GIVEAWAY: ‘The Remedy’ Don’t Lose Yourself Prize Pack!

GIVEAWAY: 'The Remedy' Don't Lose Yourself  Prize Pack!Suzanne Young’s latest novel, The Remedy, is a gripping story set in a future that is hyper-aware of mental health. A whole profession has been built around grief management, and individuals called “closers” are hired by grieving families to impersonate their deceased loved ones to help them achieve closure. Quinlan McKee began working as a closer at the age of seven, and ten years later, she’s one of the best. However, she’s beginning to confuse her own past with those of the people she’s been hired to portray. Continue reading

What We’re Loving Right Now: Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple

Image Credit: Flickr User Jamiesrabbits’

I cannot live without Philos0phy’s Purity Made Simple. It is most definitely what I am loving right now.

With Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple, you can say goodbye to makeup remover at night.  If you are anything like me, there are days when you are too lazy to remove your makeup before bed and regret it in the morning when you have a nice new blemish on the chin or forehead. Purity solves all those problems. Goodbye to cotton balls and the extra step of rubbing yet another product all over your face (all that rubbing bothers my skin) in an attempt to get clean. Purity is a one step facial skin cleanser, which also tones and melts away all face and eye makeup, while lightly hydrating skin. I have very sensitive skin, so it can be difficult to find products that keep my face clear and clean without causing the additional problem of irritation. Purity is extremely gentle and fragrance free which is a must for me. It leaves my face looking great and the natural oils in the cleanser keep my skin from drying out. Continue reading