Painted Chair Cushion DIY by Prudent Baby

I am a big fan of home decor makeovers, especially fun stuff you can do to completely transform the look of drab and boring furniture. This Painted Chair Cushion DIY from Prudent Baby caught my eye because of how drastically (and wonderfully for that matter) it can be used to change the look of any old chair. Adding splashes of color in unexpected places is always fun, and the best part about these (especially if you’re fickle like me) is that you’re not actually making a change to your furniture. This DIY is going on the top of my list of things to do to liven up my kitchenette!

I know one of you is already thinking they look great, but wondering if you’re capable of making it happen. Let me ease your fears by saying Prudent Baby’s step by step tutorial includes all the details and images you could ever need to get this DIY going. If you can use a sewing machine, it’s a real no brainer. I would even consider trying it with fabric glue, and if I do I’ll tell you how it goes!

To find out how to make these awesome painted chair cushions check out the tutorial by Prudent Baby!

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