

It’s funny, it’s stupid, it’s goofy, it’s dramatic, it’s captivating, it’s a work of art. It’s BoJack Horsman, and you need to start watching it. Now.

The show takes place in an anthropomorphic version of reality in which animals and humans have always been living together side-by-side. We follow BoJack, a horse who appeared in a popular ‘90s sitcom appropriately titled “Horsin’ Around,” and his quest to become relevant in the entertainment business once again. Along the way BoJack drinks, smokes, has his heart broken, takes on social issues, and confronts his past.

It’s as if the writers took Bob Saget after his stint on Full House, turned him into a horse, tossed him into an alternate reality, gave him an extremely impulsive personality, and decided to see what would happen. It works, and it’s hilarious.

One of the coolest and funniest parts about BoJack Horseman is the way in which they use the animals in the world. Sure, there are cheesy jokes – the turtles walk slowly, the Navy SEALS are actual seals, etc. However, there are some extremely clever and nuanced ways in which the animals are used throughout the show. For example, at one point there is an intern introduced at a talent agency who is a tree frog. He is clumsy and awkward, and this is escalated by the fact he has a skinny frame and that his hands are sticking to everything. I’m convinced that a tree frog is the most perfect representation of an intern ever – don’t you agree?

But don’t be fooled, BoJack Horseman is not all rainbows and tree frogs. The show doesn’t shy away from getting dark or poking fun at contemporary issues such as gun control. This keeps it from feeling flat – it’s more than just one-liners. The show has some real substance which can be seen when BoJack reminisces about his childhood or realizes his feelings of loneliness. These moments of despair are done well and there’s the perfect amount of them to make the show captivating and dramatic. Sometimes, pain is beauty, and this show is beautiful.

Along with this captivation element, BoJack Horseman carries the same story throughout the series, growing the plot and its characters each episode while still adding new components. With each installment, the plot thickens for not only BoJack, but for almost everyone he encounters. In fact, there are a lot of characters other than BoJack I really connect with and always look forward to seeing where their adventures go. Nearly every character BoJack encounters seems to continually surface. Even characters who you may think are just-introduced-for-a-joke end up getting fleshed out and recur within the story.

My personal favorite of these types of characters is Mr. Vincent Adultman who is clearly three children stacked on top of each other hidden by a trench coat, but one of the adult characters ends up dating him for several episodes. His hobbies include: Business, transactions, and R-rated movies.

Lastly, if you’re not intrigued already, the show has an absolutely star-studded cast. From Will Arnett. who plays BoJack; to Stephen Colbert. who voices a bullfrog, to Lisa Kudrow who plays Bojack’s owl girlfriend; to even Paul McCartney who plays himself, the show is loaded with talented actors who give fantastic performances.

Netflix’s BoJack Horseman showed me that I was missing something in life. Turns out, that thing was a washed-up, middle-aged, drug-taking, self-deprecating horse.

5 Reasons to Watch ‘Jessica Jones’

(Image Credit: Netflix)

(Image Credit: Netflix)

I should start by saying that in no way am I someone who’s overly into comics or superheroes or even sci-fi, typically, so naturally, Jessica Jones wasn’t immediately at the top of my must watch list. However, when I started hearing all the fuss among friends and coworkers about how I just have to check it out, I figured I’d give it a shot. Well, I’m here to tell you that I was not disappointed.  In fact, I was so pleasantly surprised that I watched all 13 episodes – please hold your judgment – over a three-day period. If you still aren’t convinced to tune in, here are a few reasons you need to be watching Jessica Jones.


The cast is super talented

Krysten Ritter plays the perfect anti-hero. She’s sarcastic, intelligent, and super relatable. Plus, she doesn’t run around saving the world in a full face of makeup and heels like so many other female protagonists, because really, why would anyone do that? The female-based cast is dynamic and powerful (another nice change), and the men are equally impressive. As much as I hate Kilgrave, our villain, I can’t help but feel the smallest hint of pity towards him through his “I just want to be loved” act.


You don’t have to be a Marvel expert to enjoy

Like I mentioned earlier, I knew nothing about superheroes or Marvel aside from the few episodes of Daredevil I watched a while back, but that had no effect on my ability to enjoy the show. There are subtle hints to the fact that “regular” people know about the existence of superheroes but aren’t aware of too much else about them. Don’t feel like you have to study up before diving in; the plot is captivating and won’t leave you confused.


There are lots of interesting relationships

Unlike many other action movies and shows, the relationships portrayed in Jessica Jones aren’t just there for the sake of having some romance. Instead, they actually add to the plot and keep the storyline moving along. I definitely found myself rooting for some and hoping for others to fizzle out.


The show tackles real-world problems

It’s true that the issue of accidentally murdering people isn’t a standard problem for most, but there are other real, important problems that the characters have to face. These include addiction, rape, loss of loved ones, divorce, PTSD and abuse, just to name a few. However, all are tactfully approached and aren’t just there for shock value.


The ending is satisfying

There’s nothing that I hate more than investing my time on a show (approximately 13 hours to be exact) only to end up feeling dissatisfied with the ending. I felt like nothing was overly rushed or dragged out, and characters generally got what was coming to them. How could anyone complain about a great show with an equally great conclusion?


The next time you find yourself looking for a new show to binge-watch, look no further than Jessica Jones! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Exclusive Interview with Netflix series ‘NARCOS’ Co-Creator Chris Brancato

Chris Brancato on the Set of NARCOS

Chris Brancato on the Set of NARCOS

Chris Brancato knows that there is more to life than creating TV entertainment, and his family never fails to remind him of that either. As a family man who loves to travel, he recognizes that in the busy world of Hollywood it’s nice to take some time for yourself and enjoy the simpler things in life. However, that hasn’t stopped him from working on some of the biggest shows to hit network television, like Hannibal and Law & Order, and now he can add the Netflix Original NARCOS to his resume. Continue reading

Why we can’t wait for Netflix’s ‘Fuller House’

(Image Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram)

(Image Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram)

If you grew up in the 1990s or watch a lot of ABC Family, you probably know and love the classic sitcom Full House – the show about widower Danny Tanner (played by Bob Saget) trying to raise daughters D.J., Stephanie and Michelle (Candace Cameron, Jodie Sweetin and the Olsen twins respectively) with the help of his best friend Joey (Dave Coulier) and brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos). Continue reading

Everything I ever needed to know, I learned from…’Grace and Frankie’

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

GRACE AND FRANKIE (Image Credit: Netflix)

If you haven’t yet binge-watched one of Netflix’s latest masterpieces, you should stop reading this right now and get to it. Grace and Frankie may look uninteresting or “too old” but I promise you’ll love it! It’s one of the first shows in a long time that’s made me laugh, cry and everything in between. I never thought I would want to be living my life as two 60-something women, but I would jump at the chance to be Grace and Frankie for a day! Continue reading

Entertainment’s Unruly Women: Sophia Burset of ‘Orange is the New Black’

Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Image Credit: Netflix

Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK (Image Credit: Netflix

Welcome back to the Unruly Women series! Recently, we took a look at Joan Holloway from Mad Men, an ultra sassy, forward-thinking businesswoman of the 1960s. Today, we’re jumping forward to the 21st century to another groundbreaking female character: Sophia Burset (Laverne Cox) from Orange is the New Black. Continue reading

Why you should check out ‘Bloodline’ on Netflix ASAP!

Kyle Chandler and Linda Cardellini in BLOODLINE (Image Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix)

Kyle Chandler and Linda Cardellini in BLOODLINE (Image Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix)

Dear Netflix,

You had me at “Kyle Chandler.” Seriously. That’s all it took for me to check out your newest show, Bloodline. However, it was the story overall (and Kyle Chandler) that had me binge watching the entire series and forfeiting precious sleep over the course of two days. So thank you, thank you very much. Now when is Season 2 coming out?

Katelin Bannan
P.S. Texas Forever.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about Bloodline. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what this show was about or that it was even coming to Netflix until a few days before it released because I just happened to catch Kyle Chandler on the Today Show one morning. But because I have a strong love for just about anyone and anything associated with Friday Night Lights, Coach Taylor (Chandler) in particular, I knew I had to give this show a try.

And then I watched the whole thing in two days. Whoops.

The premise of the show is this: When the black sheep brother, Danny Brayburn (Ben Mendelsohn) returns home for his parents’ celebratory weekend, family secrets and scars are finally revealed. That’s not saying much, but really, there isn’t much that should be said as this is the kind of show you don’t really want to know what’s coming.

From the very first episode we learn that the Brayburn siblings are good people, they just did a very bad thing. The entire course of the season is exposing that bad thing and how they ultimately got there. And it is good. The acting on this show is phenomenal. And I’m not just saying that because I like Chandler (seriously, he can do no wrong in my eyes), but the ensemble cast is excellent as well. The matriarch of the family is played by Oscar winner Sissy Spacek, the patriarch is portrayed by Sam Shepard and the Brayburn siblings are a Tony winner (Norbert Leo Butz) and Freaks and Geeks alum, Linda Cardelini.

Needless to say, this cast works. And they work well. You love them, you hate them and you have no desire to be a part of this family. But at the same time you really want to keep watching them to see what they’ll do next.

Netflix definitely has another winner on their hands here and I wish more people were talking about it. So do yourself a favor and dive into this dramafest, you won’t regret it.

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Our New Favorite Earworm: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Theme

UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT (Image Credit: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix)

UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT (Image Credit: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix)

When you’re binge watching a show, you try to save time where you can. Orange is the New Black episodes are nearly an hour long each, thus sometimes we have to sacrifice the wonderful “You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor in order save a minute each episode. With 26 episodes in its two seasons, that’s nearly a half an hour you save by skipping the theme song. Continue reading