5 Wacky Robert Downey Jr. Moments from the ‘Iron Man 3’ Tour! Plus a new clip from the film!

Robert Downey Jr (Image Credit: Paul Bird)

Robert Downey Jr (Image Credit: Paul Bird)

  1. During the photo call and press conference leading into the tour Robert Downey Jr. showed up sporting lederhosen and a neckerchief.  He explained that his outfit was in honor of his mother’s 71st birthday that day.  He went on to say that she was of German decent and said her maiden name was Elsie Schock, proceeding to pronounce the last name in a silly manner.  Interestingly, according to Wikipedia his mother’s maiden name is Ford.  *shrug*
  2. Robert Downey Jr. appears at a screening of Iron Man 3 in Moscow and tells the audience that he visited their museum of modern art and decided they should try to make their own modern art.  So the audience members all received Iron Man masks to put on for a photo shoot with RDJ.
  3. In Korea, Robert Downey Jr. appears to the humongous crowd of fans and premiere attendees and participates in a sound bite with the production crew where he states, “Hello, Korea.  I am Rodaju.” What this means – I have no idea.  Korean speakers?
  4. Later that night in Korea, Robert Downey Jr. is being interviewed by the Korean MC before the premiere and the MC asks him to dance.  RDJ proceeds to do some wacky dance moves that lie somewhere between River Dance and the Russian Barynya.
  5. When Robert Downey Jr. attends the Chinese premiere of Iron Man 3 he puts on a show for the audience by appearing via a lift that takes him below the stage up top wearing traditional black Chinese clothing alá Jet Li in Hero.

This video is not longer available.

Whether you are into Robert Downey Jr. or not, you must admit the man is entertaining.  His own wife described him as “weird” when they first met.  It is no wonder that at 48 years old he still can’t manage to tone down his world tour shenanigans – the man is just kooky.  I suppose these kind of shenanigans are much better than trashing hotel rooms and showing up to the movie high as a kite.  Upgrade!

This video is no longer available.